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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Governor's Ex-Attorney General Staffer to Lead Ethics Commission

Gov. Cuomo selects ex-staffer Mitra Hormozi to lead state's ethics commission
The New York Daily News by Glenn Blain - January 19, 2011

ALBANY, NY - Gov. Cuomo on Tuesday tapped a key member of his former staff to lead the state's ethics commission. Mitra Hormozi, a former assistant U.S. attorney who headed the state attorney general's investigation of former state Sen. Pedro Espada, will become chairwoman of the state's Public Integrity Commission, Cuomo announced. The selection marks the third time Cuomo has filled a top watchdog post with someone from his AG staff. He also named former staffers to serve as leaders of the state police and the inspector general's office. "While this is a person who has a terrific background, it does raise questions about the independence of the agency," Susan Lerner of Common Cause NY said of Hormozi.


disappointed with andy said...

Rehashing the politically biased ways of prosecution by the NYS attorney general's office is not a good sign of what our new governor has in store. The guiding belief of "Protecting our friends who get us into office" - even if they are criminals, is no way to lead a state out of the bowels of ethics scandals. Think again, Andy. If something doesn't work, try something different. Taking people from the hack filled AG's office into your governor's leadership group is one awful idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, Andrew, say it ain't so.

Tembeckjian Arrested? said...

Got this from the FBI this morning.
Does anyone know if Robert Tembeckjian or Allan Friedberg were arrested?

Early this morning FBI Agents along with our law enforcement partners began arresting over 100 organized crime members for various criminal charges. Additional information will be available at the U.S. Attorney's offices later today.

Diego Rodriguez
Special Agent in Charge, FBI New York
More details to be posted on

Anonymous said...

What about Gary Casella?
He's a known criminal.
Casella should have been arrested with his mob buddies.

termite inspector said...

Ethics Commission, Inspector General, State Police are all filled with Cuomo hacks, who Cuomo assures us will closely monitor each other. These are the same hacks who didn't prosecute all the crime and corruption which Cuomo claimed infested the Albany Swamp for the four years Cuomo was AG. Sorry, Andy this is incest. Did they wait to arrest the mobsters till you weren't still AG? The Albany Swamp is already stinking even more.

Anonymous said...

With all the same people involved, why would anyone expect anything different?

Anonymous said...

The skel Mitra Hormozi a Cuomo lackey killed a brother Pedro Espada. Cuomo put a hit on him, he got rid of anyone that would give him any problem. Pedro will beat the bogus charges and sue all these skels. I want to see Cuomo in handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

Andy Cuomo is packing the place so that he has control. Chairwomen of the Public Integrity Commission that's a joke, right? There is no integrity with these thugs.

Anonymous said...

the fix is in and that's what Andrew Cuomo and his pals need and want

Anonymous said...

This is dirty pool Andy, shame on you

Anonymous said...

This is more of the "same old" / "same old" ways and routine that have kept the "system" in check instead of actually having Checks and Balances on the System of government. This is Standard Political Routine and Recipe orchestrating investigations and then having the power to appoint others to do so. Sounds like a Time Honored Tradition that is WAY Overdue for major tackle and shakeup.

from the hvr

Anonymous said...

It's the old hokey dokey

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