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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Crisis in the Courts...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

There is no other way to describe what’s going on in the New York State Court system....The recent resignations of State Supreme Court Judges Frank Seddio and Lawrence Horowitz and, of course, the recent conviction of Brooklyn Judge Garson. See Pictures & Story to the Right

And on Friday the 13th of July, another horror: former Nassau County District Judge David Gross pleaded guilty to money laundering involving the mob. In a recorded conversation, Gross told an undercover FBI agent, “I know which rules not to break and I know how to get around everything else…You know, so cash is not a problem…” See Pictures & Story to the Right

The lack of oversight has allowed the prevailing “anything goes” atmosphere to run, and ruin, the judiciary and the courts. Note the sex scandal fiasco at the New York City Character and Fitness Committee, posted below, and which will be updated the week of July 16th.

The people deserve a corrupt-free court system. And the honest Judges, attorneys and court employees know that a cleaning of the court system is long overdue.

We have had so many bits of information emailed to us that today we begin “Informational Post Requests” which ask the viewer to comment under the relevant topic so that all readers may view the information.

So, today we feature: (1) Nepotism information wanted; and (2) Background information wanted.


Anonymous said...

its not a crisis in the courts, its a melt down

Anonymous said...

crisis. what crisis. it's a fu***** criminal enterprise. I'm going to law school!

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