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Monday, December 16, 2013

Governor Cuomo Asked to Shut Down NY's Corrupt Court "Ethics" Committees

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been asked to shut down New York's Corrupt Court "Ethics" Oversight Committees: all statewide attorney "ethics" committees and The Commission on Judicial Conduct (the "CJC")….. see the letter to Governor Cuomo…..
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New York, New York 10163
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December 16, 2013

Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, New York 12224

RE: New York Corruption

Dear Governor Cuomo,

While many have attacked your efforts to confront the rampant corruption in New York State, including The Moreland Commission, you must be commended for taking action.

Most importantly, you have brought New York’s widespread corruption back into the public conversation- the place from where any true reform originates.

While The Moreland Commission’s role in ethics reform evolves, it is imperative that you take immediate action regarding the widespread corruption in and about New York’s System of Justice.  Sadly, New York’s judges, court employees and those seeking “justice” in New York are disgraced everyday by the lawlessness that exists in our “system of justice” where, as you are aware, ethics oversight is completely corrupt. 

To be sure, our core justice system is good, but it has been unhinged by corruption, and thoroughly abused by those who can. 

We respectfully request that you immediately shut down The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct (the “CJC”) and all NYS Court System so-called “ethics” oversight committees. (Please see The Murphy Report, conducted under another Governor named Cuomo, and where a top judge ordered armed officers to shut down the corrupt Manhattan attorney “ethics” committee (the “DDC”).

If you believe in what The Moreland Commission is currently doing, than you can surely trust them to immediately take over the oversight of attorney and judicial ethics in New York.  Thank you.

Very truly yours,



Anonymous said...

Great letter and an excellent attempt at addressing this disgusting American Judicial entity!
The problem with Cuomo 's unwillingness to even blink...NY Judicial Wall St!
Wall St. And the Justice System are the biggest scam operations and both are friends and located in NYC!
All NY politicians owe both of these Monsters for their election! if you take their money so you can operate affectively within the can never speak about it's existence!
The Judges who are appointed to administer...or corrupt other parts of the State ...are Always NYC Judges! You never ever see a Judge from anywhere else in NY appointed to look after the crooked Judicial system, far away from NYC......Wall St...where the laws and money are crafted to benefit the wealthy Americans!
I cannot suggest how this corruption can be handled, but what these NY St and Federal Judges are
Participating in is equivalent to Gov operations in terrorist countries !
A story exists that would scare most citizens who feel Judicial activities have no bearing on them or their safety!

Anonymous said...

Deferred Prosecution. The term the DOJ uses when it refuses to prosecute crooked bank and Wall St. executives.

The lowly human who is hungry steals a candy bar goes to jail. The wealthy financial lowlife or institution steals billions maybe a small fine.

Anonymous said...

Just a question..if the Federal DOJ received a million documents and the testimony of an OCA hit man in Jan 2013 and have opened a file..why are we asking a NY St Governor, who is well known for many unethical etc clean out the Courts?
What happened to the Federal investigation..the only way..if there is a way, that a cleaner will be brought in!
Really..Gov Cuomo asked to clean up corruption..when the Moreland commission is being used only against his enemies!
I guess when you live outside NYC you see life a bit clearer!

Anonymous said...

"While many have attacked your efforts to confront the rampant corruption in New York State, including The Moreland Commission, you must be commended for taking action" Really? Randy Andy is part of the corruption/problem lol...Why commend him for going after people that have probably second guessed him or crossed him? This isn't about corruption in NYS, this is about his retribution...Rest of letter good but have to disagree with commending him on any levels. Him and his old man Mario are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

New York Family Court is a secret star chamber court where all the judges, magistrates, clerks and staff are either closeted faggots, lesbians, pedophiles, pissed off minorities, all led by communist jews. The biggest cunt in there is Support Magistrate Cheryl Weir-Reeves who embodies all of these horrific traits - she is an angry black woman who purposefully adjourns/delays your hearings for years to increase your damages and avoid dealing with the law and issues in violation of the sixth amendment right to a speedy trial, ignores motions made by men, threatens incarceration and jail time against innocent impoverished men every chance she gets in violation of the fifth amendment right to due process, ignores the law in violation of every constitutional amendment, tries to get the man’s lawyers to quit so they have no legal representation in violation of the sixth amendment, verbally abuses men, and overly favors women even if the man goes bankrupt and the woman is a cunt like her. She is heavily corrupted and is on the take by Feminazi special interests groups like Sanctuary for Families. The place is fucking hell on earth. There are no civil, human, or constitutional rights as all decisions are made under the cover of “the best interests of the child.” However if you are on the wrong side of the judge in that court, even if you present a picture of your child’s severed head at the hands of your ex-spouse, they will still rule against you. The only solution is to open up this court to the public, or a raid by the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me, why do Jews like to bully every other race and religion? Why do they like to drive other races and religions out of business? Why do they stack the senate, congress, judiciary, licensing agencies, taxing authorities, law enforcement, and any and all halls of power, with their own people or those they have bought? Why do they use black people to do their dirty work? Why do they disrespect, rape, sexually assault, and exploit non-Jewish women? Why do they disrespect, exploit, use, and attack non-Jewish men? Why do they push the USA to attack other countries unfairly and only for the sake of Israel even if it means death and destruction to American soldiers and people? Why do they masquerade around as regular white christian people? Why are they behind all pornography, child sexual abuse, pedophilia, bestiality, satanism, child pornography, homosexuality, feminism, communism, fascism, capitalism, socialism, racism, and terrorism? Why do they divide and conquer different types of people, in order to rule over them easier? Why do they corrupt every system they enter? Why do they subvert and subjugate the moral standards of the host nations they infect? Why can you never trust what a Jew says? Why do they always portray different races as inferior to them in the media? Why do they actively prevent others from competing with them using unfair tactics?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Andy and his band of merry thugs who practice corruption! He's part of the problem, not part of the solution and he wants to be El Presidenta! The Moron Commission is a Fraud as anyone who has attempted to testify and been blocked will agree! Same old, same old - no change.... its a bad joke on the taxpayers

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cuomo will not shutdown the so-called "Ethics" committees becasuse he needs them to keep track of things . It's all about the Money Honey

Anonymous said...

SCANDAL ALERT! NY see NJ of what scandal does. Governor in scandal!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to reach the Moreland Commission to Investigate Corruption beside their website tip phone message recording?
Are there actual commission staff who check the tip line messages and call people back to following up to investigate corruption tips?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomo Travels To Israel To Prove Preet Bharara Is His B!tch

This is all laughable because that sand-n!gger US Attorney Preet Bharara is, and always has been, Israel and the Jews' b!tch, literally handpicked and selected by Senator Chuck Schumer because Preet Bharara was his coffee boy for 14 years before being selected for the US Attorneys Office.

This Uncle Tom will never actually prosecute Andrew Cuomo for the Moreland Commission Scandal because Israel owns the United States, and this "trip" by Andrew Cuomo in order to suck the c@ck of the Chief Rabbi to exonerate him from this Moreland Commission scandal is just further proof that the US Government, NY FBI, and the US Attorneys Office is lock-stock and barrel OWNED by the Jews and the State of Israel.

Unknown said...

5 of us are heading back to Supreme Court on 2/18 to do what the system has refused to do when it comes to the lies, the abuse, fraud and waste—plus you still reward an admitted guilty party and those that resigned as they continue to lie, harm and alter their reports so they can abuse millions. If the D.O.J. hadn’t joined us as adversaries—the system would have allowed this to continue forever. The audits regarding 2.25 billion spent yearly in “Economic Development Oversights” and the “STARTUPNY” 53 Million program along with “Huge Amounts of Money Wasted by High Ranking Officials on Research Foundation Campuses” has sufficient documents from these organizations to put a stop to those that abuse and need to alter their reports for continued funding—even the S.B.A. which partners (also funds) these small business economic development organizations has a CYA disclaimer as to what they say or write. Silver and Skelos are just the beginning. We understand why corruption needs to go along due to the players involved, or as our former Chancellor would say—the WHOM’s of the world… both in the Government, our S.B.A. and the Research Foundation. @bobystyles

Anonymous said...

How can crime and in society get better when the people running the justice system doesn't give a dam about poor people of color this American dream where they say everyone is equal and have rights are pure garbage and violence will only get worse unless the justice system changes there racism and racist ways in society.

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