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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Federal Judge Thumps NY Thugs’ Attempt to Trash U.S. Constitution (MORE, CLICK HERE)

Federal Judge Brieant Thumps Thugs’ Attempt to Trash First Amendment

The hijacking of law and order in New York just may have bottomed out last week. One of Public Corruption’s favorite tricks has been controlling the flow of information, mostly through manipulating the press. But certain public officials, intent on covering their misdeeds, went too far for one U.S. Federal District Court Judge, the Hon. Charles L. Brieant. 

Trouncing upon First Amendment rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution by the usual schemes was apparently not enough for certain officials in Yonkers, New York. City “leaders” decided to use Yonkers police officers to confiscate newspapers, threaten arrest, promise physical harm and to issue illegal summons. And when that abuse of power by Yonkers’ officials didn’t work, they directed City of Yonkers employees to simply remove newspaper racks from public areas. Federal Judge Brieant was not happy.

The Federal Court Decision will be posted soon; here’s the Press Release:


A Judgement for Legal fees and expenses was granted and signed by U.S District Court Judge Charles L. Brieant on March 20th, awarding the Law office of Lovett and Gould nearly fifty thousand dollars. A permanent Injunction was also signed and made final.

Sam Zherka, the publisher of the Westchester Guardian says that, “finally the First Amendment is alive and well in Yonkers. We now intend to increase our presence in Yonkers. We currently have 100 News racks and that number will go to 125. We also intend to place wired news racks inside Yonkers City Hall as early as next week.”

“We will now start working on the 10 remaining lawsuits against Yonkers for punitive and compensatory damages. We also intend to challenge the Constitutionality of laws and ordinances in over 100 other municipalities.”

The Judgement also dismisses all summonses issued to Sam Zherka and Westchester Guardian employees for handing out Newspapers in alleged violation of Section 100.35.

“This is a complete victory!” said Zherka.


Anonymous said...

One would think that a story like this would be on the front page of the Journal News and the New York Times. Is it not 'news' when a federal judge slams public officials for violating constitutional rights?

Anonymous said...

Yonkers is known by Federal organized crime officials as the "little Cicero of the east" for good reason.....the Yonkers mimions are just continuing a long tradition...
Chalk one up for the good guys on this one.....Oh and by the way most of the thugs in Yonkers that perpatrated this move have reading issues......Keep punching Sammy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Yes, this should be in all the papers, but don't count on it yet. Folks in Westchester and the Metro area are clueless about how hoodwinked they are about all the crap that's been going on for years, as they don't realize how filtered their news is, not to mention how corrupt their system is. The fact that Yonkers even considered removing the WG boxes attests to their supreme arrogance. Go Guardian!

Anonymous said...

If the feds moved into mount vernon and yonkers they would surely have their hands full- full of piles of the corrupt crap that's been going on for years.

Anonymous said...

I write for the WG, and the Journal News has blocked me from posting comments on their articles since I have been highly critical of their cherry-picking, and writing of, the 'news'. What the hell is going in in this fading republic?

Anonymous said...

God Bless The Westchester Guardian! That paper has given the elected dictators and their helpers all diarrhea, they are scared, keep hitting them bums!

Anonymous said...

I think is time to expose the criminal activities taking placed in the Orange County Court in Goshen NY. Hey Hon. Judge Francis A. Nicolai how much are custody cases going from there. I heard Judge Andrew Bivona is been moved to another Court. I guess after approximately 86 appeal from his inept decisions it was kind of obvious. Tell me how many appeals are been killed in the Second Department after the cases were rigged in the lower Court. I hope your dirty soul fry in hell for eternity together with the soul of the dirty attorneys, law guardians, forensic experts and Judges selling themselves as whores to destroy children and families.

Anonymous said...

The Journal News is under the oversight of the Westchester Administrative Judge Nicolai. He and his band of theives run the show-- and the Journal News.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this becomes reflected in all of NY STATE'S COURTS and communities. Free Speech RIGHTS have been severely hindered within many courts throughout this STATE! How it ever got his bad...i will never know. I realized it mainly with the BUSH administration, but i can't be sure if that is when it took off!Pass this story to upstate ny..please!

Anonymous said...

watch the rats run, run, run.... rats don't like a bright light shinning on them. this federal court decision is shinning one very bright light on these rat bastards who have corrupted the public's faith in their government.

Anonymous said...

if this case had been heard in State Supreme Court (WP) things would have gone differently - the boys from Yonkers would have had the fix in with Cici Nicolia

Anonymous said...

Officials in Yonkers have no need for the U.S. Constitution. Their tainted dollars (read: kickback and payoffs) come from sneaky deal making, not some 200+ year old piece of paper.

Anonymous said...

I've read the Westchester Guardian a few times. It's a great paper. But they should have a Bronx Guardian, a Manhattan Guardian, a Brooklyn Guardian, a Queens Guardian, and a Staten Island Guardian.

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