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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

County Courthouse Rally Planned

11:00 am protest and rally - Monmouth County Courthouse

Calling ALL mothers who have lost custody of their children due to the corruption of NJ family courts. Calling ALL mothers who want to speak out or support one another to raise awareness for these courthouse crimes across the State of New Jersey. Monmouth County Courthouse Rally --- October 21st 2013Monday at 11:00am
It doesn't matter what County you are from in NJ, come and speak up, hold a sign, talk to the press. We are not going to allow our children to be taken away any longer. We are not going to be victimized. We are Americans and we have Constitutional Rights. If the courts won't give us Due Process, we will stand up and publicly DEMAND our rights and the rights of our children. We will be heard. Our votes count. Our voices count. Being afraid and being bullied into silence hasn't gotten us a single thing. 

Stand up at this Rally and protect your children.


Attorney Files Petition to Impeach Judge

An exclusive by Sarah Wallace of ABC News reports that civil rights attorney Robert Tandy has filed a petition to impeach a sitting judge where dozens of litigants came together, largely due to the internet and other social networking, with common stories of "similar injustices."
"What's interesting is the role that social media has had in bringing these women together to share their stories," the ABC report says. "It started with one mother who thought she was alone in her legal battle with Judge Paul Escandon, but she discovered there are dozens with similar experiences."  CLICK HERE to see, "Women wage campaign to impeach New Jersey judge."

The "Escandon Impeachment Movement" has flourished over the last year, gaining national attention and its own FACEBOOK page.

Under the New Jersey State Constitution, the General Assembly has the sole power to impeach judges by majority vote of the members.  Should a judge be impeached by the Assembly, a trial is held in the New Jersey State Senate. A conviction and removal from office requires the vote of two-thirds of the Senate members.


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It is just not happening in New Jersey but spread across all states where judges, lawyers, and the corrupt system they have controlled is depriving children of both parents as they sit and gobble up humanity under the pretense of law and justice.

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