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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Law Professor Named in Child Exploitation Charges

D.C. law professor named in child exploitation charges
The Washington Times/The Associated Press by Jerry Seper - March 11, 2011

An attorney and adjunct lecturer at George Washington University Law School was arrested in Washington on Thursday by agents at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) in Tampa, Fla., charged with six counts of child sexual exploitation. Richard D. Lieberman, 64, of Washington, D.C., was charged by the State Attorney's Office in Florida with two counts of receiving online statements for the purpose of sexual conduct with a child, two counts of using the computer to seduce a child, one count of transmitting harmful material to minors and one count of lewd or lascivious battery. According to the charges, between Aug. 11 and Aug. 25, 2010, Mr. Lieberman used the Internet to sexually entice those he believed were two different girls under the age of 16 years. In fact, the charges said, he was engaging in online conversations with two undercover agents in Florida posing as 10 and 13-year-old girls. Mr. Lieberman is accused of sending the "13-year-old girl" an image of a naked man, engaging in a sexually explicit conversation with the "10-year-old girl" and sending her website links to images of male and female genitalia. "All children have an absolute right to grow up free from the fear of sexual exploitation," said Special-Agent-in-Charge Susan McCormick, who heads ICE's Tampa field office. "ICE will continue to police cyber space to investigate predators and ensure that they feel the full weight of the law." Agents and officers with the Maryland State Police, Florida Office of the Attorney General, U.S. Marshal's Service and ICE's Homeland Security Investigations Division in Maryland and Virginia participated in the arrest. An undercover officer with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, Fla., participated in the investigation leading to the arrest. The investigation is part of "Operation Predator," a nationwide ICE initiative to identify, investigate and arrest those who prey on children, including human traffickers, international sex tourists, Internet pornographers, and foreign-national predators whose crimes make them deportable. This case is being prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney Victoria J. Avalon for Polk County, Fla.


disgusted said...

Please check out Judge John McGuirk. He allows and encourages the sexual exploitation of children. It's horrible when a law professor exploits, it's unspeakable when a judge does it.

Anonymous said...

Is this a surprise?

Criminals teaching lawyers, who then go on to become lawyers and judges who then go on to teach the future lawyers and judges.

Some racket.

Anonymous said...

@6:25 Please consider making a report to ICE at address below with specifics on Judge McGuirk and address it also to Tembeckjian at the CJC, demanding his office stop protecting said Judge as an accessory to sexual exploitation of children under federal law to such crimes. Also, identify for ICE specifically, who the perpetrators are.
Director John Morton
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
500 12th St., SW
Washington, D.C. 20536

Anonymous said...

To 9:15 am. ICE is fully awared of what Judge John K. McGuirk and the rest of the pimps in Orange County are doing to children. But the head of ICE in New York upon information and belief is a good old boy from Orange County. So, you see what happens in Orange County, New York stays in Orange County New York. Judge John K. McGuirk is another Garson conducting a cash for kids program in child custody cases to sexually exploite children.

Anonymous said...

does the commenter at 12:14 responding to 9:15 am relate to that comment on here a few years ago when then US Attorney for the SDNY Michael Garcia was first emerging as a do nothing hoax after leading everyone on and someone commented how in New York the "families" have even most the Feds all tied up / controlled so nothing ever changes?

how about the Village Voice "Tale of the Tapes" story about then State Senator Guy Velella who is now deceased talking to then a much younger Pedro Espada telling Pedro how if you have a problem with the US Attorney in the SDNY you get in touch with US Senator Al D'Amato?

Anonymous said...

"If the Union was formed by accession of States then
the Union may be dissolved by the secession of States."
-- Daniel Webster (1782-1852), US Senator

(Memo to the Feds: many people in many states are upset that their federal government is doing nothing about the criminal takeover of state governments and courts by the corrupted slobs of society.)

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