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Monday, November 5, 2007

Insight from the Center for Judicial Accountability....(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

Here's a powerful November 4, 2007, Letter to the Editor sent to the Journal News from the Center for Judicial Accountability. Read it, think about it, and please pass it around ! (Also, SEE:

Cross-endorsing judges objectionable

The Center for Judicial Accountability Inc., a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizens' organization working for a quality judiciary, endorses no judicial candidates for Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District, because it opposes election of judicial candidates who are products of sham, unconstitutional judicial nominating conventions. CJA further opposes election of judicial candidates who are the product of equally corrupt party cross-endorsement deals that historically have made judicial "elections" a sham.

As a public service, the CJA is duty-bound to inform voters who NOT to vote for:

- Francis A. Nicolai, who gained his original 14-year Supreme Court judgeship in 1990 via both condemned practices.

- Rory Bellantoni, whose nomination was the end-product of the unconstitutional party-boss controlled, "rubber-stamp" judicial nominating conventions and minor party cross-endorsement deals. The voters rejected him last year in a contested Supreme Court race. They should do so again for his lack of maturity, judicial experience and accomplishment.

In Bellantoni's case, nepotic and political connections got him a noncompetitive judicial appointment by Gov. Pataki in 2003, at age 34. He had no judicial experience whatever, no distinctions or honors, no professional or civic activities, and no publications. He has many political "IOUs" to pay off to party bosses and others to whom he is politically beholden. Even if they lose, both of these lackluster judges remain on the bench for many years. See our Web site,, particularly the sidebar panel Judicial Selection-State-NY.

Doris L. Sassower

White Plains

The writer is cofounder and administrator of the Center for Judicial Accountability Inc.

The above is from the November 4, 2007  The Journal News, Letters to the editor


Anonymous said...

Bravo for you Doris, very good to see you are still fighting for the truth and for justice.

Anonymous said...

Rory and his "specialized" Sex-Offender's Court.
Wonder how they create a offender's flow big enough to feed a separate court.
Recently I become friend with two so called "Sex Offenders".
Both guys were simply accused by their disgrunted wives, as a part of a simple divorce and child custody action.
Rory might be a great guy, as Richard Blassber wrote in The Guardian, but his current job is to create new part in 9th district, by indicating innocent people as "Sex Offenders".
Within this aspect Rory is not an inventor - he simply follows the lead of judge Sam Walker, who initiated and currently manages a triving business named "Domestic Violence Part of NYS Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District".
The bases for these highly specialized courts is a wicked doctrine that the male population of the US is somehow historically (they still don't have balls to say "genetically") burdened. According to the lectors in a program, to which judge Sam Walker sends every single male litigant in his part, 25% of US adult males are child molestors.

Disgusting, uh?

Anonymous said...

For sevaral years Rory served as a law secretary of corrupt judge Sam Walker.
Looks like he is a good learner.
Vive le court specialise "Sex Offender's"
If there are no enough offenders, will make them

Anonymous said...

Doris S. has it right, Rory is the son of a political hack, so what does that make him? A lawyer looking for a job, so he and his father's friends will make one for him at the expense of the taxpapers - you and me. Ignore Richard Blassberg on this one, he has his own agenda.

Anonymous said...

These judges have no repect and have no regard whom they hurt

Anonymous said...

What is Judge Sam Walker's cut of this "business" that he has established?

Anonymous said...

to gay man:
Sam Walker's cut?
It is easy - there is a whole industry - state and county sponsored programs, psychologists, psychiatrists, law guardians, forensic evaluators, lawyers, etc. around Sam Walker's court.
The whole crowd lives on collecting taxpayer's and in a lesser extent, litigant's money.
Sam Walker serves as a dispatcher.
This guys has tremendously simple and effective judicial attitude: Instead of hearing the litigants, he just assigns them to different programs at taxpayers or litigant's expense. Once a case, even the simlest one, gets assigned to Sam Walker, it drags forever. You never get an actual evidential hearing, instead the victims periodically (every month) needs to appear before Walker for the so called compliance hearing. Of course, the victim usually appears to the compliance hearing with an attorney, which means at least 4 billed hours for the attorney. If the attorney is court appointed at the usual rate of $50 per hour, it fetches $200 from the taxpayer just to show up. If the victim needs to pay, the monthly "compliance hearing" puts at least $800 into the attorney's pockets.
This way helped Walker to build tremendous support among the local low-profile attorneys.
Walker enjoys popularity among the true criminals, since no matter how serious is their crime, if they comply with judge Sam Walker's order (i.e participate in the scheme of extorting taxpayer's money, since they rarely have the money to pay themselves or hire an attorney), they can get away with the crime.
As Sam Walker loves to declare, he "hates to put people in jail".

Anonymous said...

Finally to the point.
"What's Sam Walker's business?"

As everyone knows, Sam Walker is a Spano guy.

Sending victims to programs, controlled by Spano and funded by the state (e.g. VCS) or the federal government (e.g VAWA), increases the power and support base of the County top executives, who handpick the program's managment. Of course, Spano or Schwarz give kick backs to Sam Walker, sometimes direct (e.g. by supporting him to get County and lately Supreme Court judgeship), sometimes indirectly - by funelling orders, money, etc to Walker's relatives (e.g. to his wife and his touristic business)

Sam Walker's excellent judicial "temperament" (i.e. dispatching money to attorneys) pushed him to the head position of Westchester Bar. If you don't know the tremendous power that a head of WBA has (whitewashing complaint, determine members of grievance committee, etc), you shouldn't be writing in this forum.

Anonymous said...

Also Sam Walker lead a whole new part of the Supreme Court - Doestic Violence part.

The problem is that there is no domestic violence, that could justify the enormous budget of the operation (only the VAWA act provides $800 milions yearly).

If there are no guys like Sam Walker (who works in a local concert with DiFiore's office), those money couldn't be absorbed and after year or two, he lawmakers would cut the fundings.

Walker helps preventing this development -potentially disastrous for the industry.

Also, thanks to thugs like the corrupt judge Sam Walker, the state of New York enjoys a leading position in the "fight" against domestic violence, and therefore gets a lion pie from the federal fundings.

Anonymous said...

I never knew about It's really great. Look at it, people.

Anonymous said...

Victims of Domestic Violence are been stepped on over and over and victimized. Money for Domestic Violence is not been used for that purpose. These criminals are pocketing the funds and using the money for their Domestic needs.

Anonymous said...

I know about the author. She is a local hero... screwed by the legal system she tried to help clean up. I'm with the people who say bring in the federal government to clean things up.

Unknown said...

Any news on Judge Francesca Connolly? She jokes about her ignorance of marital law, though she is now a supervisor of the part, and her rulings are "all over the place". I'd love to know anyone else's thoughts or information on this woman?

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