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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Law and Man-Hating County Attorney's Office Sued

(March 9, 2009, 11:25am: CORRECTION: the Westchester County District Attorney's Office is NOT a party to the action)


The New York Post by KATHIANNE BONIELLO - March 8, 2009

He could handle the Marines, but the women of the Westchester County Attorney's Office were apparently too much for this lawyer, claims a federal lawsuit. Public ridicule, demeaning assignments and being denied raises were all part of life for Westchester County's male lawyers, claims Marine veteran Michael A. Deem in a lawsuit filed Feb. 27 in Manhattan federal court. County Attorney Charlene Indelicato was so anti-male that she allegedly barred her male lawyers from even speaking to her, and her female subordinates followed her lead, making life so miserable that three male lawyers left, Deem alleges in court papers. A 20-year veteran of the Marines, Deem also accuses Indelicato of being critical of his choice to serve in the military and of trying to deny or reduce his pay and benefits during his military leaves. Along with Indelicato, Deem is suing three of his coworkers - including one who changed clothes in her office while the door was open, according to court papers. He is seeking unspecified damages.


**************Here's the Case Docket Sheet (as of March 6, 2009) ****************

U.S. District Court 
United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (White Plains)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 7:09-cv-01842-SCR

Deem v. Idelicato et al
Assigned to: Judge Stephen C. Robinson  -  Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Date Filed: 02/27/2009  -  Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 440 Civil Rights: Other  -  Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Plaintiff  -  Michael A Deem
represented by Jonathan Lovett, Esq.
222 Bloomingdale Road - Suite 305
White Plains , NY 10605
(914) 428-8401
Fax: (914) 428-8916


Defendant - Charlene Idelicato, individually,
Defendant - Lori Alesio, individually
Defendant - Hillary Raimondi, individually
Defendant - County of Westchester, New York

02/27/2009 1 COMPLAINT against Charlene Idelicato, Lori Alesio, Hillary Raimondi, County of Westchester, New York. (Filing Fee $ 350.00, Receipt Number 677757)Document filed by Michael A Deem.(ll) (Entered: 02/27/2009)

02/27/2009 SUMMONS ISSUED as to Charlene Idelicato, Lori Alesio, Hillary Raimondi, County of Westchester, New York. (ll) (Entered: 02/27/2009)

02/27/2009 Case Designated ECF. (ll) (Entered: 02/27/2009)

02/27/2009 Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith is so designated. (ll) (Entered:       02/27/2009)

03/06/2009 2 NOTICE of Requirement to Submit a Scheduling Order: Case Management Conference set for 7/8/2009 at 10:00 AM before Judge Stephen C. Robinson. (Melendez, Melissa) (Entered: 03/06/2009)

(March 9, 2009 11:25am: CORRECTION: the Westchester County District Attorney's Office is NOT a party to the action)



Anonymous said...

To be fair, the Westchester District Attorney's office does NOT hate the "Law" -- They just selectively administer their version of the law. Friend's of the DA get away with everything, and others get screwed. It's a tradition, one in deep, and grateful ($), regard by unlawful hoodlums. While everyone agrees that it's high time for a new District Attorney in Westchester, perhaps one less prone to nasty, discriminatory cat fights would be better still.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Deem sue Janet D?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above. I think Deem only wanted to sue real women.

Anonymous said...

If anything bad happened- which I think it did- you have to mention the lovely queen bee, Ms. J. Pirro. Hell, sue her flabby ass, too!

Anonymous said...

Just to give credence to this reported Federal Complaint by an alleged manly man...OCA females have been replaced for the names mentioned above...including the ethnicity of same...and you are reading another case of HELL on earth..filed in Federal Court!
For some reason...women in law forget that they are a form of a minority that have suffered discrimination for years. Instead..these violent and vicious women decide to participate in this illegal show the power they have gained by passing the bar in a man's profession or sitting next to a powerful judge or becoming a powerful judge.... all usually attributed to men for years.
Really with these actions..these women have assuredly tossed it all away ... and possibly their employment, if the complt. prevails.
Many women judges, lawyers and court employees are very terrorizing to mostly other women, and this is not the only Federal Complaint about legal employees retaliating against a particular sex for a number of discriminatory reasons, in a hostile or violent manner... where men are sometimes... but rarely targeted.
You would think that this being the legal/judicial system being sued....there would be someplace other than Federal Court, that could address these hostile and "illegal" women, so this profession could maintain some public confidence and integrity.
This is why this blog should continue to report these background festering stories...because they are the ones that eventually lead to the explosion of the "financial" judicial corruption.
These types of cases are where the legal/judicial power threats begin, take hold and proliferate.

Anonymous said...

I believe it all without hesitation.In Rockland County I have witnessed the anti male behavior from the likes of Judge Linda Christopher and many female attorneys who are vicious and malicious in all that they do.

Court Employee

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are both men and women who believe women can do no wrong.These people are devastating the children of this country by their blind and often cruel treatment of Fathers in the court system.

Anonymous said...

Charlene is not into men so this is no surprise.

Anonymous said...

This conduct is devastating the children by a total a complete disregard of the best interest of the child and cruel and inhuman treatment of not only good fathers but also good mothers in particurlar those with documented police records of Domestic violence and sexual assault. The courts are operating for the best interest of the party with connections and money. Plenty of cases been documented not only in the 9th Judicial District but the entire big rotten apple of the State of New Yuck.....

dg said...

Can't you guys get anything right. The County Attorney is DIFFERENT from the District Attorney. It is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT OFFICE. This lawsuit has NOTHING to do with the Westchester District Attorney's Office. Everyone who posts here is always so self righteous yet you don't have the decency to check your facts before you drag someone through the mud.

Anonymous said...

The County Attorney..The District Attorney...they are still all officers of the court and female hostility, esp in the legal field, towards people who either work in or use their a serious control issue that is getting worse and making lives miserable and creating job losses of very competent people.

The stories that are related here about any of the people who are guilty in any of these agencies... are reported and I believe are being reported responsibly, with information the informers have experienced.

Forget the apples and oranges and work towards revealing this disturbing problem... esp.within a potent government agency that American's use to seek relief for the damage this behavior creates...from thousands of people outside the system.

The system is supposed to prosecute, remedy and sentence these crimes..not participate in them at a rate equal to... or greater than the average ( non-legal) working environment.

Just an FYI..Judy Kaye was made aware that this behavior existed to a great extent in an upstate courthouse, by an employee who OCA had already settled a Title vii discrimination Federal Court case in the late 90's, and where some fellow female employees (including some female judges) were becoming progessively angry over the years...about the entire harassment,(why her and not me) settlement situation and publicity this person received. This person was forced to endure this brutal behavior by these outraged females...every minute of the workday.

The Chief Judge..the notorious Judy Kaye.... was informed by a 3 page letter around 2004,sent to her office.. of the increased and serious hostility and violence by these women towards this person and that there was an immediate need for relief. Kaye arrogantly.... tossed and ignored the 3 page letter outlining the problems, the need for immediate action with no lawsuits, and the names of the people to be addressed.

Insead Kaye, the present presiding female administrative judge of the 8th dist., the female/minority chief clerk, female deputy chief clerk and women the deputy chief clerk could conger up who felt hate..just to feel hate... and various females from NYC's legal operations, Ratner, Chapman, DeSole, Condreva... created a story that is outrageous and unbelievable and then lied under oath to it's authenticity and tampered with the transcript, proof is on record in federal Court, to have it meet the needs of OCA ... and thus fired the woman who wrote the letter..seeking the in house relief, without taxpayer intervention from a lawsuit.

Kaye is now part of a Federal Lawsuit....that puts her in the middle of some very serious allegations...including criminal charges.

So if The Chief Judge of The NY State Court System condones this behavior...what choice does anyone in this state have...but to sue and put OCA'S and the legal experts/employees acceptance of this repulsive behavior in the public eye!

What a taxpayer nightmare Kaye's single move has created!

Anonymous said...

and Kaye did nothing... when she was made aware of the prejudice towards women the Suffolk County Court system has..

Suffice it to say... on either extreme.... SHE DID NOTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad the correction was made. The Westchester DA's office is still corrupt, but they aren't a party to this lawsuit. The COUNTY Attorney's office is also corrupt, in addition to furthering sexual discrimination.

Anonymous said...

When they finally shut down the corrupt westchester county offices, this sort of thing won't happen-- with county funds anyway.



Anonymous said...

The job losses in the upstate case due to female hostility and criminal harassment...are now at 4 excellent workers.

The removed clerk was given 30 yrs of excellent evaluations by the very HAND of OCA, documented in their writings and forms..... and the unique privilege of training new judges...until the very day they removed Plumadore says..unfit and incompetent??!

The second loss was one of the country's best interpreters and a witness for the removed....fired 3 months after her.

The third was a court clerk who testified for the removed and was severly harassed for 3 yrs, to the point she resigned her high paying job with amazing benefits...last Sept. 2008.

The fourth was a court clerk also...who testified for the removed...and was harassed, as she has testified for 3 yrs... for acting as a witness in the removed's case. She is now on a one year sick leave , from Sept 2008-09, for the conduct angrily waged against her by the women of that court...including all the supervisors and judges mentioned.

Taxpayers are now left to fend among the brutal, nasty and hardly ever working female employees...that find time most of the workday, to terrorize anyone who is still attached to the removed employee. What a waste and a sorry state for the mostly "female" operated courthouses in the 8th judicial dist...where no one has questioned ,chastised or abolished this behavior, while the cost to the taxpayer is being extended everyday...even today!

FramedFather said...

Let the women of today drive the garbage trucks and pick up garbage, clean toilets and be janitors, work in steel factories and up 60 stories assembling skyscrapers, drive tractors and till the feilds, mow grass and do landscaping, build homes and business and pave highways, and let them handle the front lines in every future war while us men sit in the background and cook and tend to the wounded.

As far as I am concerned the women of today can have it all without a fight from me and us men will stay at home and take care of the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a deal to me!

Anonymous said...

American Women are the worst women in the world.

Totally brainwashed to hate men from the day they're born.

Anonymous said...

Judge Chrisptopher hurts children and families. First, let me say I am guilty of single act of domestic violence- the SPECIFIC act was a shoove/push. I was WRONG. Let me also say that I have had NO prior history of abuse, NO criminal history, and pay support each month.

When I went to court for the matter my son's well-being was completely ignored. His mother was awarded permanent sole custody. I was awarded visitation one week out of the year, and weekend visits at her discretion.

The impact on my son is saddening. He is depressed, is expressing behavioral problems in school, and frequently complains that he can't see me his father. To be clear, I went from seeing him everyday to having one week a year. From his eyes,
he will never know the extent of my love for him beyond the dates and times specified in court. This is not love in abundance, this is love in compliance.

These kinds of outcomes are unfair, particularly when they appear to be the consequence of ones personal ambition and/or ideological agenda (i.e. Judge Christopher in this instance). Look, research indicates children need their fathers in their lives. In fact, POSITIVE parental involvement on part of men has been linked to many important societal outcomes, such as learning/education, well-being/esteem, and positive social functioning. The absence of male parental involvement has been repeatedly linked to crime, behavioral problems, and underachievement.

Laws should never completely substitute for the moral responsibility one has for a child, and one's sexist ideology should never interfere with the lives of those who do not yet possess one- children.

Please leave your sexist ideology out of the courts Judge Christopher.

A Doc 2 Be said...

Wow, I knew Michael a bazillion years ago when he was a 3L at Hofstra. I'm saddened to see that he had to go through this. All he had ever wanted to be was a prosecutor despite me asking about other aspects.

He was a very bright man, caring for others, and absolutely a Marine at heart.

I hope this turned out well for him.

Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

Charlene Indelicato is a disgusting piece of fecal matter that should never be allowed to work in the public sector. She is an arrogant man hating person that flagrantly breaks the laws.

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