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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Attorney Disbarred for Using Dead Parents' Credit Cards

Attorney Disbarred for Using Dead Parents' Credit Cards
New York Lawyer - May 20, 2008

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A Greeneville attorney has been barred from practicing law after complaints were filed against him claiming he misused his parents' credit cards, among other misconduct. According to a news release from the state Board of Professional Responsibility, one complaint charged that Lawrence A. Welch Jr. with using his mother's and deceased father's credit cards for his personal benefit. He also is accused of recording a warranty deed that falsely showed him as co-owner of his mother's condominium, for which his mother sued him. Other claims include that Welch encouraged plaintiff's to file sexual harassment lawsuits based on fabricated charges and that he pretended to file lawsuits for clients when he hadn't. Welch cannot request to have his license reinstated for at least five years.


Anonymous said...

AH...TOOO BAD..This lawyer wasn't practicing in NYC... if all of his complaints were filed at the First Departmental Disciplinary Committee, they would have been lost, squashed, or puff disapeared into thin air.. TOO BAD..THIS JERK, LOSER, should be DISBARRED FOREVER..and EVER, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Our son, a liar for hire pulled the same thing on us. I am sorry that I gave life to that MAMZR! We don't know what we did wrong? Such a thing, to his own parents! We sued and took his/our money and he went to jail. We have no son now! We wondered, maybe he learned these things in his fancy law school.

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