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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morganthau Reportedly Taking Second Look at 'bad' Cases

The New York Post by KIERAN CROWLEY - November 27, 2006

Attorney Taped 'Demanding Sex'

'Devil' Advocate: Allen Isaac was fired form his law firm after Luisa Espostio sued him, alleging he wanted sex for taking her case.

November 27, 2006 -- A woman claims in a $70 million lawsuit that her former lawyer demanded oral sex in his Wall Street office - and authorities failed to prosecute, although she recorded him admitting it. "The Manhattan District Attorney's Office and the Police Department have absolute, unquestionable proof of a sexual assault, but because that predator is a well-known lawyer, nothing has been done," said alleged victim Luisa Esposito, 48. "There was a cover-up. I told the DA's office I'd take a lie-detector test, but they never gave me one - because they know I was telling the truth." She said she had approached the lawyer, Allen Isaac, 72, a married father of three from North Woodmere, L.I., about a case involving a traffic accident.

In addition to asking for sex, he asked her to send "sexy pictures of myself to his home" - along with a list of sex acts she could no longer perform because of her accident, she said. On a subsequent visit, on Oct. 7, 2005, she wore a recording device, attached by a friend. She played the recording for The Post as well as the DA. Isaac is heard saying he took her case because "you had a charming thing for me. I don't know, maybe you got big t-ts." He admitted on the tape that he'd asked for sex and that she'd said no. "Like it's a big deal for 30 seconds," he said. Isaac said the sex demand "was a test, and you flunked and I flunked." Isaac then demanded sex again: "What did I ask for in return? What did I ask for? B- - - job. Am I going to get it?" "You still want it?" Esposito asked. "Yeah," Isaac said.

Esposito tried to delay by saying she would "take care of you when the case is over" - a phrase she said meant she would report him to authorities. But Isaac demanded an answer. "No," Esposito responded, breaking down in tears. Her civil lawyer, Jeff Lisabeth, said the suit names Isaac and his law firm, which dumped him after the suit was filed. He believes the firm knew what Isaac was up to, and "not to do anything about it . . . is almost as heinous" as the alleged acts. The firm did not return calls for comment.

Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau also refused comment, and the detective assigned to the case did not return calls. Esposito also notified the Appellate Division's Departmental Disciplinary Committee, which investigates lawyer misconduct. In a written reply to the agency, viewed by The Post, a lawyer for Isaac admitted, "The discussion, on at least one occasion, shifted to sex and Mr. Isaac asked Ms. Esposito for oral sex and this time she said no. "Though it was wrong to suggest any sexual contact between them, Mr. Isaac foolishly and wrongly believed in his own mind that it was permissible because he and Ms. Esposito had a relationship apart from the attorney-client one," said the lawyer, Michael Ross.


Anonymous said...

It's the center piece case.

Anonymous said...

Allen H. Isaac thought he got away with it all..Take GOD Morgenthau is finally going to see what really happened to this case...Who was really behind the squashing of this case?

Anonymous said...

Will a GRAND JURY finally get to hear this criminal case?

Anonymous said...

Will this criminal case against Allen H. Isaac finally be heard in front of a GRAND JURY? Will I finally have a VOICE.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Scott Weinberger report on this case. Wow, I didn't know Monganthau's office would cover up such a horrible crime.

Anonymous said...

Luisa is a friend of mine and all this inaction by the local, state and federal justice systems is causing her stress and ALL those involved should be brought to justice. Justice is supposed to be for all and not just the rich and connected. I hope everyone who turned their backs on Luisa when she needed your help and assistance in bringing this lawyer to justice does jail time.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Morgy didn't know what some of his underlings were doing. It would be nice to see some justice is this and other cases.

Anonymous said...

Here is the kind of response she may have received if she complained to the 9th Judicial Grievance committee:

"Although we found no wrong doing on part of the attorney in question, we reminded him that it was improper to solicit oral sex from a client unless he has given the this committee the first opportunity"

Hooray for Westchester County!
(the armpit of the judicial system)

Anonymous said...

You mean Bob Morgenthau was awake for a few minutes? Come-on, everyone knows that other people have been running the Manhattan DA's Office for years. This rat lawyer Isaac belongs in JAIL! Who is protecting him? Isaac is a flight risk, time for an ankle braclet, NOW!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bob Morgenthau. Do the right thing and arrest Alan Isaac for sexually assaulting this woman client. Don't you know any females, Bob? Would you accept a DA looking the other way if your grand daughter was treated like this? Come on, Bob. Wake up and smell the Metameucil.

Anonymous said...

Allen Isaac belongs in jail! So why isn't he? Has Isaac posted a bond? How many other women has he hit on in this manner? If he tried one he did a hundred! Stand up ladies and nail this sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

that DA has intentionally messed with other sexual assault cases via Proskauer Rose. I have proof. Men are also falsely accused and set up to fire them and Proskauer interferes to keep the charges I got dismissed on the merits restored. A disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Persistence pays off and hopefully Isaac's will get what he deserves for sexual assault, GO LUISA!!!

eye doc said...

Morgenthau needed to have his eyes examined many years ago. The way he ran the DA's office he was blind in one eye and could'nt or wouldn't see anything with the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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