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Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Light on Another Lippman-Silver Sham

Tort-bar canard
The New York Post - EDITORIAL - March 9, 2010

The trial lawyers won't give it up with out a fight.

At issue is Gov. Cuomo's Medicaid Redesign Team, which has proposed a diet for New York's well-fed tort bar. The lawyers have enlisted a front, the grotesquely mislabeled Center for Justice & Democracy, to file an ethics complaint with the state Public Integrity Commission, charging members of the Medicaid team with conflicts of interest. Fronting for the CJD is agitprop filmmaker Michael Moore and lefty icon Erin Brockovich -- the latter a shill for tort-law kings Weitz & Luxenberg, which also employs Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Cuomo's team wants to cap non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases -- i.e. "pain and suffering" -- at $250,000 and set up an indemnity fund for brain-damaged babies, which could save New Yorkers $700 million. That would come right from the tort-lawyers' deep pockets. The CJD claims the Medicaid team is actually an official board whose members are covered by the state's public-officers law. Which means that the four hospital-affiliated members whose industry stands to save money under tort reform shouldn't have been allowed to serve. What nonsense. The whole point of the team was to get people from across the health-care spectrum to speak to their particular needs. Certainly, the CJD saw no ethics problem when it was part of then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer's Medical Malpractice Liability Taskforce four years ago. But real reform was never on the table back then. Now it is -- hence the blowback from the ambulance-chasers.


from one rat to another said...

These two rats, Shelly SIlver and Jonathan Lippman, don't like any bright light shining on their power and money sucking games. But keep shining the light and these two rats will do what rats do best- scatter.

BIG BEN said...

It's time to FLUSH the toilet bowl on these RATS!! Let them go back where they belong.. into the GUTTER!!!

go andrew said...

If only Cuomo could get rid of Lippman and Silver, he could then be quite successful in turning this sorry state around. GO ANDREW !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cuomo do something so my children been held hostage in your state can be rescued from the claws of child porn and pandering. After Judge John K. McGuirk sold his judicial services so my children could kidnapped to be raped, put in to child porn and child prostitution. Unless you too feel that child porn in New York it is not illegal as long as the child is a "wllful participant" according to the statements of the star ADA from the Orange County DA's Office.

Anonymous said...

It's all a big fraud, it's a cesspool that just contains too much corruption

Anonymous said...

I heard that most of these judges are pedophiles, that is why they ruled to give custody to the child molestor. Of course I wish for ICE and the FEDS to investigate these allegations before more children are sold for familial pedophilia by these pedophile judges.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We know that these agencies ain't and won't do $hit.

T Finnan said...

The whole Medicaid Redesign Team is a fraud, the budget is increased, SEIU jobs were increased, the Team was headed by a Lobbyist and you think Cuomo will sell out his brother lawyer cronies. Skip to #7 see the likely fraud where (wink) Cuomo promises to cap jury awards and it's blocked by Silver. (wink)

The facts:
1. Medicaid Redesign Team was cutting the budget, but the Medicaid budget is up 9.4%
2. A cap was to be placed on local taxes, but Medicaid which is the largest budget item for Counties is up 9.4%
3. No new taxes promised, but a surcharge on medical procedures tax will raise $100 million dollars
5. Lobbyists were to be removed, but Jeffrey Sachs, Cuomo confidant and lobbyist, leads Medicaid Redesign Team's recommendations and then is absent on the day the previously written report is presented.
7. Proposed cap on Medical malpractice is promised, but will likely be blocked by Sheldon Silver in NY Assembly. (This is the old Albany Follies sideshow, where one part proposes and other part rejects and nothing happenings.)
8. "In the past week, health-care advocates brought in to advise Mr. Cuomo on Medicaid said he blind-sided them with back-room deals with the hospital industry and union workers."
"What irked some on the 23-member panel was that while they had discussions with Cuomo's staff about the final version of the report, they only saw it minutes before it was released publicly."

Follow Cuomo's follies on

Anonymous said...

Why is Cuomo limiting ethics reform to the Legislature?

"You better pass ethics reform, Gov. Cuomo warns Legislature in wake of Kruger, Boyland arrests"

The corruption doesn't stop there.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is a joke. This quote from NY Post claims, "A Democratic political operative told The Post, Everyone knows that Carl has been using his post to take money for years, so this isn’t surprising. What’s more surprising is that it didn’t happen 10 years ago.”

Everyone knew except 'Cuomo the Magnificent,' who was AG for the past 8 years. Did Cuomo's pure heart prevent him from seeing what everyone else saw?
Cuomo is a lying jerk or worse. He wants ethics reform with slaps on the wrist, instead of criminal prosecutions. His 'pure' heart is working overtime to end criminal prosecutions.

Anonymous said...

my medical records have been altered and falsified for 18 years and my lawyers who took money tell me to prove it and HIPPA tells me to file a complaint and we all know where those complaints go......
So when are we going to have a HIPPA VIOLATOR in the Department of Jusitce, who actually responds to our complaints, for any dirtball who thinks they can alter falsify someone's medical records to deny defame discredit their rights to due process!

Anonymous said...

6-1-96 proved lawyers!

Anonymous said...

don't bother spending the money to reform anything stick to the old protocol.....make up fake paperwork and pass it around behind the targets back
this denies their right to
proper medical care
legal representation
police protection

and spew vicous digusting lies all over their town and sheriff's department this transfers over to the DA where the Judges and Lawyers and County personnel hang out and the target will never know it is all happening behind their back!

Anonymous said...

Orange County has its own Kids For Cash program been run out of the Goshen Orange County Family and Supreme Court and CPS aids with the transactions. Allegations for now but once the truth comes out the big picture will come to light. All for the benefit of those involved in child sexual exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Bravo for the NY Post! If they were to investigate the corruption in the courts they would have more stories than they could print.

Anonymous said...

why not send Silver and Lippman to GITMO on the buddy plan where they can work on their tans

Anonymous said...

I wonder when is the Tsunami going to hit the 9th Judicial District. I heard the earthquake can be as high as 19.9 in intensitive!!! I will be surfing all the way through and on top of these criminals...

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