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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rate Your Judge on "Robe Probe"

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Rate your judge on “Robe Probe”
March 25, 2009

There’s a website called, and if enough attorneys and their clients in the Lower Hudson Valley find out about this, things could get very interesting.  Basically, it’s a rating system for judges at all levels, from U.S. Supreme down to municipal judges. Even judges from other countries are listed. Billing itself as “the world’s most trusted judge rating site” (like there are so many others), the site’s search engine asks you to choose the jurisdiction (state, county, municipal, appellate, etc.) then type in the name of the judge and give them one to 5 stars. If your judge isn’t listed, you can add him/her to the list. I typed in a few names of judges from Westchester County. The only ones who were listed were State Supreme Court Justices Lester Adler and Richard Molea, and county Judge Barbara Zambelli. Judge Francis Nicolai, the court administrator for the 9th Judicial District, was listed, as was Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman – the top judge in New York state. No one has rated them yet, so if you’re so inclined, you know where to find them. 


Anonymous said...

I'll check this out but I'd rather let a criminal jury rate my judge thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

All the victims of these jerks should rate them hard and fast! When do they go to jail!

Anonymous said...

A criminal jury is made up of the public...and these internet sites hit more public, that a jury pool might ignore or never use it and maybe the juror that gets your judge's case may be prejudiced by what you write, and what they have read.
Never negate anything that rates a professional or government employee. It might be subjective or reveal facts that can be ascertained...but if you are can tell where the truth is expressed.
All judges should be listed and I think this could be a start to judicial accountability. Great idea and first step.

Anonymous said...

thier is also a web site called
Ripp off report
they claim to protect the people who post identity
I was told to talk to the FBI
even ask them to hold the complaint in order to show a pattern

Anonymous said...

what about dutchess, ulster, columbia, greene and more? will have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Question... I was just told that politicians in New York State can keep their War Chest (campaign funds) when they retire... First.. is this true..? Second... if it is.. can Judges do the same???

If they can... would that change the case before the Supreme Court if only a bit??

Anonymous said...

And another can of nasty worms opens up exposing the bad bunch on the bench. Honest judges want reform too!!

Anonymous said...

Alleged Judge Nicolai in a real hump! Burn him, he's a phony bastard!

Anonymous said...

To the judge's wife..if the honest judges want reform too...then have them gather in force and bring it about.
Lippman would surely be afraid if more then one member of the judiciary confronted him and demanded that their reputations and careers be sanitized by ousting the criminal robes.
I think that that action will go along way to correcting the sad state of events that has your husband and many other good jurists hostage in the hell of corruption!

Anonymous said...

The Comments Come Flying in the Capital Distric area of New York after Bush Appointed Federal Judge Gary Sharpe lets a Politician Convicted of Stealing or Misappropriating more than $100,000of State money Walk with No Jail Time, Just Probation.

The Politician, Felix Strevell, had close connections to Gov. Pataki, indicted former Senator Bruno, former GOP State Chair William Powers and more.

One Comment even suggested that Bernard Madoff may want to get his case transferred up to Fed Judge Gary Sharpe.

The obvious theme from the comments is how there are two standards, one, for the Wealthy entitled politically connected, and another for average folks where someone recently was sentenced to 6 Months in Jail after stealing $600 from a Humane Society.

US Sen. Schumer and former US Senator Clinton who approved the Bush Nomination of Judge Sharpe are questioned by the comments too.

Do the Elected Politicians get it yet?

Anonymous said...

The corruption is at the heart of the Surrogate's Court. The predator Judges and attorneys gravitate to where the most money is and that is the Surrogate Court. It's not just Westchester.

Anonymous said...

The FBI has had my well documented, proof loaded, with names in abundance...for 5 yrs!

If it takes the FBI that long to hold information and wait to investigste and charge...I'll do it myself.

The FBI is either unconerned or afraid of judges and lawyers..which many are, sound advice tells you to forget they exist...they are not INTERESTED in judicial reform!

jhlstyle said...

I just found out that Judge Lester B. Adler is the judge who gave my ex abuser, a diagnosed psychopath with a history of orders of protection and domestic violence, arrest, etc. ... A WESTCHESTER COUNTY GUN PERMIT! Danger in Westchester and the damn judge should be accountable!

Anonymous said...


Judge Cortese has consistently shown a pattern of ruling in a manner preventing one from receiving full, fair, or impartial treatment. I have witnessed evidence that would lead a reasonable person to believe they are prevented from receiving all of the above. How he handles the poor and unrepresented is deplorable. Mr. Cortese faihfully does not adhere to the oath he took for office nor does he pursue justice. The problem here is nobody will stand up to him publicly or they are put at great risk if they ever have to appear in front of him again. Bad judges exist and this guy is astoundingly untouched. This judges ability is seriously impaired. Cortese denies basic procedural rights guaranteed by the US Constitution which I have seen. Do Montgomery County, Fonda Ny a favor and go into full retirement. If a judges criminal negligence causes someone permanent damage I feel they should be disbarred at the very least. If someone opened up Mr. Cortese's family to the danger he allows, this would not be tolerated.Wanton negligence and just a dirty dirty judge. One of the most corrupt judges I have ever seen. With the tactics this judge employs you would think he has local connections to the mafia. Big ***s are being paid in this small town boy town. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke

Anonymous said...

Please expose corrupt courts! Vote Philip V. Cortese a corrupt judge in Montgomery County, NY off the bench!

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