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Monday, December 13, 2010

1,646 New York Attorneys Suspended

1,646 NY Lawyers Are Suspended
The New York Law Journal by the Staff of the New York Law Journal - December 13, 2010

The Departmental Disciplinary Committee of the Appellate Division, First Department, has suspended lawyers whose last names begin with the letter L through Z for failure to file a biennial registration statement.

Peter Tom, Justice Presiding, Richard T. Andrias David B. Saxe David Friedman, Eugene Nardelli, Justices.
In the Matter of Attorneys Who Are in Violation of Judiciary Law Section 468-a: Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Judicial Department, Petitioner, Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law Section 468-a, Respondents.

M-3067 - Disciplinary proceedings instituted by the Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Judicial Department. Alan W. Friedberg, Chief Counsel, Departmental Disciplinary Committee, New York (Mady J. Edelstein, of counsel), for petitioner.
No appearances for respondents. Motion No. 3067 - June 14, 2010


PER CURIAM Section 468-a of the Judiciary Law requires every resident
and nonresident attorney admitted to practice in the State of New York to file a biennial registration statement with the administrative office of the courts. A biennial registration fee must be paid at the time the statement is filed. This registration statement, which is mailed every two years by the Office of Court Administration to every attorney so admitted, must be timely filed and the fee paid regardless of whether the attorney is actually engaged in the practice of law in New York or elsewhere. Attorneys who certify to the Chief Administrator of the Courts that they have retired from the practice of law are exempt from paying the registration fee at the time the statement is filed. Subdivision (5) of the statute provides further that “[n]oncompliance by an attorney with the provisions of this section and the rules promulgated hereunder shall constitute conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and shall be referred to the appropriate appellate division of the supreme court for disciplinary action.” Pursuant to this provision, petitioner Departmental Disciplinary Committee seeks an order suspending from the practice of law certain attorneys (whose last name begins with the letters L through Z) who are in violation of the statute, in that they have failed to file the registration statement and pay the registration fee for one or more registration periods after due purported notification. This is another in a series of motions to suspend attorneys who have failed to file biennial registration statements with the Office of Court Administration. This Court has previously held that failure to register or re- register, and pay the biennial registration fee constitutes professional misconduct warranting discipline (see Matter of Pierini, 21 AD3d 42 [2005]). Since 1997 this Court has granted similar motions and suspended attorneys en masse for such failure to register or re-register, and pay the registration fee pursuant to Judiciary Law § 468-a (see Matter of Attorneys in Violation of Judiciary Law § 468-a, 257 AD2d 127 [1999]). The attorneys in question have been duly notified of their noncompliance and given an opportunity to cure their default. The Office of Court Administration mailed each of the defaulting attorneys a biennial registration form to their last known home address, a second notice to their last known business address, and a final notice to their home address. Attorneys who remained in default following these three notices were referred to the Disciplinary Committee. On October 31, 2008, this Court published notice in the New York Law Journal that the Disciplinary Committee would institute an omnibus disciplinary proceeding seeking immediate suspension from the practice of law against those attorneys who did not cure their default by November 24, 2008. Thereafter, a list of approximately 1700 attorneys who failed to submit satisfactory proof of registration and payment of fees was forwarded to the Committee. The Committee then filed its motion for service by publication of the notice of petition to suspend. Pursuant to the order of this Court entered May 27, 2010, which provided for service of the petition to suspend by publication in the New York Law Journal for five consecutive days, a list of the defaulting attorneys along with their last known business addresses or in the absence of a business address, the home address of the defaulting attorney, was so published commencing June 8, 2010. A notice was also posted on the Court’s website. The order further provided that attorneys on the default list may submit proof from the Office of Court Administration that they are in compliance with all the registration requirements (including payment of registration fees), and an explanation of their failure to respond to previous notifications of default, within thirty (30) days of the return date of the Notice of Petition, or they would be subject to a further order of the Court immediately suspending them from the practice of law in the State of New York. The attorneys who remain in noncompliance with Judiciary Law § 468-a despite the notification process described above are the subject of the Committee’s instant motion to suspend. No opposition has been filed. Accordingly, due to the continued failure to comply with the statute, petitioner’s motion to suspend such attorneys shall be granted to the extent of suspending those attorneys whose names are enumerated in the attached schedule from the practice of law in the State of New York, effective immediately. All concur. Orders filed.


manhattan attorney said...

A nice parting good-bye from the fool Alan Friedberg. The OCA goons only want their money.
Justice be damned, my friends, JUSTICE BE DAMNED!

nyc resident said...

I bet a majority of the ones suspended are law abiding individuals. I see many are from out of town. So the corrupt lawyers in New York are safe to go about shitting on the rule of law. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Allan Friedberg should be DISBARRED! He is corrupt and a little slimy thug!

Anonymous said...

Alan Freidberg and his DDC cohorts were paid a lot of money to do a lot of harm. How much was your share ALAN?

Anonymous said...

What was Sherry Cohen's split? How much did your former chief investigator get? MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY! That's how you played your games! GAMES OVER!!! YOU SKUMS LOSE!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the always-obeying-mindless judges at the 1st Department. They could have denied the motion but they were simply told to go along with what the spineless powers behind the scenes want.

Anonymous said...

To all those who have knowledge and evidence of criminal and unethical activity against i.e., Alan Friedberg, Sherry Cohen, etc.---DON'T HOLD BACK...RAT THEM ALL OUT! only then you will be free.

Anonymous said...

More misleading and wrong information.

If you look at the list, These attorneys are from all Departments in NY, not just the first. Also, if you check the court's website, you will also see that many of these people are registered, some for the next two years.

Why they are suspended is not clear.

The jokers who made this list don't know what they are reporting.

There is an old saying GIGO, garbage in garbage out. They are either, stupid, incompetent or corrupt. My guess, is all three.

Another waste of taxpayer's money.

Every lawyer in the state should lose their license to steal.

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect the lawyers to be ethical when the biggest crooks oversee the ethics departments?

fellow ex con said...

This is great. These lawyers don't have a law license because they didn't pay a few hundred bucks but Sol Wachler and Al Pirro, both of whom spent time in a federal prison, go about waiving their law licenses to everyone around. Only in America, Only in New York!

Anonymous said...

Hey, is Anthony Scarpino one of the lucky ones? How many attorneys that are Judges got kicked in the ass??? Was there even one???

Anonymous said...

The list appears here -

A Pox On Them All said...

Are there good cockroaches in NY?

Anonymous said...

Is Tony Scarpinos name on the list?

Anonymous said...

Add Patricia Ann Finn ESQ 450 Piermont Ave of Piermont, NY to the list. She is a predator. Here'a her scam. She charged $25K retainer. Did not request relevant into at discover...SHE WAS TRHOWING THE CASE. The case supported by video/audio evidence need not even go to trial...she was aiming for a she could charge 15K for an appeal knowing that the audio/visual WILL win the appeal.....but if the appeal didn't come through no matter she already has 25K. She was thrown off the case by the judge before adjudication .. refuses to return 25K, even thouight the retainer says that she has to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Suspend them all and no one except the people they pay off will miss them!!!

Wiederlaw legal blog for plain folks said...

I am a Florida attorney, admitted in NY in 1972. I have not practiced in NY for virtually my entire career. The OCA is essentially charging me dues to practice in Florida, where I do pay my dues.
It is an OUTRAGEOUS act to suspend me when there is no "inactive" category in NY. Florida has that for out of state members of the bar who do not practice in the state.
David Wieder

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