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Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Jonathan Lippman Wants is Fair Treatment

NY Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman On "Inside City Hall"
New York 1, NY1 Online - December 3, 2010

Lippman on the NY State Judicial Salary Commission:
  • "…all we [judges] ask, is fair treatment… not asking to become rich…. we don't want that….."
  • "There's a non-system…"
  • "…we have to attract the best to the judiciary…. and that's not happening…."
  • "…the judiciary deals with the most vital issues to our society…."
  • "…think about the responsibilities that judges have…."


ny esq said...

Jonathan Lippman ignores the $10k bump he gave away this year.

bad tv said...

My favorite part is around 1:35 into the tape when Lippman whines about no salary increase for 12 years because things got bogged down with issues that have nothing to do with a judicial increase- and he includes ETHICS REFORM.


Also, love the fact that the reporter addresses what Lippman really is..... A POLITICIAN, A LOBBYIST

embarrassed said...

Lippman doesn't need "a seat at the table" because he and his cronies run by their own set of rules. Most judges are embarrassed by this spineless leader.

It's embarrassing that this man is our top state judge. G_d help us.

Anonymous said...

Any additional monies that Lippman gave to judges, whatever he alleges it is for, is considered income for tax purposes.

In NY it is up to the state to set the salaries for the judges.

It certainly seems that Lippman doesn't have much respect for the letter or the intent of the Laws of New York.

But what else is new.

p.s. I certainly hope these judges report this money as income, or that would be a violation of New York and U.S. tax laws.

Anonymous said...

I also would like fair treatment...

Does the Chief Judge care?

Anonymous said...

Meredith Whitney: State Budget Crisis Is The Next Shoe to Drop

Oca employee said...

How about fair treatment for ALL judges and litigants, Mr. Chief Judge? Stop being a phony Jonathan! You know who the corrupt judges are. How dare you want pay raises for the corrupt judges! Get rid of the bad judges now- and publicly- and I'll start believing you. Until then I'll simply view you (and the other fake Shelly Silver) as just another person who will leave a disgraceful legacy in New York politics.

DumbIneffectiveDiddlers said...

Your kids and grandkids will have nothing.. Dopes...

onAbriterNote said...

It really doesn't matter what they'll all be worth spit anyway...

Pro Se Fool said...

Okay, let's give an immediate raise to all judges who will voluntarily give up IMMUNITY !!!

Anonymous said...

Where is it the the Constitutions or laws of the US or NYS that says that judges or any judicial official is entitled to immunity?

This is just another one of the improper, unauthorized rules they create to protect themselves from actually being accountable to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Lippman wants fair treatment for the corrupt friends he and Shelly have. One might expect the top banana chief judge would want fair treatment for litigants and lawyers, but he doesn't have any time for that. Lippman had to play the game too much to get to where he is, and I don't like that.

Anonymous said...

Each and everyone who goes to court would like 'FAIR' treatment but no on gets it...everyone get screwed big time by the professionals, read lawyers including but not limited to the thugs in the dirty black bath robes generally referred to as Judges

garbageman said...

You get what you pay for.
NYS Judges are paid garbage wages.
Thus, we get garbage

Justice for all said...

We need to give Lippman and other NY Judges the fair treatment they deserve. We'll reuse the NY Indian idea of making them run a gauntlet of litigants who are armed with clubs and and spears. The good judges have nothing to fear, but Lippman and his ilk won't make it to the finish.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We the taxpayers can't afford Approximately $ 45 million more dollars in raises. 1300 Judges at $ an increase of 35,000.00 each is 45 MILLION dollars the state taxpayer will need to cover.

We can't afford more taxes! A salary of $ 130,000.00 in Buffalo and Rochester is a very, very good living.

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