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Friday, May 16, 2008

Judge Packing Gun Scared of Bailiff

Judge Packing Gun at Work Says He's Scared of Bailiff
New York Lawyer - May 15, 2008
TROY, Ohio (AP) _ A judge has begun carrying a gun at work after ordering a court employee to stay away from him. Miami County Municipal Court Judge Mel Kemmer filed an order last month banning bailiff Scott Niesley from his courtroom and chambers, his assistant's office or anywhere else the judge is in the courthouse. The county sheriff's records show that Niesley made a verbal threat against the judge and four other court employees to another bailiff in January. No criminal charges were filed. But Kemmer says he fears Niesley and thinks he should have been fired instead of getting a two-week suspension and counseling. Several messages for Niesley seeking comment were left at the court Thursday.


Anonymous said...

in New York most Judges have carry permits, they just don't want anyone to know it. Some of them have obvious physicological insignificancies and the weapon is a crutch. Can you imagine these sick bastards are making life and death decision over peoples lives every day. Some of the others are afraid someone they screwed will run into them and kick their sorry asses. With a little luck they will shoot themselves in the foot. Maybe the public will get lucky and it will be in both feet. Who is running the asylum?

Anonymous said...

In upstate ny, there was a supreme court judge in the 1980's, whose family still has a heavy hand in judicial politics and seats,that owned a gun, that he often flaunted. He was a very short man and had those insecurities.
One day, at a political function, he was in the mensroom and a loud noise went off and this angry and crazy judge pulled out his gun and shot out the lights in the bathroom...thinking he was being shot at. Of course he and the rest of the family still carry guns, because ..they can as members of the judiciary, who OCA believes the public wants to shoot! Maybe they do, but it rarely ever happens, so far!

Anonymous said...

a complete list of all members of the Judiciary (including but not limited to Judges) that are licensed to carry weapons should be made public and published in newspapers and on the internet. Let's see who these privileged people are who deny other peoples rights!

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