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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lawyers who Steal from the Dead

Ex-NY Attorney Charged With Stealing From the Dead
The New York Law Journal by Mark Fass - May 29, 2008

A former Queens attorney has been charged with taking more than $400,000 from the estate of a deceased man for whom he served as a trustee. Stephen E. Pearlman of Dix Hills, Long Island, maintained a Northern Boulevard practice until 2006, when he resigned from the bar while facing allegations in a separate matter involving misuse of his attorney trust account. According to the Queens District Attorney's Office, Mr. Pearlman, while still a member of the bar, was named the trustee of the estate of James Graham and charged with dispersing his assets. Instead, Mr. Pearlman allegedly transferred more than $400,000 to his own account or the escrow accounts of other clients, leaving the trust with $73.93. At an arraignment Tuesday night before Queens Criminal Court Judge Joseph Zayas, Mr. Pearlman was charged with second-degree grand larceny, a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Mr. Pearlman's attorney, Oona O'Flaherty of Legal Aid, did not return a call seeking comment.


Anonymous said...

well by golly, they finally got one of the rats, it's about time!!!!!! I was screwed by one his brother rats and could never get justice. There are thousands more out there doing the same thing, go get them too!!!!!! The jails would be filled with rat lawyers that steal (pick the bones) of the dead!!!!!! That would be fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like how some of these dishonest lawyers keep giving honest attorneys (and rats) a bad name.

Anonymous said...

the same thing goes on up here in the Westchester County Surrogate's Court. The lawyers are having a party and everyone covers up for everyone else, it's a big club. Went to the Feds and understood they were looking into various estates/trusts but never heard anything. One of the Feds said they were very interested in the personnel up here in White Plains.
From what happened to our family; first there was the estate tax and then the court kept finding ways to have us spent more estate money. The lawyers were always thinking up new things. No one would believe it, but we had to live through it. I once asked for a copy of the docket sheet and was told that they didn't have things like that anymore - years ago I worked in the courts?

Anonymous said...

at least they don't complain, because they are dead, that's why it's done

Anonymous said...

the lawyer told us that our father wanted him to handle everything. I asked where that was in writing? He told us that we could trust him. He ripped us off and played one family member against the other and the Judge and the Court employee's all assisted. We feel as if we have been raped! We filed complaints with everyone and nothing happens, no one cares. So where do we go to get justice?

Anonymous said...

to the "court worker"...
"at least they don't complain"?...that is a most revealing statement to your obvious lack of compassion and should not be a "worker in the court"

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