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Friday, January 1, 2016



Anonymous said...

Go Preet Baharara !!!!!!!!

Laser said...

Preet is a dead beat on doing whats right...He should be part of the SEC "Selective Enforcement Agency"

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the vicious vindictiveness of Judge Judy Kaye towards me- but I will still remark in kindness - RIP!

Anonymous said...

Thank God that Mr. Baharara is doing something. At least their is someone in this world with Honor and believes in truth and justice.
Most attorneys can get away with anything and drag you through court for a decade as they have the money, friends and power. I remember being able to look up to a Police Officer with respect; now I find it hard to look at them at all.
The Politicans that are making our laws are even more out of touch.

Unknown said...

Why is it closed already? Shall we re-open it?

Unknown said...

He's petitioning right! I have damming evidence of this Kentucky judge that sent one of my two children off to live with their father who is a known pedophile. He lied to her about things and hacked my phone and then tried making me out to be the crazy person but little does he know I recorded her voice in the court room when she laughed and thought it was funny to send a child off with a child molestor. Let's see how funny it is when I upload her voice on both occasions in the court room; how long do you think she'll be sitting upon that podium? When you have corporate corruption like that it trickles down to hurting everyone, because she'll turn into a tyrannt if we allow her to continue her rein of terror!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if I agree with the prior comment about Preet being a dead beat. He has done a few notable things like S. Silver & Seklos. So time will tell if he is going to do the 'Right Thing' meanwhile all the victims of these 'Thugs' are bleeding to death.

Laser Haas said...

Time will tell!... REALLY?
A couple of ...high profile...slaps, compared ti years of inadequacy and ineptitude...does not bide well for ds Preet.

The man has been obtuse to major Wall Street frauds and corruptions ....for years.

Anonymous said...

Read the Buffalo News- Supreme Ct Judge Michalek resigned yesterday and took pleas to bribery charges conspiring with heavy political operative Steve Pigeon, who appears this AM in Supreme Ct himself! Ex Judge Michalek can get up to 7 yrs in prison, but he is cooperating, so probably probation and maybe a few months. Great read on the charges! Buffalo Radio WBEN is shocked this goes on in our ethical NY St & Federal Courts- lol!

Laser said...

Woo Hoo - another one (out of thousands across the country) held accountable.

Each and every time this happens, we have a greater chance to clean up courts

Anonymous said...

So called 'judge Stephen Poli, town of Camillus Court, brazenly ignores and violates the law, consistently giving judgment for petitioners, men and against women, respondants.His corruption began 1994 when he arraigned his own son. Supervisors Judges Toney, Murphy via David Gideon Esq cover up this corrupt appointed nonlawyer magistrate.

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