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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Courthouse Goes to the Dogs

Judge in the Doghouse for Bringing Her Pups to Courthouse
The Associated Press - November 10, 2009

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A South Carolina courthouse has gone to the dogs — the judge's dogs to be exact. The Post and Courier of Charleston reported Tuesday that some members of Dorchester County Council want Circuit Judge Diane Goodstein (to stop bringing her two spaniels and Airedale to work. The council has asked the county attorney to write a letter asking that only service animals be allowed in the building. Goodstein says her dogs are housebroken, trained and haven't soiled the courthouse. She thinks rumors about the dogs' accidents started after she got down on her hands and knees one day to clean mud tracks left by a construction worker.


Anonymous said...

Goes to show you what this judge thinks of our courthouses. Does anyone have a picture of this judge and her friends?

Anonymous said...

This is a non story. It is meaningless. Judges are people. People get obsessive about their pets. Especially, WOMEN.
As long as women Judges pick up the POOP of the objects of their obsession, its no reflection on the Rule of Law. Its more a question of WHO we elect to public office in the first plce.

Anonymous said...

stop already with this crap - this designed to make people relate to Judges - more crap from the bench

Anonymous said...

you mean the courthouse has gone to the dogs!
we knew that!

Anonymous said...

Judges are getting obsessed with helping in the sexual exploitation of children. I guess child porn and the rape of a child is big bussiness in New York..

Anonymous said...

One rule for judges; another for you lessors.

Anonymous said...

This may explain the stench from what our system of law has become.

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