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Thursday, November 19, 2009

OCA Goes Innovative While Ignoring Widespread Court Corruption

Communications Office:
David Bookstaver, Director
Kali Holloway, Deputy Director
(212) 428-2500

Date: November 13, 2009

Hon. Ann Pfau
Chief Administrative Judge

Courts and CUNY Law School Partner on Innovative New Pilot Program

NEW YORK – The Unified Court System today announced the launch of an historic collaborative effort between the courts and CUNY Law School to provide much needed legal representation to low-income New Yorkers. LaunchPad for Justice is an innovative new pilot that will train recent CUNY Law School graduates to provide free legal services to civil litigants who cannot afford an attorney. This groundbreaking partnership – the first of its kind in the country – will give graduates the opportunity to sharpen their skills professionally and gain critical courtroom experience, while also increasing access to justice for all New Yorkers. The six-month pilot project will focus on housing law, an area where thousands of underserved New Yorkers are in need of legal assistance. Participants will be trained and supervised by court-employed attorneys, practicing CUNY Law School alumni and lawyers enrolled in the CUNY Law School Community Legal Resource Network initiative, which trains attorneys to practice in under-represented communities. New York State Chief Judge Lippman said, “I am pleased to announce this important partnership, the benefits of which will be numerous and far reaching. LaunchPad for Justice will provide CUNY Law School graduates the chance to build their resumes with real-world experience; the courts additional aid in dealing with heavy caseloads; and low-income New Yorkers engaged with the court system the legal counsel they desperately need.”

Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for the Courts in New York City and Director of the New York State Access to Justice Program Fern Fisher added, “CUNY Law School’s intensive clinic program has primed its graduates to work with litigants and to quickly grasp the skills they need to be effective in court. The LaunchPad for Justice program will further hone their legal and litigation expertise and go a long way toward addressing the unmet legal needs of indigent New Yorkers.” “Providing legal representation to underserved communities is central to our mission. This unique collaboration with the courts is an amazing opportunity to increase access to civil justice and help graduates earn more experience in a tough job market. The LaunchPad for Justice program will allow us to play an expansive role through education and practice in making a difference in the courts and in New York City,” said CUNY Law School Dean Michelle Anderson. CUNY Law School CLRN Director Fred Rooney said, “LaunchPad for Justice will ensure that recent graduates entering their law careers truly understand the legal issues that affect New York’s most vulnerable communities, as well as the professional obligation of all attorneys to work toward the goal of equal justice for every citizen.” Legislative funds for LaunchPad for Justice were obtained through the efforts of New York State Assemblymen Adriano Espaillat and Hakeem Jeffries of the 72nd and 57th Districts, respectively. The pilot program will cover legal services for their constituent areas of Washington Heights, Inwood, Fort Green and Bedford Stuyvesant. The LaunchPad for Justice program will be based at 80 Centre Street in Manhattan. Participating graduates will work in Manhattan and Brooklyn Housing Courts. For more information on the pilot program, contact CUNY Law School CLRN at 718/340-4451.


Anonymous said...

OCA is very good at keeping their heads in the sand, or up some other dark internal place....

Anonymous said...

I believe that OCA continues with corruption...because they can, as Federal Court is concealing and protecting their misdeeds, which can be realized by their blockade of true evidence against OCA produced in documentation.

Federal Court must be careful to protect themselves and their positions, because in today's world the thousands of messages and documentations, can fly around the world like the proverbial tie of the shoe!

This year of 2009 is not what the Federal or State Courts are used to.... as the computer word and world will and can circumvent anything these courts are use to... in covering up for the past 100 years. Many of those sitting in these courts were not raised or versed in the computer world, to be 'immediately' cognizant of its detrimental flow of information.

So just a suggestion to the top black out for the backlash from your clandestine exparte operations!

If exposing judicial corruption takes time, than so be it...we will all be prepared as we gather more and more followers and attention. This operation is statewide and eventually your employees will defy your threats...can't fire everyone without an alert to all citizens and news outlets.

YOU OCA will weaken as we will strenghten!

Anonymous said...

OCA you are killing innocent people by allowing the cover up by our own Attorney Grievance Committee, Our Attorney General, Our Commission on Judicial Conduct............

OCA should stop this abuse where it starts, our lawyers, our Attorney Grievance, then they will not have to cover it up and alter records & court records to deny the target rights.........

OCA you have participated in the suicides of innocent people!

Anonymous said...

4+ separate cases of altering/falsifying information, OCA & Thugs, you can not deny that one!

Anonymous said...

Is OCA really trying to help this discrimination or are they training a whole new screw crew,
paid for by the taxpayer of course!

Anonymous said...

So just a suggestion to the top black robes........
get them cleaned I hear there are bugs!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is another way to keep lawyers from leaving N.Y during the recesion. It is a way to get lawyers thier foot in the door.
Some othr states do not have such a glut on lawyers. Lippman wants all the political influence he can get. he more lawyers the more money the barr collects. The more influence it can buy.
Did`nt some of the lawyers involved with one of the 9/11 fund
steal the money.
This will train lawyers to steal, give them the inside track because they can not get a job.
Thier are already programs out thier for the poor. They have all failed thier comunity. This is another Lippman joke.

Anonymous said...

We gave proven our courts are corrupt, when a police department is shown to be corrupt and then take retailitory actions against the innocent, the government sends the Inspector General into those towns.........
why doesn't our Gov't send in the troops,

this had gotten to out of hand, the low lifes are all telling each other how to do this and it is across our state...........
the cover up's are known

Why do they not send in the troops!

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, Lippman and Pfau find new ways to spend taxpayers money for their croonies..........

Anonymous said...

hello gov't guys, people are commmitting suicide because their rights are being violated in every way possible in New York State,
the cases are documented.........

Anonymous said...

they are telling innocents, I will give you a job paid by the taxpayer, as long as you go along with the criminal activities, you will even get a pension
I tell you what illegal acts I want you to do, if you don't we will retailiate and chase you out of your job........

using the taxpayers money to do it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea.

Get them right out of law school and train them in all their dirty tricks.

Obviously these people will be beholden to these corrupt individuals.

I seriously think there is no hope for this state.

(Anyone see the article about the testimony in the Bruno trial about the payoffs he got as a "consultant" who did no work? The testimony was that he got this idea from Shelly. Way to go NY.)

Anonymous said...

This is smoke and a feel good con job! Are these people nuts? Fire them ALL NOW!

Anonymous said...

the claim to Bruno is 3 million over 13 years, so, it has been going on for decades, his friends could have told him spread the wealth you are going to get caught,instead, he was set up why?
Is that 200,000 a year?
Our local politicians launder, take the same bribes.
Are they after Sheldon, would that stop all this court corruption or does someone want his power?
stop the campaign/lobbying money why isn't that the issue?

Anonymous said...

Bruno turns in
Sheldon and Sheldon turns in Lippman...this is great
plus all the other judges get turned in and the ones that have been admoninished speak
Go Bruno, turn them in, save your butt, turn them in!

Anonymous said...

Bruno set up shell companies and listed them as "consulting fees"
they are so dumb, so my local politician & friends, not to mention names, Maziarz, have done the same things.......
that is where their payoffs are to violate whomever they want rights!
this is how our politicians influence our courts, our judges, our lawyers................
hey dumb judges and lawyers tell these politicians to get lost and turn them in!
wars will start or retailitory actions, which one do you prefer
we want wars!

Anonymous said...

they also set up gangs,fake organizations, claiming they are groups opposing something,
so they can not be personally sued,
personally tied back to them,
nothing but a gang bang!
Go Bruno turn them in!

Anonymous said...

we want wars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

doesn't anyone get it......
if we can stop the campaign/lobbying money then these politicians will not have the money to influence others, including our courts
it is lawyers who give many of these campaign contributions for favors in our courts!
why don't lawyers send their clients a 1099?
hey Bruno, turn them all in!

Anonymous said...

so the more lawyers who win cases by certain firms (less by others) gets to contribute the most to campaign contributions for favors!

stop the campaign/lobbying money!

Anonymous said...

by the way, Maziarz & Golisano.
"consult this....."
disgusting thugs!

Anonymous said...

we should allow 50,000 total contributions
-so we know who their friends are
- so they have the money to place those lawn trash signs all over
-print an educated Election Edition

stop campaign/lobbying money!

Anonymous said...

Where is the "Onslaught of Federal Corruption Indictments"?

Are we going to head in to the Holidays without these "turkeys" being stuffed?

Anonymous said...

they are busy with the Bruno trial,
Maziarz is stating he was never at any meeting with Bruno, Quarancin, Zito as Congi has testified........
I wasn't on that helicopter ride!
but there is a 20,000 payment to Zito in 4/ fee!

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