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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Corrupt Manhattan 'Ethics' Attorney Sherry K. Cohen is Back

Corrupt Manhattan 'Ethics' Attorney Sherry K. Cohen Available for Hire
May 23, 2012

In the 'Personal Notes on Lawyers' section of The New York Law Journal, published February 24, 2012, the legal community was advised that, "Sherry K. Cohen has joined the Law Firm of Richard M. Maltz as counsel focusing on attorney disciplinary cases, ethics consultations, admission for law graduates and attorney reinstatements. She was the first deputy chief counsel to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee."

On March 5, 2012, a New York Law Journal private ad/announcement was printed, "The Law Firm of Richard M. Maltz, PLLC is very pleased to announce that SHERRY K. COHEN former first deputy chief counsel to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee has joined the firm as counsel - Ms. Cohen will focus her practice on attorney disciplinary cases, ethics consultations, admission for law graduates and attorney reinstatements. Ms. Cohen will also work with Richard M. Maltz, Esq. on partnership issues and litigation between lawyers and their former law firms; litigation between clients and lawyers; ethics opinions; sanction and disqualification motions and, law firm risk management issues. - Sherry K. Cohen, Esq. Richard M. Maltz, PLLC 488 Madison Avenue, 10th Floor New York, NY 10022 212.705.4804"

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Anonymous said...

Memo to all law-abiding attorneys: Grab your ethics and RUN !!

victim of Sherry Cohen said...

Sherry Cohen is like a bad case of herpes. It never goes away. Cohen should be in prison for her criminal acts. And now she's consulting with recent grads entering the legal community?!? God Help Us.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! This drunk shouldn't be advising anyone on anything, much less attorney ethics.

She has caused countless harm to so many people. Why does she still have a law license?

I agree, she belongs in jail.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Sherry Cohen story is that bitch having the balls to formally apply for Tom Cahill's position. The 1st Department had trouble finding someone who could stop laughing long enough so they could call Sherry and tell her she had been rejected. She didn't take the news well and drank more, if that's possible. Talk about chutzpah. This chick Sherry Cohen will rot in hell.

victim of cohen said...

Sherry Cohen: like a bad nickel, it just keeps coming back.

Anonymous said...

Has even the NY Bar revolted at your disgusting conduct, but you need to get back in the game because corruption is your nature? Do you need someone as foul as you and therefore not judgmental, who'll fight to get your law license? Sherry Cohen is your choice. Sherry's practice is in attorney disciplinary cases, ethics consultations, admission for law graduates and attorney reinstatements. Sherry has the experience to successfully whitewashing the most vile of stains. For any Black scum, Sherry has a Blackwash available to hide the most festering blights.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who was really protecting Sherry Cohen?

Anonymous said...

This guy, Maltz, obviously bought his connection into the business of attorney disciplinary hearings.

Isn't there some ethics rule about someone like Cohen taking a job in the private sector after doing the same work in the public?

Anonymous said...

Here's a hint:

Her maiden name was Kruger.

Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

At her age. I do not think she could be in at 9am
She should be living n Florida playing bingo and going to bed at 4pm
People say she drinks so she will be sobering up around 12 and leaving work at 3pm
At the trial she was named in she looked like she had no idea what was going on. She defiantly did not understand what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Will Sherry Cohen be wearing her SS Matrons uniform to work at the law firm...the buzz at the 1st dept. is that she's a nasty drunk to boot. Is Tom Cahill, Sherry's old drinking bud also at this law firm? With all the corruption that Cahill and Cohen have been a part of you can understand why they drink!

Anonymous said...

This motherfucker Attorney Richard Maltz is the biggest scumbag in New York because he used to have Sherry Cohen’s position at the DDC for purposes of extorting and blackmailing lawyers within New York City in both the big and the small law firms.

Not only is Richard Maltz completely incompetent, fraudulent, a huckster, overpriced, a sexual pervert, and an immoral deviant, he is also a truly shitty person.

The DDC used to be the site where they would blackmail lawyers into blindly supporting Israel or Jewish Supremacist ambitions in both the private and public sector in New York City, throughout the country, and around the world.

Since lawyers have all the power in New York City, this DDC under Richard Maltz, Sherry Cohen, Alan Friedberg, Hal Lieberman, and Martin Gold churned out lawyers by the thousands who out of fear supported Jewish and Israeli interests, and weeded and disbarred out those lawyers who did not.

Hopefully with the new Spanish introductions and “changing of the guard” into the leadership positions of the DDC, Luis Gonzalez, Jorge Dopico, and Ernesto Collazo, this Ziofascist DDC will cease, and instead become a bastion once again for good old fashioned Catholic/ Christian/ America-first values (unless of course they are also bought and paid for by Jewish Mafia power in New York City, like US Attorney Preet Bharara, the Jews' Indian he-bitch).

Only time will tell.

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