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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feds Create New Oversight Unit

New Disciplinary Unit for Justice Department
UPI - U.S. News - January 19, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Attorney General Eric Holder is creating a special unit to handle disciplinary actions for career attorneys at the U.S. Justice Department, officials say. The Professional Misconduct Review Unit will be responsible for all disciplinary and state bar referral actions that arise from investigations by the Office of Professional Responsibility, the Justice Department said in a release. "The current procedures for resolving these disciplinary matters consume too much time, and risk inconsistent resolutions," Holder said. "This new unit will help change that by providing consistent, fair and timely resolution of these cases." Holder appointed his chief of staff and Counselor Kevin Ohlson to head the unit. The unit is designed to make sure federal prosecutors face swifter and more consistent punishment if investigators find they committed misconduct, USA Today reported. The change follows a USA Today investigation that identified 201 criminal cases in which federal courts found Justice Department prosecutors broke laws or violated ethics rules.


DOJ Creates Unit to Probe Intentional and Reckless Prosecutorial Screwups

The Blog of Legal Times by Mike Scarcella - January 18, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Amid the national dialogue on prosecutorial malfeasance, the U.S. Justice Department yesterday announced the creation of a team of lawyers that will review cases of intentional and reckless attorney misconduct. The Professional Misconduct Review Unit will examine misconduct findings made by the department's Office of Professional Responsibility. Kevin Ohlson, who stepped down as Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.’s chief of staff recently, will lead the unit. Ohlson will report to the office of the deputy attorney general. Holder said in a statement this afternoon that the creation of the unit flows from a review of the department’s disciplinary procedures. DOJ set up the unit to create a more “efficient and uniform” system for the fair and prompt resolution of misconduct allegations. “The current procedures for resolving these disciplinary matters consume too much time, and risk inconsistent resolutions, but this new Unit will help change that by providing consistent, fair, and timely resolution of these cases,” the attorney general said. Holder said he wants the new unit to “further the department’s mission of meeting its ethical obligations in every case.” The new unit, he said, will be responsible for all disciplinary and state bar referral actions tied to OPR findings of professional misconduct. Ohlson’s team is reviewing OPR decisions to determine whether the evidence and the law support the conclusion in any given case of intentional or reckless misconduct. The announcement comes amid personnel changes at OPR, the department unit that investigates allegations of professional misconduct involving DOJ lawyers. In December, Holder announced the appointment of career prosecutor Robin Ashton to serve as counsel for OPR, replacing Mary Patrice Brown. Brown moved to a front-office post in the Criminal Division under Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer. Ohlson served as Holder’s chief of staff and counselor since February 2009. Previously, he served as director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review.


Patient said...

It's about time!!
Great move Mr. Holder!!!

Anonymous said...

Should we start submitting names of crooked attorneys/judges?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


retired atty said...

The Foxes are still in charge of the the hen house, nothing will change this is just more eyewash

Tembeckjian Arrested? said...

Got this from the FBI this morning.
Does anyone know if Robert Tembeckjian or Allan Friedberg were arrested?

Early this morning FBI Agents along with our law enforcement partners began arresting over 100 organized crime members for various criminal charges. Additional information will be available at the U.S. Attorney's offices later today.

Diego Rodriguez
Special Agent in Charge, FBI New York
More details to be posted on

Anonymous said...

What about Gary Casella?
He's a known criminal.
Casella should have been arrested with his mob buddies.

termite inspector said...

Eric Holder concerned about honest conduct; since when? What did he do for Clinton? This is just CYC for inaction. It's not Holder's fault, the hacks on this commission are still carefully examining everything. If the House Judiciary Committee asks Holder about all the corruption in his office; Holder says it's not his fault; the commission is responsible.

Anonymous said...

Needed the pic of the fat guy so you could say you got someone big??

caughta400lbfish? said...

Where’d they get a name like that?

* John “Johnny Bandana” Brancaccio
Gambino associate
He’s a fan of wearing a bandana.

* Giovanni “LITTLE John” VELLA
Gambino family
Giovanni is short for John in English.

* Daniel “Uncle Danny” Cilenti
Genovese soldier
He’s the uncle of two other made men who were also busted.

* Michael “Jello” Kuhtenia
Gambino associate
Has a physique that looks like he’s been enjoying way too many Pudding Pops.

* Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio
Former boss of Patriarcas
Had a reputation for “shacking up” with women, and an older mobster already had the nickname “Shacks.”

* Tony “Bagels” Cavezza
No rank or affiliation
Has owned several “legitimate” businesses, including a bagel shop on Long Island.

* Frank “Meatball” Bellantoni
Gambino associate
He looks like two meatballs on top of each other.

* Vincenzo “Vinnie Carwash” Frogerio
Gambino soldier
Runs a “legitimate” carwash in Queens.

* Ilario “Fat Larry” Sessa
Colombo associate
Law enforcement says he weighs 400 pounds.

* Michael “Roc” Roccaforte
Gambino soldier
Fellow mobsters were too lazy to say his whole last name, according to a mob-world watcher.

Read more:

watt said...

Tipped the scale of Justice??

Anonymous said...


Hey Laura said...

Thanks... Now I see why you weren't so interested in my case ...

Sure splains a lot now..

Good rec Paul... good rec...

Ut oh.. the Suffolk Stench again... said...

Legislator George Guldi (D-Hampton Bays) said, "The important thing is to unravel this, to come up with a coherent and sane leasing policy, and make sure this isn't permitted to continue."

The deal involved leasing 1,700 cars for county use from a Maryland firm with ties to a political associate of Suffolk District Attorney James Catterson.

Outraged county legislators pulled the plug on the deal last year after the county had already accepted 399 cars. They also hired Brevetti, a former U.S. attorney, to investigate.

She found that the deal would have cost county taxpayers $9 million more than buying the cars outright. Her report also painted a picture of a county government hellbent on replacing its fleet with leased cars regardless of the cost.

Brevetti faulted County Executive Robert Gaffney for assigning staffers with no experience to engineer the deal, and for bypassing the County Legislature and rushing into the pact without knowing its true cost.

Boy you get around... said...

"I had heard through the grapevine that Sergio was connected to the Gambinos," Mr. Blutrich said. The restaurateur, he asserted, told him that John J. Gotti, the head of the family, was demanding payoffs from anyone opening a nightclub at the site Mr. Blutrich had picked. "Sergio said that certain accommodations would have to be made; otherwise they were ready to go with a bomb."

The accommodations, Mr. Blutrich said, included giving the Gambino family about $200,000 a year in profits from the coat check room and valet parking. Mr. Blutrich said the Gambino family also demanded $1,000 a week in cash and the right to choose the club's bouncers.

Asked why he did not abandon Scores at that point, Mr. Blutrich said: "I wanted to open and run a sophisticated, upscale club. If I did not accede to their demands, there would not have been a Scores."

Laura A. Brevetti, a lawyer for Mr. Sergio, 66, declined to comment on the allegations against him. The indictment, on charges of racketeering and extortion, lists Mr. Sergio as an associate of the Gambino family. He is being held without bail while awaiting trial.

aFixer? oh my... said...

The Village Voice published a piece about a "fixer," Marty Bergman (husband of Vince's trial lawyer, Laura Brevetti), who had attempted to taint one of the main witnesses against McMahon -- his former secretary Emily Feinberg -- by posing as a producer from A Current Affair and offering her money (Feinberg refused).

... said...

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