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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inside Court Information For Sale (MORE, CLICK HERE)

U.S. Department of Justice
United States Attorney - District of Connecticut
Connecticut Financial Center
157 Church Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510


March 7, 2008
CONTACT: Tom Carson, Public Information Office
(203) 821-3722 (203) 996-1393 (cell)


Kevin J. O’Connor, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that JILL D’ANTONA, 37, of Seymour, pleaded guilty today before United States District Judge Janet Bond Arterton in New Haven to one count of soliciting and accepting a gratuity. The charge stems from an ongoing federal corruption probe into the Connecticut bail bond industry.

According to documents filed with the Court and statements made in court, D’ANTONA was employed as a State of Connecticut judicial marshal working at the Courthouse at 121 Elm Street in New Haven. The Judicial Marshal Service is part of the Connecticut Judicial Branch and provides courthouse security and prisoner transportation. In pleading guilty, D’ANTONA admitted that she received cash payments from Robert Jacobs and Philip Jacobs of Jacobs Bail Bonds in New Haven for her assistance with their bail bonds business including but not limited to making referrals (providing early notification about an arrestee who required the services of a bondsman); providing financial and personal information about an arrestee to facilitate the writing of a bond; holding prisoners in the lock-up to expedite the bond process, and bringing prisoners to the clerk’s office to be released. D’ANTONA admitted that she received $1500 or more from the Philip Jacobs over the past five years, and an additional $800 in the form of a loan of which D’ANTONA repaid only a small portion. Robert Jacobs paid D’ANTONA approximately $50 to $100 three times per month over a two-year period, and also cashed D’ANTONA’s personal checks, which often bounced.

Judge Arterton has scheduled sentencing for May 27, 2008, at which time D’ANTONA faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of up to $250,000.

This case is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Connecticut State Police. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Nora R. Dannehy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They should call it "Money Practice" instead of "Motion Practice." Yes, these are our corrupt courts. The moto is "You'll pay: one way or the other, as justice has no place here"

Anonymous said...

And the improper sale of EVERYTHING, from soup to nuts, continues...... (and we're not talking peanuts: piles and piles of the good 'ole greenback)

Anonymous said...

the term that is commonly used is that this is for their retirement fund. Actually, this is quite common. This poor slob must have done something really bad to somebody to get this.

Anonymous said...

This of course goes on in NY..I saw the same bailbonds person bail out all the supreme and federal court defts. He is being informed by someone at OCA'S bail office and the DA'S office of upcoming indictments and arraignments! The higher the court level the greater the chances of high bail..thus..he is making a killing. His office is in CITY COURT PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE, though...i guess to throw off any suspicions!

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