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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Administrative Judge Going to Blank Rome

NY Justice to Step Down, Join BigLaw
The New York Law Journal by Daniel WIse - October 15, 2008

Justice Jacqueline W. Silbermann, the deputy chief administrative judge for matrimonial matters, will leave the bench at the end of the year to become of counsel at the New York office of Philadelphia-based Blank Rome. Justice Silbermann is also the administrative judge in charge of civil cases in Manhattan Supreme Court. At age 71, Justice Silbermann is one of the few administrative judges to have served beyond 70. She has overseen the handling of matrimonial cases throughout the state since 1997 and has been in charge of the Civil Term in Manhattan since 2001.

Justice Silbermann said Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye had asked her to stay on an additional year to provide continuity in the chief judge's administrative team. Chief Judge Kaye is set to leave the bench on Dec. 31 after turning 70, the mandatory retirement age, earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

I do not know her personally but anyone that I know of in the last few years that brought Blatant stories of Judicial and Courthouse corruption to her office found that her office did absolutely nothing and was a complete waste of time. One of the matrimonial corruption stories is so horrendous the average person and lawyer should not even be proud to be considered from New York or the USA for that matter and Silberman was on the Matrimonial Commission to reform but still did absolutely nothing. Time for her to go and leave NY anyway!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Both hags were very aware of the corruption under them and did nothing. This wasn't the case of evil existing because good people do nothing; this was evil flourishing because these hags were evil.

Anonymous said...

she is not a good judge. she is a politicaly conected judge.
A few years ago she was bragging about how many cases she got out of the court system. How she did it was by throwing them out, it did not matter if they had merit or not she just threw them out.
Some cases points had been argued and need to be argued. It did not matter she threw them out.
When you file a case the court takes in money when you keep comming back it looses money
It is like if you hire a guy that says he will charge you 1,000 to paint your house. A small house is okay. If your house large and it takes him weeks to paint your house he looses.
She is a corrupt as they come.
Her numbers looked good so then it looks like she is doing her job.
She was not

Anonymous said...

Anything associated with Kaye needs to go to jail together with Kaye. Kaye not only knows about the fraud and but she covers up the criminals activities suc as child porn.

Anonymous said...

when Silberman and Kaye leave the Judicial system at the end of the year will they then enter the penal system with adjoining cells? If some people did the job that they are being well paid for these two bums would be in the slammer. One can still hope.

Anonymous said...

All of these criminal black robes deserve the death penalty as a punishment for their criminal activities. Hey Kaye as a result of one of your judges my children are been held hostage after they were kidnapped, one of my children was raped, turned in to a porn star, involved in drugs, alcohol and what appears to be prostitution. In the mean time the more I report the sexual exploitation of my children and the criminal activities the more the judge retaliates and attempt now to extort money as a form of punishment while not allowing me any contact with my children for exposing misconduct and criminal activities. At least tell me how much money do your judges want to free my children from a life of child pornography, prostitution, drugs and alcohol.

Anonymous said...

J.S. belongs in jail for what she has done during her time as a socalled Judge.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is this the case in front of Judge Debra Kiediasch in the Orange County Family Court or the case in front of Judge John K. McGuirk in the Orange County Supreme Court in Goshen? Either way both judges continue to retaliated in an attempt to cover up the crimes against children.

Anonymous said...

Please do not forget Andrew Bivona from the Orange County Family Court also in Goshen. The fact that he has a whole bunch of appeals should have been enough cause to get him off the bench, but that is not the case he is actually up for re election and nobody running against him. Orange County is a rat hole and the authorities are looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

An upstate paper printed an article, written from NYC about Kaye's retirement. This article portrayed her as the most ethical, long serving and reform oriented judge in NY STATE'S existence!

Not one word was mentioned about all of what has been stated on this worldwide blog about her corruption issues, her discrimination policies rampant in her courthouses, against women and minority employees...THAT ARE NOT POLITICAL..her coverups of illegal behavior by her judicial and non-judicial employees, esp the Hacks, MASSIVE COURT NEPOTISM, her promotion of perjury to enhance the cover-ups, her continued sabotage of cases pending in FEDERAL COURT....all of which can be proven, but the print media chhoses to ignore it all....and report and extol this troll, as the judicial wonder of NY STATE!

Why does the print media feel they have to deceive the public about these serious issues, when they know full well, most people have the internet and read these sites to get the real scoops of the inside of OCA?

Doesn't the print media get it, why there readership is way is called REJECTION OF lies and cover-ups of the actual truth in AMERICA. We are sick of your BS articles portraying life like we wanted to hear it in the 50's! Get the real stories investigated or keep your rags from print..we are not your ignorant patsies anymore!

Anonymous said...

My biggest fear is that Judge Jeffrey Sunshine, "genius boy" and darling of Judge Silberman will get his
foot in the door of the Supreme Court, not just Acting Supreme, he is on the ballot in Brooklyn this November and then get hoisted to Silberman's spot.

He is major league corrupt and would step over his
mother and grandmother to advance in the so called profession.

Don't vote for him. Even though he is a shoe in.

Please make a symbolic effort to show you know he is a dog who destroys families and covers up for other judges and lawyers' wrongdoing.

Anonymous said...

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