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Monday, December 30, 2013

New Chairman of Manhattan Attorney "Ethics" Committee is Ernest J. Collazo

64-Year-Old Bronx Native Provides Hope for Corruption Clean-Up
Again, hopes spring eternal, and a new chairman of the corrupt attorney "ethics" committee has been named….. more....

Ernest J. Collazo is a respected Columbia Law School graduate (class of 1974), and a managing partner of Collazo Florentino and Keil LLP.  Mr. Collazo formally takes over on January 1, 2014 as the head of the disgraced court group charged with ethics oversight of attorneys with offices in The Bronx and Manhattan- the Departmental Disciplinary Committee (the "DDC").  

Mr. Collazo has been active with the DDC since 2008, and has been a member of the DDC Policy Committee since 2012.  His tenure at the DDC has provided him with first-hand knowledge of how dysfunctional the DDC is, and the urgent need that the first order of business be to remove Jorge Dopico as chief counsel.  Mr. Dopico began his tenure with positive action, but quickly succumbed to political pressures and became another soul-less and corrupt hack with predecessors Thomas Cahill and Alan Friedberg.

While some insiders are concerned over Mr. Collazo's ties to the former DDC chairman Roy Reardon, Mr. Collazo has privately expressed his dismay at how ethics investigations by the DDC have been routinely covered-up for connected insiders, and that have tarnished the DDC's credibility for years.  Mr. Collazo has confided with associates that he will make the long-overdue changes necessary to restore true ethics back to the ethics oversight committee.  

Chairman Collazo had been employed from 1977-1991 at Simpson Thacher and Bartlett, the law firm of Roy Reardon, and the group long-rumored to stall legal ethics accountability at the DDC and at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. 

It is hopeful that the Mr. Collazo will be guided by another Bronx-born-attorney-turned Presiding-Justice, the Hon. Francis T. Murphy, Jr., who sent armed officers to lock down the offices of the DDC when it was corrupt under his authority. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MURPHY REPORT)


Anonymous said...

I hope this guy isn't a drunk like Cahill, or a worm like Alan Freidberg

Anonymous said...

Collazo better get rid of Jorge. Everyone hates working at the DDC under him.

Anonymous said...

It is well known amongst Chief Judge Robert Katzmann's law clerks, staff, secretaries, and assistants that Chief Judge Robert Katzmann of the US Court of Appeals Second Circuit is on the take, and is taking bribes from various Rabbis and Jewish/Israeli businessmen, both domestically as well as foreign based, to rule in certain ways that benefit Jews over other races/religions/ethnicities in United States courts and cases, even when they are wrong on the law. He also accepts favors and sells his position as the Chief Reviewer of Ethics Complaints against federal judges in the US Attorneys Office and US District Courts New York SDNY and the bankruptcy courts for money, favors, sexual favors, bribes, and other benefits for him and his friends/family/business partners. Specifically however he has a "special corrupt relationship" by and between himself and other Jewish federal and local judges and businessmen, and protects them in the courts and elsewhere. He needs to be investigated and indicted soon to protect the integrity of the US Justice System in America. Please check his phone records, bank records, friendships, business records, and talk to his staff to see what I am talking about - everyone knows about it.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope this 'Dude' has his hip boots on since the cesspool is deep! No one can tell me that he doesn't know what's going on in the corrupt 1st Dept DDC. That's too much to deal with! He should just flush the toilet and left it all go out to the middle of the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that he is really "Ernest?"

Anonymous said...

How much work wil his law firm get? That's the way it works in this racket! Anothr empty suit with a law degree.

Anonymous said...

So if we give him achance how long will it take him to heads rolling?

Anonymous said...

The American people have lost all of their rights - human, civil, and constitutional, and are moving rapidly towards complete and total slavery and totalitarianism by the extremely wealthy and super-rich. But to be honest Americans deserve what is happening to them, because they are allowing the people who they don’t care about, to get “tested on” first, by those jack-booted thugs taking away their rights, without making a sound, without raising a protest, and without fighting back. Slavery comes as a thief in the night, and not blaring with horns during the daylight. First they came for them and I said nothing, then they came for me, and there was no one left. This country is headed for a civil war.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the class war will begin soon.

There is no law, no justice just money in who can bribe anyone in the so called government.

If you are poor or working class off to prison with you. If you are wealthy "no prosecution".

Anonymous said...

9/11 baby that's where it all started to get really bad.

Kris Sergentakis said...

Deferred prosecution for all crimes. "Equal Justice For All."

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