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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Worldwide Corruption on the Rise?

Is Worldwide Corruption on the Rise?
Time Magazine by ALEXANDRA SILVER - December 9, 2010

People seem to think so. Right on time for International Anti-Corruption Day, the 2010 Global Corruption Barometer has been released. Some 90,000 people in 86 countries were surveyed for the Transparency International (TI) report that gauges public opinion on shady dealings. And public perceptions are pretty pessimistic. According to TI, nearly six out of 10 people say corruption has increased in their country over the past three years … which the global financial crisis probably had a little something to do with. The rate is higher among Europeans (73%) and North Americans (67%)… though people there also reported paying fewer bribes than residents of other regions. Globally, one out of four people surveyed said they paid a bribe in the last year. And it seems the police were usually the ones taking them. Respondents, however, do not consider the police the most crooked institution: that dishonor belongs to political parties (which about 80% regard as corrupt). And it's religious institutions that saw the biggest jump in perceived corruption: while only 28% of people considered them corrupt in 2004, 53% do so now. The prevalence of bribery varies greatly around the world. 89% of Liberians surveyed reported paying bribes — a higher proportion than any other population. Apparently, however, there is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark. It was the only nation that did not report any bribery (meanwhile, just 1% of respondents in both Norway and the UK said they'd paid a bribe. In the U.S., it was 5%). Significantly, people with lower-incomes report paying more bribes—not just to the police, but also to providers of such basics as medical services, utilities, and education. As TI notes, “The 2010 Barometer shows again that poorer people around the globe are more frequently penalized by bribery.” When it comes to bribing the judiciary, though, a higher percentage of those with higher-incomes say they've done it. TI's report explored the motivations behind bribery by asking respondents the purpose of the latest bribe they'd paid. In sub-Saharan Africa, 67% did so to “avoid a problem with authorities.” In the Middle East and North Africa, 48% said they paid bribes to “speed things up.” And in North America and Europe, 10% and 12%, respectively, said they “don't remember." It's only slightly less disturbing than the fact that 59% of the respondents from those regions said they “don't know.”


Saddened said...

Of course, and corruption has ruined this country. All led by good ole New York corruption. Lawlessness has won. Very sad.

Justice for all said...

The problem in NY is the bribes are passed through connected attorneys. What is a high priced NY law firm selling: their supposed connections with judges. If we had a system of laws you wouldn't need a high priced law firm; you'd only need to follow laws.
NOTICE TO TIME: Stop the sanctimonious reporting and do your job. A plethora of corruption is available on this site. This corruption exists because you refuse to report it. Don't hide behind "for evil to triumph, good men need only to nothing," You're not good; you're a knowing enabler of this evil.



Justice for all said...

@Curious George, who's in charge at the Justice Department? Whose buddy is the local Federal attorney? Madoff wasn't caught by federal investigation; he was trapped by a collapsing market when he couldn't make payouts.
Would prosecutions open a can of worms that could sink a future opportunity for employment after the Justice Department? Would the media back or even report your prosecutions? Which judge or attorney is publicly calling for prosecutions and naming names? What media is exposing the rampant corruption? Did you vote for Schumer or Cuomo?

Jail4Judges said...

Off with all the corrupt Judges and attorneys heads, now that's the best way to end corruption

Anonymous said...

As reported today, NYS leads the nation in the number of people leaving the state.

No surprise. The state has been losing residents for at least the past five years.

This state is going to implode.

But, of course, all the corrupt politicians will find someone else to blame it on.

Anonymous said...

was the 7:45 AM commenter talking about "Time" Magazine? Which is also involved with Time Warner Inc et al also in the Iviewit matters?

either way, yes, if any of the major media wrote about these stories the problems would not be as prevalant. alot of other valid comments here including that about Madoff, US Attorneys looking for future jobs and bankrolling on connections and more.

hudson valley region

Anonymous said...


It is no secret that the Brooklyn Administration for Childrens Services ("ACS") and the Brooklyn Family Court Judges routinely get pressured by the Crown Heights Hassidic Jewish Community to either squash or destroy any and all Sexual Abuse allegations or investigations against Crown Heights residents/sexual abusers.

If you are a Pedophile/Child Sexual Abuser, move to Crown Heights, New York.

The FBI, NYPD, and ACS is powerless to either investigate, prosecute, or convict you there.

And Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, and Andrew Weiner will do nothing to help those sexually abused children either.

This city sucks.

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