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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

UPDATE in Judge In Doghouse Over Sealing Attorney's Dog's Bestiality Case

Apt. super arraigned on burglary, sex charges
The Journal News by Erik Shilling  -  May 8, 2012
Man pleads not guilty in dog case
Kujtim Nicaj, 43, the superintendent of Rye Colony Cooperative Apartments, was charged with burglary and sexual misconduct, accused of breaking into a tenant’s unit and sodomizing the man’s dog

The former superintendent of a Rye apartment building was arraigned Tuesday on burglary and sexual misconduct charges after prosecutors said he illegally entered a tenant’s apartment and had sex with a 15-month-old dog.  Kujtim Nicaj, 43, of Rye pleaded not guilty to six counts of sexual misconduct and two counts of burglary, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.  Nicaj, it is alleged, was seen on “nanny cams” in the Rye Colony Cooperative Apartments engaging in sex acts Feb. 8 with a tenant’s Labrador retriever. Nicaj was later questioned and arrested by Rye police.  Steven Davidson, a lawyer for Nicaj, said that he had not yet seen the video, and nonetheless planned an aggressive defense. Nicaj, a 15-year resident of Rye, had worked at the apartment complex for six years before his Feb. 9 arrest, shortly after which he was fired.  Since then, Davidson said, the married father of two has had a hard time supporting his family. They were evicted from their apartment at the complex after Nicaj was terminated.  “He is doing surprisingly well, at least in terms of his attitude about his wife and his children,” Davidson said, adding that Nicaj has never before been arrested or charged with a crime.  “He’s getting a lot of support from his wife and his children,” Davidson said.  Nicaj continues to be free on $100,000 bail. If convicted, Nicaj faces up to 15 years in state prison, in addition to mandatory registration as a sex offender.

[Lawyer] Tenant Allegedly Tapes Super Sodomizing Dog
Rye Court Releases Limited Info on Sordid Case; Withholds Police Report
Rye Judge Redacts Specifics of Bestiality Case


Anonymous said...

How can the judge seal the case? The 'victim' is a dog. Why did the lawyer-tenant get special treatment?!?
Something smells funny here....

Anonymous said...

The lesson here is that only the lawyers are allowed to do the screwing.

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