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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More on New York's Culture of Corruption

Cuomo Accuses Espada of Diverting Millions From Clinics
The New York Times by NICHOLAS CONFESSORE - April 21, 2010

ALBANY, NY — Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo filed a civil lawsuit against the Senate majority leader, Pedro Espada Jr., on Tuesday, accusing Mr. Espada, his family and his political aides of siphoning more than $14 million from a network of nonprofit health care clinics he founded — money used for meals, vacations and campaign expenses. Mr. Espada used the network as a “personal piggy bank,” the suit said, to pay for expenses over the last five years like $20,000 worth of takeout sushi and $50,000 to maintain a Bronx apartment where opponents have asserted that he does not live. He was also given a severance package now worth $9 million that would leave the clinics bankrupt if paid out, the suit said. Mr. Espada, a Bronx Democrat, was able to drain money from the organization, the Comprehensive Community Development Corporation, by stacking its board with relatives and Senate employees, the suit said. “I have not seen anything on this scale,” Mr. Cuomo told reporters in a conference call on Tuesday. He said that the civil suit was probably only his first move against Mr. Espada, who was elevated to majority leader by Senate Democrats last summer after agreeing to end a monthlong coup that had paralyzed state government. “I think criminal charges are a very real possibility,” Mr. Cuomo said. “Stay tuned.” The suit, part of a continuing investigation by Mr. Cuomo into Mr. Espada’s political and business activities, seeks to remove Mr. Espada as president of the nonprofit corporation, which runs four health clinics in the Bronx that receive most of their financing from the federal and state governments. The lawsuit, which names 19 current and former directors of the corporation in addition to Mr. Espada, also seeks to remove its entire board. Mr. Cuomo said it had rubber-stamped millions of dollars’ worth of inappropriate contracts and expenditures. Those expenditures, the suit said, also included the use of a Mercedes-Benz by Mr. Espada; vacations for the senator and his family to Las Vegas, Miami and Puerto Rico; and at least $100,000 worth of campaign literature paid for with money funneled through the clinics, known as the Soundview HealthCare Network. The board also appears to have approved for Mr. Espada a $9 million severance package, which far exceeds Soundview’s net assets, leaving the network technically insolvent.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Mr. Espada repeatedly refused to address the charges, saying he would do so in court. But he described the investigation as “simple political payback for what the establishment likes to call the Senate coup.” Mr. Espada, whose long-running battles with prosecutors and election officials are the stuff of political legend, also faces criminal investigations by federal prosecutors into possible money laundering and by the Bronx district attorney, who is looking into whether Mr. Espada actually lives in his Bronx Senate district, as required by law. But the lawsuit filed by Mr. Cuomo may be the greatest threat to Mr. Espada’s political career. In seeking to remove Mr. Espada and his associates from Soundview, Mr. Cuomo is moving to dismantle the political machine that has made the senator a force. Soundview’s bank accounts, the suit said, provided money to Mr. Espada for his political campaigns, and the organization’s employees served as campaign volunteers. The nonprofit also provided patronage jobs for Mr. Espada’s allies, the suit said. The clinics, Mr. Cuomo alleged, also helped pay Mr. Espada’s legal fees — and even covered the $2,500-a-month cost of the Bronx co-op Mr. Espada claimed as his legal residence when he embarked on his 2008 Senate campaign. “This perversion of Soundview improperly enriched Mr. Espada and corruptly enhanced his political status,” the complaint charged. The expenses were all approved by Soundview’s board, which Mr. Cuomo said has included at least five past or current members of Mr. Espada’s Senate staff and at least six people with family ties to the senator, including two uncles, his sister’s boyfriend and the mothers of two of his grandchildren. “I find it disingenuous to demonize my family simply for working for a business that I founded,” Mr. Espada said, taking a swipe at Mr. Cuomo, who is expected to run for governor this year, and his father, former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo. “It is no more inappropriate than working for your daddy as the hatchet man and then aspiring to step on his shoulders to be governor.”

The Soundview network brings in millions of dollars a year in federal and state aid to deliver health care to poor patients, much of it through Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. But the investigation found that what Mr. Cuomo described as Mr. Espada’s “looting” of Soundview had left the clinics in a precarious financial condition. As an outside accounting firm tried to clean up Soundview’s books in 2007, the complaint said, a Soundview official directed the accountants to ensure that Mr. Espada and his family were paid before any other financial obligations were met, including Soundview’s rent and utilities. Even as Soundview handed out millions of dollars to Mr. Espada and his associates, the suit said, the clinics failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes, an omission that led state officials to cancel a $3 million contract last year that would have allowed Soundview to build a new clinic. Soundview also continued to employ three women who were convicted in 2005 of diverting public money to Mr. Espada’s campaign. As a result, state health officials denied Soundview’s application last year to resume financing from the federal Women, Infants and Children program, which provides food and nutritional counseling to new mothers and young children. Some patients visiting Soundview’s White Plains Road clinic on Tuesday said they were outraged about the allegations. Danette Williams, 26, a home health aide who lives in the Bronx, said that the clinic had been a vital part of her life, providing prenatal care to her. “I would hate to think he’s a person who claims to be about the community,” Ms. Williams said, “but it turns out he really isn’t.” Nate Schweber contributed reporting.

Here's a New York Daily News Article:

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. and family stole $14 million from non-profit clinic: suit
The New York Daily News by Juan Gonzalez - April 21, 2010

Breakaway Democratic Senator Pedro Espada on the floor of the Senate chamber during a short Republican session, in the Capitol in Albany, NY on Monday June 29, 2009. New York's five mob families - the Luchese, Gambino, Bonanno, Genovese and Colombo clans - will have to make some room. Say hello to the Espada organization out of the Bronx. In an astonishing civil suit unveiled Tuesday, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo charged that Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. and 19 relatives or officials of his Soundview HealthCare Network have looted more than $14 million from the government-funded nonprofit since 2005. If proved, the actions of Espada and his associates would mark a new low for brazenness and greed in a city that has seen its share of notorious poverty pimp operations. No official at the White Plains Road headquarters of Soundview would talk with the press Tuesday. Espada started the center 32 years ago, turned it into this political and financial base, and is still president and CEO.

A big billboard outside shows the smiling founder surrounded by neighborhood children and is emblazoned with the slogan, "With You Every Step of the Way." Well, not every step, Cuomo says. It's not just that Espada paid himself $1.7 million in wages and an additional $900,000 in unjustified personal expenditures since 2005 on top of a $9 million deferred compensation deal. Or that Soundview paid for Espada's Mercedes-Benz and car insurance, plus $2,500 a month for a Bronx apartment for him so he could claim a local residence and run for office - even though his main home is in Westchester County. What is truly breathtaking is the sheer number of relatives Espada put on the Soundview payroll and on its rubber-stamp board of directors. Start with his three sons. The eldest, Pedro Gautier Espada, received $776,000 from Soundview since 2005, plus a $28,000 loan he never paid back, plus a corporate credit card. The son's salaries came from both Soundview and the private for-profit company he ran, Espada Management Co., which also happened to have a contract for nearly $400,000 annually to provide Soundview's janitorial services. A second son, Alejandro Espada, got $430,000 from Soundview since 2005; the third, Romero Espada, received $190,000. Then there's Jeanette Torres, the mother of Sen. Espada's grandson. She received more than $300,000 as a Soundview employee. Torres also ran another firm Sen. Espada founded, Platinum Placement Service. It got $35,000 one year to call Soundview patients and remind them of their appointments. Meanwhile, Edwin Miranda, Espada's cousin, received $145,000; Elena Espada, the senator's cousin, brought in $250,000; Lissette Espada, his daughter-in-law, got $95,000. Victor Feliciano, Espada's uncle, was employed by Soundview and also served on its board of directors. As did John Feliciano, another uncle. And the list goes on. No one will deny Pedro Espada Jr. puts family first. The problem is, Cuomo charges, he stole public money to do it. Maybe this explains how he became majority leader of the Albany rackets. Let's see how long Espada remains head of his family.


Anonymous said...

Cuomo how about your office protecting criminals like Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. from been brought to justice, for selling children to be sexually exploited in child custody cases? Is your friendship with the Lupinettis' more important than the safety and protection of an innocent child and his/her protective Mother and/or Father.

Anonymous said...

isn't this disgusting and we know they are all doing this......stealing from a "health care clinic" there were some people who could have used your help but now they are dead!

Hello Andy, why can't you tell all the Senators sign a proper ethics bill or they are next and stand next to Paterson when you do it!!!

knock them all down!

Bx Pol said...

Cuomo is knocking Sen. Espada out now so he doesn't have to deal with him when he steals the governership

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh no! Espada may have to rollover!
way to go FEDS & all!!!

and the A-1 Cigar shop is smoking!

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