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Friday, February 4, 2011

New York Attorney Suspended After Conviction

Attorney suspended after conviction
The Albany Times Union by Carol Demare - February 4, 2011

ALBANY, NY -- A former assistant public defender who was convicted of having sex with a client was suspended Thursday from the practice of law for one year. Matthew J. Swedick, 38, was sentenced to a year in the Albany County jail by City Court Judge Thomas Keefe in December 2009, following his official misconduct conviction by a jury. Swedick remains free on $10,000 bail while appealing the misdemeanor conviction to Albany County Court. The Appellate Division of state Supreme Court, in suspending the attorney, found him guilty of professional misconduct as charged in a petition brought by the Committee on Professional Standards. Swedick "engaged in illegal conduct that adversely reflected on his honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer, was prejudicial to the administration of justice and adversely reflected on his fitness as a lawyer," in violation of the former Code of Professional Responsibility, in effect at the time, and has since been replaced by the Rules of Professional Conduct. The five-member appellate court also found that Swedick "engaged in conflicts of interest." "While serving as public defender for a client, (Swedick) engaged in sexual relations with the client, thereby violating" the code, the order stated. "Other than our disappointment, I have nothing to add," said attorney James E. Long, who represented Swedick in the disciplinary proceeding. Swedick was admitted to the practice of law in 1998 and has an office in Albany County. He was convicted of having sex in the spring of 2007 with a woman who at the time was facing drug charges following a raid on the Albany home she shared with a boyfriend. The testified Swedick told her he would work harder and prioritize her case if she engaged in sex with him. Because Swedick was an attorney on the public payroll, the allegations against him constituted criminal activity, Special Prosecutor Michael Koenig told the jury at the time.

******************************************* PRIOR STORY:

Jury: Lawyer guilty of sex with client
The Albany Times Union by CAROL DeMARE - September 23, 2009

ALBANY, NY -- A City Court jury found a former assistant public defender guilty late Tuesday of having sex with a client in return for promising to work harder on her case. The six-member panel convicted Matthew Swedick, now 39, with one misdemeanor count of official misconduct. He was acquitted on two other counts of the same charge. The case against him goes back two years when he was assigned to represent Latoya Gorton on drug charges following an April 2007 raid on the Albany home Gorton shared with a boyfriend. Gorton testified when the attorney-client relationship started Swedick essentially told her he would work harder, prioritize her case and treat her as a private-paying client if she engaged in sex with him. Those allegations constituted criminal activity because of Swedick's role as an attorney on the public payroll, Special Prosecutor Michael Koenig said.

The jury seated before Judge Thomas Keefe heard two tapes that Gorton secretly made at times when she was in Swedick's law office. Keefe allowed the tapes to be introduced as evidence at the request of Koenig. Defense attorney James Long objected to them. Gorton used a hidden recorder on the advice of an attorney in Kingston whom she consulted. Much of the tapes were inaudible. However, the one in which she performed oral sex in August 2007 supported the third misconduct charge, and that was the charge on which he was convicted. He was acquitted on the two counts involving sexual intercourse that took place in Swedick's office in May of that year to which Gorton testified. The jury deliberated six hours. Keefe did not set a sentencing date to allow Long to make post-trial motions. A Class A misdemeanor carries a maximum of one year in the county jail. Also, it is expected the disciplinary committee that oversees attorneys' conduct could look into the case, court officials said.

Swedick testified he had sex with Gorton after the two developed a relationship, and while it was a mistake in judgment it had nothing to do with his job. He said he made no promises to her, and there were no demands. Flirting and joking around went on in that office, he said. Long said if private lawyers had sex with a client it wouldn't be handled as a crime but something possibly the disciplinary committee would look into. Long said he plans an appeal to Albany County Court on several grounds, including the tapes should never have been allowed into evidence. At least 80 percent of the tape was inaudible, he said. Gorton, now 32, and a resident of Newburgh, met with Swedick at his office several times to discuss her case. It was her first arrest and she told the lawyer she didn't think she should go to prison. Police had confiscated 39 grams of crack cocaine and $10,375, in cash at the Ontario Street home. Gorton said $1,951 of that was from her job at Coldwell Banker where she worked as a real estate agent and insisted the lawyer get it back. Detective Mike Haggerty, who handles forfeiture cases for Albany police, testified the department wrote Gorton a check for that amount.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: The lawyer screwed his client. Isn't that what the legal profession is all about. Screw the body, screw them out of their money- screw, screw, screw. I don't get it.

in the toilet said...

The horror is that this idiot will be practicing law again in a few years, right next to some other jailbirds like Sol Walchker and Al Pirro. Top notch legal toilet we have here, huh?

Anonymous said...

This lawyer is sure to be a superstar in the New York Legal community. He has all the qualities one needs to be a lawyer in the empire state.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this jerk get the memo! He was suppose to payoff the powers that be, that's the way you walk away from things like this.

Anonymous said...

The one sad part of all this is that this "mistake in judgement" (let's call it) is all everyone is focusing on. Noone is taking into account what a good attorney he actually is...


I don't get it...EVERYONE gets punished for committing sexual assault crimes, (NOT... ALLEN ISAAC)..I guess GOD still walks on WATER..!!

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