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Friday, August 24, 2007

Justice Department Widens "Patentgate" Probe Buried by Ethics Chief Thomas J. Cahill...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

In a letter dated July 16, 2007, the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility, announced from its Washington, D.C. headquarters that it was expanding its investigation into a bizarrely stalled FBI investigation that involves an almost surreal story of the theft of nearly 30 U.S. Patents, and other intellectual property, worth billions of dollars. The probe reaches some of New York's most prominent politicians and judges, and has already proven to be a stunning embarrassment to the State's ethics watchdog committees. (To the right, see the July 16, 2007 letter "D.O.J. Widens Patentgate Probe")...

Coming Soon: Iviewit's Patentgate –
Part II - Naming the Patentgate Players (New York's Top Politicians and Judges)
Part III – Why a Once-Top Law Firm Thought They'd Get Away with It ($$)
Part IV – The Groundbreaking Iviewit Technology & Patentgate Fraud Proof

Part I

The Fox and the Hen House

It was only recently exposed in July that the underlying "Patentgate" inquiries were effectively buried, or derailed, under the leadership of Manhattan's top State ethics Chief Counsel, Thomas J. Cahill, Esq. Mr. Cahill's "retirement" was then quickly announced after his own ethical failings in the Patentgate matter, along with other ethics complaints that were made, became known.

While no one can exactly figure out how inquiries under Mr. Cahill's charge went so awry, one thing is certain. At the same time the Patentgate probes were being secreted by state officials in New York, the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent bar increased their own investigation into the same matter implicating the same attorneys. (Note: Mr. Cahill's replacement was recently decided, and an announcement is expected as early as next week by the Appellate Division, First Department Presiding Justice, Jonathan Lippman.)


The defrauded company is called "Iviewit" – pronounced, "I-view-it." The company's internet site originally advertised their groundbreaking technology. Now, the opening page of the company website ( displays unsettling photographs of the inventor's family vehicle after it was bombed.

"This is quite serious," says an investigator close to the federal probe. "The charges allege that valuable 'back-bone enabling digital imaging technology'-- MPEG type intellectual property-- was stolen by the inventor's own attorneys, the once-untouchable Manhattan based law firm Proskauer Rose. This is going to get very ugly," he says.

Members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House Judiciary Committees have known about the Iviewit investigation since about September of 2006, and it is in our nation's capital where the matter quickly earned its moniker "Patentgate." And the story was also globally known in technical, Intellectual Property circles. But the big question remains: how did such an explosive story like Patentgate stay off every mainstream media's radar screen—especially in New York.

"I know how," says a retired federal agent who asked not to be identified. "Phone calls were made—many phone calls. Plain and simple." And while this retired federal agent isn't surprised by the apparent "cover-up," he is alarmed by his own findings after a month-long independent review of all submitted Iviewit papers. "I can't find one discrepancy in the allegations, not one unsubstantiated charge," he says. "For one, you have the highest state courts in New York white-washing this thing with 'unpublished' rulings. And then you have state ethics committees contradicting themselves-- in writing, no less. It's a complete meltdown," he concludes. "The broken system appears to have finally fallen apart."

"Iviewit was been radio-active from day one," says one prosecutor who asked not to be named. "Considering who was involved, you know the phones were ringing off the hook, and with a simple directive: 'don't go near it' (an inquiry)." He believes, however that a serious shake-up is imminent. "The powers that be can't contain this story anymore—it's out, U.S. Senators and Congressman are talking about it. This involves national Commerce issues: attorneys stealing U.S. Patents from their own client, and the illegal failings of a state's ethics agency by its own cover-up, and selective, self-dealing, politically-based inaction. Patentgate appears to have exposed the true, and troubling, underbelly of ethics investigations in New York State. And its not pretty."

Additional Background Information

The original complaint involving Thomas Cahill and the Proskauer Rose law firm has been "pending" since February of 2003. The Cahill Proskauer Complaint is a high priority for the new State Chief Administrative Judge, the Honorable Ann T. Pfau.

The Cahill Proskauer issue became a hot topic in Washington, D.C. in early 2007 at the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Department of Commerce (The United States Patent and Trademark Office). And it has specifically caught the attention of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and U.S. House Representatives John D. Dingell and Nita Lowey.

The Cahill Proskauer Scandal involves many allegations: the alleged theft by Proskauer of numerous U.S. Patents from their own client; claimed losses over 10 years on a trillion dollar technology pool that has affected all forms of digital imaging and video; and the March, 2005 bombing in Boynton Beach, Florida of the inventor-client-complainant's family mini-van.

It is alleged that Mr. Cahill masterminded the scheme to indefinitely delay complaints against Proskauer Rose, himself, and former New York State Bar Association President and Proskauer partner Steven C. Krane, Proskauer Partner Kenneth Rubenstein, chief counsel for MPEGLA, and attorney Raymond Joao of Yonkers. It is also alleged that attorney Steven C. Krane initially interceded, with Mr. Cahill's knowledge and consent, in handling disciplinary complaints involving himself at the same time he was associated with the 1st Department in Manhattan.

Attorney Krane's conflicts were exposed when officials from the Iviewit company contacted Katherine O'Hagan Wolfe, who contradicted Cahill's statements and Krane's written denial of his 1st Dept roles. Ms. O'Hagan Wolfe advised that she was, in fact, on a Committee at the 1st Dept with both Cahill and Krane, and that they even had a meeting that same night.

The various Cahill Proskauer issues bounced around under the public radar screen at the Court of Appeals in Albany and were ultimately transferred from the 1st Department to the 2nd Department in Brooklyn. This was done after 5 justices of the 1st Dept ruled unanimously to investigate Krane, Rubenstein and Joao for conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety after their review of the 1st Department complaint.

The Cahill inquiry is apparently "still pending" under attorney Martin R. Gold who, insiders say, was directed to "sit on it…forever."

Earlier this year, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. assigned additional agents to the Public Integrity Corruption squad at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan, and where agents have been actively conducting interviews.

Coming Soon: Iviewit's Patentgate – Part II


Anonymous said...

Welcome to New York, boys. You should know that here in the Empire State, there are no "real" ethics committees. If you are "in" with the political bosses, you can do whatever you want. Yes, that includes stealing from your own clients.

We're also proud to inform you that our courts are like toilet bowls nowadays: no "rule of law" - no "impartial" treatment - no "fairness" - no "due process"

The only thing you'll find in any New York court these days is a lot of, you know, what toilet bowls have. (however, you will receive hefty legal bills, which you better pay! - judges have to be taken care of quickly, you know!)

In New York, even the honest judges have given up. And so should you.

Give up, and go back to Kansas.

(And I'll move to Kansas as soon as the Yankees do)

Anonymous said...

Here's some inside information: the corruption in the New York courts is everywhere, and it goes all the way up to the tippy top. (don't tell anyone, it's a secret.)

Anonymous said...

only the feds can help clean up the mess in the new york courts. the feds did it in chicago, they just moved in and took over things. that's what ny needs. BRING ON THE FEDS.

Anonymous said...

I know first hand that Tom Cahill and his sidekick Cohen would take a hot stove, he was always on the make and take.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this Iviewit story. I have NEVER even heard of it. check out the website, they really blew the guys van up.

Anonymous said...

With this very terrifying situation and investigation, does it mean the courts of new york are finally going to be cleansed. if this is so, i just can't believe it! i truly beleived that judy kaye and her mob, would continue their reign of brutality! kaye is famous for pouncing on vulnerable non-political and, mostly female employees, if they attempted to assert themselves in an ethical way! send her and all that judicial crap out of this country and start tomorrow...please! kaye is now vulnerable herself, since big daddy died, so she can now see how it is to feel helpless while taking employment from single women with children...throw the witch out!

Anonymous said...

Cahill is some piece of work, he screwed a friend of mine over nothing because someone asked him to do it. Hope he gets what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe our system is this crooked.

Anonymous said...

Welcoming Committee said...

Welcoming Committee, leave, give up, the sky is falling, can't fight city hall, can't beat em' join em', everybody is doing it, welcome to the real world, blah blah blah.

It is said that complacency is the right arm of the Devil, it can shift the balance when the People give up and let government control. Government of now spoiled rotten third generation rich kids with law degrees and day jobs of feeding off the People by corrupting government, oft members of skull and bones and federalist plots centered on wealth transfer and power grabs, eating off nazi plates with bs agenda's all to avoid "hard work". I have only been to ny a few times but i did not recall citizens that were pussy cats or just pussies to the man. in fact, i rebelled with some good kids who were anti-establishment guys into their rights, who were just the outspoken advocates at young ages, now they would be doped up by Judith Kaye and her prison reform to file kids away and make zombies from feeding them drugs to rip off medicaid and blah.
point being, you can have your shit hole as it is, corruption controlling your lives and pussies to the man. great rap for ny kids, pussies, unable to knock out a bunch of criminals ripping off their rights.
i had respect for my friends who were ny boys, they were proud, nobody would take nothing from them and calling them pussies could oft incite them to riot, fight, brawl, west side story shit.
I can't believe welcoming committee that you are blue blooded new yorker with a fatalist pussy attitude. i am not attacking you personally for it is the whole of the rotten apples problems, you used to raise your boys as better than this and to fight for what is right, not give in to the man. Wow, batman may really be dead and the world looks on at new york and wonders what kind of pussies let their establishment walk all over them.
i like to picture new yorkers as learning they are being f'kd and getting baseball bats, pitch forks, ok, a noose or two, marching in to city hall, kind of pissed, like a ny'r whose pretzel is served cold, grabbing injustice by it's soiled spoiled rotten robes and kicking it to death. Then marching down to the nearest pub for a late night martini and figuring how to split up the goods taken back from the dirty judges, lawyers and other scum. oh pity your children when they learn their parents were complacent to this, advised people to leave instead of jab pitchfork of truth, justice and the american fucking way through their slimy public servants fucking heads and just bent over and took it deep in the rectum, the sight of this in ny just abhores me. Call them the top of the elite, call it the judge, call it the disciplinary, the dirty cop, the dirty da, chief judge, bar pres, they are all public servants, not the other way around you dumb fuck new yorkers. so get your pitchforks, get your bats and take back new york for the good people of new york and build a trade center with their bodies or from the money you take from these leacherous public servants.
Give me liberty or give me death was sung by many new yorkers, whose dead bodies that died to give you the rights you forgo in complacency are rolling in their veteran graves and calling you pussies for views like this.
Go Welcome Committee to Guantanamo where you have no rights, since you do not care to fight it, you just allow it or meet me at the park for a hanging. Ropes free on Iviewit at
Anybody from new york that is not a pussy sellout, feel free to call me and bring it on baby.

Batman ain't dead and he may have Chicago roots.

eliot bernstein

Anonymous said...

I second the finger to the "welcoming committee" I admire Bernstein's nerve. New York's corrupt hoodlums just may have screwed the wrong guy at the wrong time. You got TOO greedy, boys. I hope you bastards pay. GO IVIEWIT !

Anonymous said...

Nice job with overseeing ethics, Tom, you crooked slob. I knew the rumors were true.

Anonymous said...

There haven't been any ethics in New York since Lincoln spoke here.

Anonymous said...

If the general public knew what is going on in the courts with the Judges, the revoluntion would start tommorrow morning and the hangings would begin.

Anonymous said...

ex-judge, now-felon Mr. Garson needs a cellmate. Which thug in a black robe is next?

Anonymous said...

came on this blog and am intrigued by the content, with a major national media outlet and will be contacting you --- if even half of this is true it's will get coverage big time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Unknown said...

Finger to "Welcoming Committee;" cheers to "Anonymous:"

As former CEO of Iviewit Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates and related parties (counsel advised resignation of all Iviewit executives and work along side Iviewit rather than within Iviewit), and I write in reply to "Welcoming Committee" and in support of "Eliot I. Bernstein" and "Anonymous." As of even date above, it should be clear by now that, as I had many times termed it, "invention stealing is the world"s second oldest profession, only this time, as Jack Nicholson has termed it, "[They] f***ed with the wrong marine(s)."

Stay tuned for the blog pertaining to my July 24, 2007 meeting with the Chief Counsel of U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property. Does "Welcoming Committee" still advise giving up?

P. Stephen Lamont, former CEO Iviewit Holdings, Inc.

Anonymous said...

Just maybe the Federal authorities will finally do the job that they are paid to do this time.

Anonymous said...

If you're a small time thief and get caught you go to jail. If you're a lawyer (big time thief) and get caught nothing happens. You have a license to steal and the Judges (fellow lawyers) protect them. The laws are not meant for this privileged class.

Anonymous said...

if intrigued is really going to investigate these allegations nationally, i wish he would hurry up! OCA and their thugs will start right now cleaning up, digging up dirt and using the law to cover up! rush in soon and catch them bare-assed...this is a horror( whore) story for America.

Anonymous said...

This guy Tom Cahill really needs to be charged with some very serious crimes. Only the FBI can help when it reaches this high in the state system.

Anonymous said...

Why can't our U.S. Senators do something about the court corruption in New York?

Anonymous said...

T. Cahill & S. Cohen should be both given the third degree and let the chips fall may they may.

Anonymous said...

they're both on liquid diets = confirmed drunks, so give them a break

Anonymous said...

On the net one can discover all things. Came on one site with a related story.


The story is about a young aspiring engineer, Joseph A. Gentiluomo, who has written a book about how federal judges violate the laws and obstruct justice. They further manipulate, distort and violate precedential laws in order to favor a party of their liking. It's all about PATENTS and MONEY!

How many other are there?

Anonymous said...

Someone very heavy tried to kill Eliot Burnstein by blowing up his van (see website). Then these same bums turn around and spread money around buying everyone (Cahill, Cohen etc.), that sounds like lawyers to me. That's their style, they can't help it....where's the real mob when you need them? Eliot send them all dead fishes wrapped in newspapers. Send them a message.

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