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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

UPDATE on Client who KO'd Lawyer in Court (MORE, CLICK HERE)

Client Who KO'd His Lawyer in Court Goes Down for Six Months
New York Lawyer - March 4, 2008

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (AP) — A man who punched his lawyer in a Kentucky courtroom last month has been sentenced to six months in jail. Peter Hafer also has a new lawyer. Mark Bubenzer said his client is sorry and didn't mean to disrespect the court.

But Scott County Circuit Judge Rob Johnson reprimanded Hafer as he sentenced him for contempt of court Monday. The judge said courts would be in chaos if every defendant behaved that way. Attorney Doug Crickmer got two black eyes when Hafer hit him Feb. 4. Crickmer said he thought his client was just frustrated about being in jail.

The 30-year-old Hafer was initially in court for a burglary charge. That case is still pending.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! this should happen to more lawyers, then they wouldn't screw people!

Anonymous said...

Now THIS would be good TV !!!!

Anonymous said...

they all need a beat down

Anonymous said...

KO'd him, the lawless lawyer is lucky he is not involved in the Iviewit affairs. In those matters I have promised my former lawyers something more cannabalistic in nature awaits them in a metaphorical sense perhaps when this is over, for them and their children and their children's children's children. Too bad more disgruntled people don't hatchet or shoot (like Cheney) their lawyers for these crimes since the disciplinary system is useless and the bar is for drinking.
In the good ole days, these assholes would have been ripped from the courthouse and flogged, then trampled, then hung, then fed to coyotes.
As these dirty lawyers and judges try to hide in their dirty robes of injustice, it will be the citizens job to instill justice again. Hang them high!
Bat Out of Hell
Eliot Bernstein

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