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Sunday, January 9, 2011

'Shredder' Lawyer Released to House Arrest

'Shredder' lawyer released to house arrest
The Salem News by Julie Manganis - January 8, 2011

SALEM, MA — A Lynn attorney arrested in November after he allegedly stole and then shredded the court file in a Lynn murder case was released from custody yesterday on condition that he remain confined to his apartment, monitored by an ankle bracelet, while he awaits trial. Ilya Ablavsky, 32, who has a history of bipolar disorder and spent five years on probation for making bomb threats while he was in college, underwent a psychological evaluation and has been found competent to stand trial but remained held in custody. On Wednesday, a Salem District Court judge agreed to release Ablavsky on strict conditions including being confined to his Lynn apartment except for medical appointments and court appearances. He was fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet yesterday afternoon and walked out of court. Prosecutors are preparing to present the case to a grand jury, Ablavsky's lawyer told a judge yesterday. Ablavsky is charged with asking a court clerk if he could look at the file of a Lynn man charged in a gang-related shooting, then absconding with the file as the clerk's back was turned. He then called the defendant's lawyer and claimed that by taking the file and destroying the papers in it, including the original indictments, the state could no longer prosecute the case. That's not true — in fact, opening statements are scheduled for Monday in the trial of Jose Cabrera, the man whose file Ablavsky allegedly stole.


What a nut job said...

Where did this idiot go to law school?

Anonymous said...

Lynn, Lynn, Lynn the city of SIN - you never go out the same way you came in!

Gov Sceptic said...

Yeah, what law school has open admission for bombers and terrorists? Normally most law schools are fine with criminals but this goes a little further...

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