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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NY Attorney Pleads Guilty to Stealing $2.2 Million, Tax Evasion

NY Attorney Pleads Guilty to Stealing $2.2 Million, Tax Evasion
The New York Law Journal by Noeleen G. Walder - April 6, 2010

A personal injury lawyer pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing more than $2.2 million in client funds and failing to file income taxes. Marc A. Bernstein, a former name partner of Bernstein & Bernstein, was accused earlier this year of failing to file tax returns from 2003 through 2007 and understating his gross income in a 2008 return. The charges of tax evasion against Mr. Bernstein, the son of former Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Aaron D. Bernstein, came just months after he was arrested for allegedly stealing more than $1.5 million from five client. One month earlier, Mr. Bernstein, 55, spent two days in jail before his father bailed him out by using his pension as collateral. Yesterday, Mr. Bernstein pleaded guilty before Acting Supreme Court Justice Richard D. Carruthers to over 20 counts, including 16 counts of second- and third-degree grand larceny. In announcing Mr. Bernstein's guilty plea, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said the case "sends a message to unscrupulous professionals who seek to prey on their clients." According to the terms of the plea, Mr. Bernstein will be sentenced to three to nine years in state prison, and will be required to pay restitution.


Anonymous said...

holy crappola - what this guy did is pretty bad but nothing compared to what else on read on this site.

T Finnan said...

Message to Manhattan DA Vance: Please don't try mollify us with sanctimonious proclamations of sending messages and ignore your lackey assistants' acts in the cases involving Will Galison and Luisa Esposito. First, end this corruption in your office, then there are are many more cases in the Southern District and 2nd Circuit Appeals Court where indictments are needed. Corruption thrives on your inaction.

Anonymous said...

Where are the FEDS you need to go in to Orange County and investigate the Greenwald Law Offices lots of crimes many will fall, do not miss this golden opportunity. Oh by the way don't forget the Bank in Middletown where Gary I. Greenwald, Esq. plays hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

holy crappola

Great Steiner is now a ghost!
great work Superman!

Anonymous said...

this goes on all the time - how did this scmuck get caught? who did he tick off? the DA's will do nothing

Anonymous said...

How long will this felon/officer of the court lose his license to practice law? Total in New York is 7 years. Why isn't it forever? We have far too many dirt bag lawyers, don't you think?

NY DA Attorney said...

To all of the victims, you have my greatest sympathy. What Marc Bernstein did was unethical, reprehensible, and predatory. It is correct that, so far, he has obstructed all possible efforts for the Court to gain access to restitution for victims. Due to recent internal changes, it is now much easier for the D.A.'s office to aggressively pursue restitution from Mr. Bernstein. As long as he is within the US we will scrutinize and penalize him for ongoing obstruction. -NYDA Attorney

Anonymous said...

I am glad victims will be receiving restitution from Attorney Marc Bernstein.

WilliamK said...

Guys, Marc Bernstein, the disgraced lawyer and thief is now out of prison. DO NOT let him steal from your family, or friends. Not enough hard time for this dude. I think Bernstein will be trying to steal again. A criminal is a criminal. Maybe he'll end up back in prison. Who knows.

WilliamK said...

I agree with anonymous. Losing license for 7 years is not long enough. It should be for life. Marc Bernstein does not need to be in a courtroom again, except to pay back his victims.... Which I hear he still has not done... Authorities should keep a watch of this guy.

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