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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Background Information Wanted

Since we cannot verify a lot of information provided to us concerning relevant Background that may involve the courts for a Post, we now make available this specific area for related Comments.


Anonymous said...

This will be first part of a serial that started many moons ago.

Albert J. Emanuelli a former divorce lawyer had black jacked his way with his close mob connections and a very good Rabbi in to the Surrogate Judgeship of Westchester County in 1990. He was very close to the Garbage Czar of Westchester doing him a big favor by writing the precedent setting decision in the divorce case of his accountants daughter. Of course Surrogate Court's are notoriously good places to find piles of other peoples money and that is exactly why Albert J. Emanuelli was there. He did say when running for election that he would handout the goodies equally between the Democrats and Republicans. The Carvel Estate and Foundation was one of the more lucrative whales to be run down the garden path and carved up in the early 1990's.

That's all for now Folks! Stay tuned, I shall return with more shortly!

Anonymous said...

This morning we were given orders that if there were any complains from anyone we were to go out and arrest all the demonstrators. From what I observed personally everyone was peacefull but that wouldn't stop someone in the Judiciary from giving us orders to arrest everyone. They don't like demonstrators in front of the Court House, it doesn't look good. Then the Fire Alarm went off and the Court House had to empty out so we couldn't tell who was who and TV-12 was there beside. Let me put it to you this way, watch your back next time guys. They would not make a move on you if the TV happen to be there. Good Luck

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