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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lippman Has Advanced Lawless System of Crimes Against Families

Nursing home official Jennifer Robinson bilked 85-year-old dementia patient for $220K: prosecutors
The New York Daily News by Thomas Zambito - March 14, 2011

The suspect allegedly preyed on victims in the nursing home where she worked. A Queens nursing home official bilked an 85-year-old dementia payment out of $220,000 in life savings by pretending to be his niece, prosecutors say. Jennifer Robinson, 36, was charged with theft and falsifying business records for a scheme that dates back to 2009, when victim Walter Witko was admitted to the Long Island Care Center in Flushing. Prosecutors say Robinson, the center's social work director, seized the chance to steal Witko's savings when she realized he had no living relatives. Witko, a retired music teacher from Brooklyn, died in July. "The defendant is accused of stealing the life savings of a helpless individual to whom she was supposed to be administering care," said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. "Instead she allegedly treated him as a cash cow, writing checks off of his bank account and pocketing the money." Robinson was held in lieu of a $15,000 bond after an appearance in Queens Supreme Court Monday. She faces 15 years in prison. In May 2010, Witko signed a document giving Robinson power of attorney over his finances. A month later, after Witko returned from a hospital stay, Robinson arranged to have him admitted to a different nursing home, prosecutors say. On admission papers for Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential Care Facility, Robinson listed herself as Witko's niece, prosecutors say. Between March and July, they say she withdrew $220,000 from Witko's bank account. After he died, she arranged to have his body cremated.



very pissed said...

Good point. Lippman allows 'waivers' for lawyer and judge friends to steal the $40 million Weissberg monies and he looks the other way, as the top court administrator, when Judge Phillips' $10 million was being robbed from him as he was dying. Lippman has known that New York nursing homes are feeding grounds for the corrupt lawyers and judges in his corrupt club of insiders. And what has Lippman done about that. NOTHING. Our chief judge should be about JUSTICE. Lippman symbolizes GREED AND CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

Nursing Home Fraud is HUGE in New York.

Where are the feds on this?

There should be a federal law that a sign needs to be posted in EVERY nursing home with a fraud hotline to call.

Justice for all said...

There is a great defense that will cause the DA to drop the case and it is selective prosecution. From Wikipedia,"Such a claim might,for example, entail an argument that persons of different age, race, religion, or gender, were engaged in the same illegal actions for which the defendant is being tried and were not prosecuted, and that the defendant is only being prosecuted because of a bias."

The main example is Judges Lippman's and Ramos' dealings as reported here and known to DA. Then there are other cases reported here. If your attorney is chicken, place an announcement seeking attorneys to contact you.

Liberty and equal justice for all including judicial criminals.

Anonymous said...

Look how Judge John K. McGuirk from the Supreme Cout in Goshen New York County of Orange, ignored the law, engaged in hate crime,engaged in case rigging, sold his judicial authority or lack of it, to aid in the kidnapping of children.

Kidnapping to enable children to be emotional and physically abuse and to be raped, sodomized, put in child porn, prostitution, drugs and alcohol. And blocking all attempts to rescue the children, he has helped in keeping hostage in Orange County New York. Together with the help of his child trafficker friends who work in the county.

I hope you burn in hell Judge John K. McGuirk for your crime against children and families. You are child sex trafficker and I am spending the rest of your life exposing you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how long has Lippman been around?
Does anyone know his history?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan.
What made you think you were above the law?
What made you think that you were better than other people.

Justice will prevail, Mr. Lippman.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I thought you were supposed to contact the DA's Office if you suspect criminal acts upon the elderly......the DA's Office Phone Number should be posted and then the person above the DA's head phone number should also be posted if they fail to properly investigate and charge and then the FEDS then you have a trail of corruption.......

Anonymous said...

yeah, Myszka & Moxham why did you fail to report that Fraud to the Niagara County DA..........

Anonymous said...

that is a great point, the decent honest people do not know who to call, who is honest, who can make a difference and protect the innocent!
our gov't has failed us!

Anonymous said...

Don't bother calling the Westchester's DA Office, I did and they did nothing. When I pushed then I was told they would start looking at me. A friend who is a cop told me that this is standard practice, this is the way they control the situation. Someone also told me that they routinely wire tap to see if you are going to anyone else. How nice, so there is no law, order or justice.

Anonymous said...

I beleive that wiretapping stuff to cut you off from telling the truth from finding justice.......they also use your "friends", just bait them and watch, they were lying all along and never told you the truth!

Anonymous said...

that is why these cases tank, they make sure they tank and give favors to those who help make them tank!

Anonymous said...

they spew digusting vicous lies all over the police department and DA's office is also routine which transfers all over the courthouses

Anonymous said...

uh oh! you didn't cross your i's or dot your t's before you started those lies, it may catch up to you!

Anonymous said...

where is that 1-800 number the Citizens want
the Commission on Judicial Conduct said many years ago they can not handle the complaints
the Attorney Grievance can not do anything the dirt has been done long before the complaint gets to their office
The honest Citizens do not know who to call and are absolutely digusted with our lawyers and our system and sometimes this is such a mess innocents get harmed instead of the corrupt bastards!

Where is our 1-800 number?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you how true that is about that wiretapping stuff, many years ago being harassed by my Sheriff's for no apparent reason but my neighbors are disgusting liars, who should have been charged with multiple counts, I finally spoke to someone honest who told me to call the Undercover Unit but not to use my home phone....huh, I am being harassed & threatened by my own Sheriff's and I can not call using my phone!

Anonymous said...

thats how they were able to bump off carvel at the right time,
listening to him telling the neice about the missing millions,

Anonymous said...

maybe some misinformation may start them squirming!

Anonymous said...

you know what is funny, the FEDS have to ask me, did this piece of paperwork happen, yes, it did happen but it isn't true....
it just violated all my rights for the last 18+ years and how come my lawyers didn't ask me that before a the guys are a riots......I gotta make up my own fake paperwork and pass it around...oh you already did make up more fake paperwork, are you guys gonna start falsely arresting me again because I am not on my Zoloft and Riperadol..........
hello dumb people, it is fake paperwork!

Anonymous said...

so when are we going to have a HIPPA Violator in the Department of Justice so if someone mixes up peoples medical records, falsifies, alters, doctors them the people have somewhere to go or if you have a bunch of dirty lying cheating swines in your town who terrorize the residents because they do not have lives and use their local sheriff's and DA for some type of personal vendetta's that make no sense!

Anonymous said...

I double dare you bunch of swines to keep lying to Cambira, you got away with it with the FEDS keep it up......the trailer park it to good for the whole lot of you!

Anonymous said...

Hippa says to file a complaint..
hello Hippa a complaint was why are is fake paperwork still being used against me not only behind my back in a court of law and no one is arrested!

Anonymous said...

they even cut you off at the FEDS they even know you are tapped!

Anonymous said...

but they are working on a lot of Drug Busts at the moment, so our complaints about the police/ court system are trivial!

Anonymous said...

robbing from the elderly great place for seed money for the corrupt!

Anonymous said...

Here's some great news.

The FBI is conducting a very important investigation which is of the utmost importance.

The FBI is investigating the leaking of photos of young starlets.

'FBI investigating hacker ring targeting Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, others'

Read more:

What a relief to know that the FBI is investigating those despicable hackers who have stolen photos of celebrities.

So to those of you who feel that the FBI is ignoring serious crime, just trust that the FBI and the DOJ are working as hard as they can to protect us.

And I thought I had problems.

Anonymous said...

Lippman has to cut budget....start by outing all the bad judges. Lippman cant control this judicial beast, but one can influence its actions. Name ur least favorite current or former judges here.................

Guy Patrick DePhillips

Anonymous said...

Flaherty...should have called that one a mis-trial as soon as he realized Allstate falsified medical records from 15 years ago and submitted them to the judge and jury to confuse and mislead them and called in the Department of Justice for an invesitgation into possible Insurance Fraud.....


epidemic said...

Human trafficking: It ain’t just for sex anymore

“Again, once this “guardianship” has been sanctioned by the cooperating probate judge, the victim loses all rights of any kind whatsoever and is for all intents and purposes “dead in the law”. The guardian/conservator now legally owns the victim and can avail themselves of all of the victim’s assets of any kind. ”

Anonymous said...

Recruiting new children into the Global Child Sex Trafficking/Pornography Industry, worth trillions of dollars worldwide, works this way in the United States (especially in the corrupt New York City Family Courts):

A Prostitute, usually coming from this same industry, entraps and has a child with a wealthy but naive father who she then divorces and makes him pay a fortune in mandatory Child Support, about 21% of his income a year for 21 years.

All the while, she provokes and instigates him repeatedly until he reacts and she can then obtain Orders of Protection against him, so he can never even see his own kids, but still pays a fortune in support.

Usually some type of Domestic Violence Women's group will represent that con-artist woman/prostitute for free, said group routinely staffed with Pedophiles and Sexual Deviants who also support and actively partake in the Global Child Sex Trafficking Industry. Some of these "agencies" even are so bold as to have a "wing" of their organization devoted to "stopping or preventing child sex trafficking." (The Lady Doth Protest Too Much - William Shakespeare) to further obfuscate and cover their tracks and true intentions.

This is all the while the poor SOB Father has to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for lawyers who always lose, owing to the above, and the following:

The Family Court Judges in New York City and the Law Guardian chosen in these child custody cases (and the Court Appointed Forensic Psychologists) are also Perverts, Pedophiles, and they support and participate in the Global Child Sex Trafficking/Pornography Industry, and may even be willing and active participants.

The Family Court Judge and Law Guardian are literally hand picked by the "Domestic Violence Women's Lobbying Group" to ensure that those kids never ever see their Fathers (who can protect them) again, by repeatedly and consistently disallowing those Fathers to see their children, with less and less time, until finally the Father's Parental Rights are terminated for good, leaving those poor defenseless children in the sole custody of that vile, drug addicted, alcoholic, violent, deranged, descendent of the child porn industry prostitute mother, who now, free to do so without any prevention by the estranged and removed Biological Father - SURPRISE! sells those kids off to the highest bidder in the Global Child Sex Trafficking/Pornography Industry, again, worth trillions of dollars a year.

And then the cycle repeats itself a generation later with those "sold off children" doing it to their own kids, their souls having been lost forever.

Meanwhile the FBI, ICE, DHS, and other Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies do absolutely nothing (many of them may be pedophiles, partaking of this child sex industry as well).

These "law enforcement agencies" will tell you "it's not in their Mandate" or "there's nothing we can do," and will tell you to refer it to the Administration for Childrens Services ("ACS") which is equally if not more corrupt, also staffed with incompetents and corrupt caseworkers, and at the higher levels perverts and pedophiles, and also just as beholden and owned by the Global Child Sex Trafficking/Pornography Industry as the specially selected Family Court Judges and Law Guardians.

All ACS ever does is sweep legitimate allegations and complaints about the above under the rug, while attacking and vilifying the Complainant.

In other words, there is a Grand Conspiracy of Global Child Sex Trafficking, completely fool proof and airtight, and no one can (or will) do a goddamned thing about it.

If you try and complain about it, or try and launch an investigation into it, both you and your world will be crushed by the awesome money, power, political connections, lobbying groups, and "professionals" in charge of maintaining and preserving this "industry."

Count on it.

Anonymous said...

To the comment April 14 at 10:22 pm Please stop drinking your Koolaid!! The child sex trafficking is not happening to take away children from fathers is the other way around is to take away children from mothers reporting documented familial pedophilia by the father. Please if you are going to state your facts stay gender neutral, so it sounds more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Target 5: Psychologist's Victims Address Lawmakers - Commissioner Fears Lawsuit Over Testimony

Anonymous said...


The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republican Democracy. It only works when people are free to do business with one another, speak their minds freely, and when there is accountability for one's actions.

Unfortunately, America as a free constitutional republican democratic form of government has been corrupted, subverted and dragged down by special interest groups, lobbying agencies, the balkanization of its people into opposing and militant groups, and its instruments and agents of administration have been perverted by money and bureaucratic red tape.

Being honest, hardworking, and truthful no longer will guarantee you success in business or in relationships.

You must now also become a politician and professional ass-kisser to survive in the United States, by allying yourselves with, and essentially selling your soul to, the powers that be in this country, ie.whoever has the most money and influence over the Courts, the Government, and the different governmental and private agencies regulating our daily life, etc.

If you are unfortunate enough to live in any of the major cities of the United States this has now become an unfortunate but essential component of life - people in rural areas still know what freedom feels like.

The true enemies of today's society are anyone who falls into BOTH of the following categories: (1) they dominate or head a militant or balkanized "group" within the United States of America, such as feminists, racists, bigots, sexists, fundamentalists; and (2) belong to another entity, far larger and greater than the first "group," but with interests that are often at odds with the aims, goals, aspirations, and directions of the United States of America.

If you are unfortunate enough to clash with one of these "enemies," then your world is over unless you immediately bend over, suck in your pride, become a political whore, stifle your freedom of speech and own opinions, and take it up the proverbial ass.

Then you may have a chance of not losing your freedom, your business, your job, your children, your family, and your life.

I will let you all figure out who these enemies are.

The FBI, CIA, DOJ, local Police Departments, and all other law enforcement and protective agencies, which are charged with safeguarding and protecting all Americans in their Constitutional rights to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," have all been subverted and hamstrung by the enemies listed above, and although these agencies are mostly populated and staffed by well-meaning, initially idealistic, educated Americans, who took an Oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, they are also, absolutely and totally powerless to do anything about it.

For many of them, it feels like they are stuck behind a thick unbreakable pane of glass, while watching a slow gruesome violent murder that is taking place - the murder of the United States of America.

And even they know that their bosses, in order to even get that job in the first place, are all bought and paid for and owned, lock stock and barrel, by the better funded sects of these "enemies" within the United States.

God help America.

Rally For Justice said...

Corrupt Judge Richard Dollinger

One of the problems is Lippman and the other judges are next to impossible to contact. If you have a complaint, your sent to New York State Commission on Judicial conduct. Which by the way is composed of more judges. That's like sending a corrupt police officer in front of his peers to be judged. It aint' happening.

Judge Richard Dollinger, Rochester Supreme Court Family Justice, does as he pleases without any recourse from the Judicial Commission or Lippman.

Dollinger sees no problem with having one parent tormenting the other with their children. In fact he goes out of his way to support such activity when he wants. Does he believe this will contribute to a good family environment for children? It is crazy what these justices are getting away with. They need to be brought to justice themselves rather than make judgement on others. For more on Richard Dollinger and corruption visit Please feel free to leave your comment.

Anonymous said...

Judge Lippman is not honorable.
Who appointed him to the bench? Was it Gov. Cuomo? Can Andrew take him out of office? Can anybody?

Cuauhtlecorevo said...

I double dare you bunch of swines to keep lying to Cambira, you got away with it with the FEDS keep it up......the trailer park it to good for the whole lot of you!

Anonymous said...

The New York FBI is well aware that the New York Family Courts, the only court that remains anonymous and non-public, remains this way precisely because it is actively used by foreign and domestic espionage, terrorist, activist, and other criminal organized crime elements for the purpose of entrapment, extortion, blackmail, covering up child pornography/sexual abuse/exploitation, and other criminal acts directed against certain targeted people for political, ideological, financial, or other nasty reasons, and most if not all of the Family Court Judges and Personnel are either aware of this, know about it, or actually take active part in it.

Again - it is the ONLY court in the nation which does not operate publicly and operates in the shadows as a proverbial Star Chamber - much the like the Disciplinary Committees - but even the Criminal Courts are part of the public record - so why not the Family Courts?

Now you know why.

Anonymous said...

It is well documented that the New York FBI works closely with Brooklyn New York Child Protective Services ("CPS") or ("ACS") headed up by Marie Vilus to silence complaints about child abuse, child neglect, child pornography, child exploitation, and child victimization because the United Nations is in New York City, and all those foreign diplomats need Child Prostitutes when they are visiting the United States.

And where do these children victims come from?

From poor low income disadvantaged socioeconomically Brooklyn New York, where it is perceived by the NY FBI and Brooklyn NY CPS and ACS that no one will complain or miss the kids that are lost within this system when they are turned over for beatings, rapings, molestings, force drug use, murders, child pornography, child abuse, and other horrible crimes against children.

Hillary Clinton of the US State Department openly allows this because she is "doing her part" to make "foreign relations" strong and robust.

Anonymous said...

If the American people knew that the Office of Child Support Enforcement ("OSCE") receives 25% of every dollar they collect in Child Support from browbeaten impoverished and bankrupted non-custodial fathers, they would quickly disband the entire organization.

This 25% collection fee literally creates an incentive for the OSCE to violate and break the law, their Attorneys to break Ethics Rules, Criminals to steal your case files in court clerk filing rooms, sabotage, murder, theft, extortion, blackmail, unlawful and unconstitutional property seizure, illegal prohibitions on your right to travel, and much much more.

To go against them, is to go against a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise industry which uses the natural love we have for our children against us, as blood-money extortion to get more money out of us.

They are more ruthless and dangerous than the Mafia, or Cosa Nostra.

The FBI and the US District Courts need to build a federal case against OCSE and indict them under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization ("RICO") Act, but they never will, because the federal government doesn't eat its own.

They are all fucking criminals.

Anonymous said...

Name the names and connections, record and posts the threats and watch the abusers of public office bac off......I haven't seen my daughter in 13 yrs and I continue to fault the way the family court system, the mother of my daughter, the inadequacy of pro-dad movements and former judge guy Patrick dephillips practiced the degradation of fathers roles.

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