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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Town Justice Resigns After Conduct Probe

Town Justice Resigns After Conduct Probe
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko  -  May 16, 2012

A town court justice in Clinton County has resigned after the Commission on Judicial Conduct said he engaged in improper ex parte communications in at least seven cases in 2009 and 2010. The commission said that Richard Reome, a former Schulyer Falls town court justice who is not a lawyer, agreed to leave his judicial post as of the end of April. His term was to expire on Dec. 31, 2013. He has been a town court justice since 1998.  The commission determined that in the seven cases Reome misrepresented to indigent defendants the level of representation they were due and in two of the matters he reached a settlement with defendants without a district attorney representative present. Under the stipulation he reached with the conduct commission, Reome agreed never again to seek judicial office in New York.


Anonymous said...

They call this a system of ethics?!?! A long held plan to get rid of small time judges who don't bow to the OCA insiders is at work again here

Searching For Rule Of Law In America said...

he should've requested protection under the whistleblowers act and revealed what he knew of similar actions by other judges, and the rubber stamp that has been placed on such happenings by that very same commission...

lemme see if the commission will act on irrefutable evidence of extortion, coercion, violation of NY Real Property Law, violation of NY Penal Law... i'm gonna go through the motions of filing a complaint to the commission...

if they found fit to force this justice to resign for ex parte violations, they should send the subject of my complaint straight to jail...

--Michael A. Hense is Searching For Rule Of Law In America.

Anonymous said...

The NYTimes did a puff piece for Judith Kaye as part of a plan to rid 'their system' of attorney/Judges who didn't go along with their corrupt programs and Judges who were not attorneys (since these peasants are taking jobs attorneys should have), however they got involved with getting their pay raised (that was more important to the greedy rats) and it went on the back burner. Have no fear they are plying the halls in Albany with all their attorney friends ready to screw the taxpayers and feather their own nests!

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts. Laws should punish, but not lawyers,nor judges in NY State. This is official misconduct and even though it's only a misdemeanor in NYS, a little jail time would go a long way to send the message to the multitude of other corrupt justices and judges in NYS. Cuomo in car 54, where are you?

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