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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 New York Lawyers Busted in $10 Million Mortgage Scam

Lawyers, real estate brokers busted in $10M mortgage scam
The New York Post by Janon Fisher - April 6, 2010

Three lawyers and two real estate brokers were busted today in a $10 million mortgage fraud scheme in Brooklyn and Queens that allegedly duped a former Lehman Brothers subsidiary and other property lenders. In the two-step scam between 2005 and 2007, lawyers Akin Ayorinde, Anthony Onua and Umana Oton are accused of using straw buyers to purchase properties in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and Elmont, Queens. Then they would then turnaround and sell the properties to dummy buyers at inflated prices, according to the feds. The mortgage lenders would wire the funds directly into the lawyers' accounts, according to the feds, where they would distribute it among there accomplices. Their alleged co-conspirators, Jose Vasquez and Moises Vazquez, inflated the qualifications of the mortgage applicants -- doctoring lease agreements and employment information. Another co-defendant, Hervin Henry, allegedly tricked the lenders by confirming income and employment of phantom employees who applied for the mortgages. To hide the fact that the property had flipped owners in a couple of days -- sometimes in less than 24 hours -- Marisol Vasquez and Anthony Suazo would alter dates on the titles, according to court papers. Vasquez also allegedly used her title company, Silverline Abstract, to show home improvements that had never occurred. BNC Mortgage, a subsidiary of the failed money lender, Lehman Brothers, would grant loans less than the amount of the properties after real estate agent Max Shimba and the lawyers allegedly falsely verified that a down payment had been made.


Anonymous said...

great work by the FEDS but this so prevalent, I am sure the honest people tried to turn them in a long time ago........

We the citizens of New York State ask for our useless agencies to be investigated and shut down for their uselessness and cover up scheme to defraud the citizens of New York State & the New York State Court System.
We also ask for a "Federal Monitor and hotline where the citizens may contact a federal entity to present evidence and allegations of violations of federal laws within and about the New York State Police and Court System."

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with us as a nation,
does anyone wonder where this money is going, not only to the terrorists in our nation is it going overseas to help terrorize our nation from every perspective?

Anonymous said...

Have sympathy for these lawyers, Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges, implores. So many other attorneys are running their own schemes and, luckily, they didn't involve a major financial firm going bankrupt. Remember: 1. Except for luck, there go you, and 2. contribute to my treasury and forestall your indictment.

Anonymous said...

What's happening here? Couldn't anyone cover this UP??? Are things are out of control??? Or are these rats a few crumbs that the system puts out to make it look good???

Anonymous said...

you know what I think is happening, GREED
It is a conspiracy theory but our corporations leaders wanted more pay so they inflated numbers to make the stock go up, to make people believe that and buy stock while the CEO raped the companies, so they did it everywhere they could deregulated everything/wrote tax laws to hide it....
they use to under report earnings
where does that get you when the next guy is falsifying everything up and taking a ton of money to influence everyone and everything.....GREED!

little rats get big rats!

Anonymous said...

These lawyers are protected b y their BROTHERS. They are ALL SCUM BAGS. They ALL belong in JAIL. The people that they stole from should come and throw rock at them as long as they want. How are those people made WHOLE? How does the courts provide for that? The bottom line is they DON'T! Hang ALl the SOB 's!

Anonymous said...

How long were these bums protected and who protected them?

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