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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New York Law Journal on Whitewashed Ethics Complaints...(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

In a front page story, Dan Wise writes in The New York Law Journal on the call for a Federal Monitor to oversee Manhattan's Attorney Ethics Committee....MORE ....

Ethics Complaints Against Some NY Lawyers Whitewashed, Attorney Alleges

New York Lawyer
October 30, 2007

By Daniel Wise
New York Law Journal

A former staff attorney at the First Department Disciplinary Committee has filed a federal lawsuit charging she was fired in June in retaliation for complaining that her superiors had engaged in a "pattern and practice of whitewashing and routinely dismissing complaints against certain select attorneys."

Christine C. Anderson, who had worked for six years at the disciplinary committee, seeks $10 million in damages, claiming retaliation for the exercise of her First Amendment rights and discrimination because she is of Jamaican origin and black.

Ms. Anderson also asks for the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee operation of the disciplinary committee.

David Bookstaver, a spokesman for the Office of Court Administration, said it would be "inappropriate" to comment on pending litigation.

Ms. Anderson alleged two instances in which her recommendations had been overridden or changed by her superiors at the committee.

In 2005, Ms. Anderson charged in her complaint, she discovered that the chief counsel of the disciplinary committee, Thomas J. Cahill, and Sherry K. Cohen, its first deputy counsel, were "apparently engaged in a 'numbers game' and practice" of "selectively" dismissing complaints against attorneys for their "own personal and political reasons."

A possible second, or alternative reason for the dismissals, the complaint stated, was that the prosecutions of the complaints would be "burdensome or otherwise 'unworthy' of prosecution."

Ms. Anderson also charged that in one incident, in July 2006, Ms. Cohen physically blocked her from leaving her office and, in so doing, had dug her nails into the plaintiff's hand, causing scratches.

Mr. Cahill declined to comment on the allegations; Ms. Cohen did not return a call for comment.

In addition to suing Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen, Ms. Anderson named as defendants Justice John T. Buckley, who was presiding justice of the Appellate Division, First Department, until May; former Clerk of Court Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, who resigned in April to become clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; and the Office of Court Administration.

The case, Anderson v. State of New York, was filed on Friday in the Southern District, according to Ms. Anderson's attorney, Frederick K. Brewington of Hempstead.

Mr. Cahill's retirement was announced in July, though he is remaining as chief counsel until a successor is chosen.

The first instance of a "whitewash" alleged in Ms. Anderson's complaint occurred "in or about 2003" in "a highly sensitive investigation," which had uncovered "overwhelming concrete evidence of misconduct" by an attorney, Ms. Anderson alleged.

The matter was dropped despite her recommendation that a formal complaint be filed against the lawyer, Ms. Anderson alleged.

She also charged that a large file she had amassed containing "indisputable evidence of misconduct" had been "gutted."

The second instance in which Ms. Anderson's handling of a case was overridden occurred about two years later, she alleged.

In that case, she stated, Mr. Cahill had asked her to write an introductory paragraph to the policy committee, explaining her recommendation that an attorney be given a non-public admonition rather than be the subject of a formal proceeding that could lead to a public sanction.
Ms. Anderson explained in her complaint, that, although the results of a "complex investigation" of the attorney "argued strongly in favor of charges," there was "lack of actual proof of a conversion." She also stated there had been an "initial lack of cooperation" from the client complaining against the lawyer.

Ms. Anderson stated that she wrote an introductory paragraph explaining the gravity of the attorney's conduct, but that Ms. Cohen had rewritten it, "deleting facts" Ms. Anderson had uncovered during her investigation and conclusions she had reached.

Ms. Anderson quoted Ms. Cohen as saying the reason she had rewritten the paragraph was to avoid having the policy committee send the matter back to staff for the preparation of a formal complaint.

Ms. Anderson further charged that Ms. Cohen had done this because "she had a prior working relationship" with the attorney for the lawyer under investigation and sought to avoid having his client formally charged "as a favor."

The complaint did not identify the two lawyers who were the subjects of the proceedings cited by Ms. Anderson. Mr. Brewington said in an interview that he would not name them "at this time."


NYC attorney said...

It's about Time!

Anonymous said...

Let's make a copy of this complaint and file it for the ninth judical grievance committee. You would just need to change the address and a few names.

NY bar member said...

After reading the article the terms Cover-up and Obstruction come to mind. These are also the same things that took Nixon down.

Anonymous said...

a few years ago i got a copy of the Annual report.
Then I called the census And got a
breakdown of the local population
it was roughly
10% for Asian
28% for Latino/Hispanic
26% for African American

That would mean that by the number of employes that were working thier would have had to been +/-
33 Latino/Hispanic employes
and i think it was something like +/- 12 Asians
Thier was only 1 Asian, 3 maybe 4 Latinos/Hispanic
I started wondering because i went to the office. In front of me thier was 2 Asian woman. The mother did not speak english and the daughter did not speak to much english either. They had hired a lawyer for an imigration problem.
The lawyer did nothing but took thier money. the lady behing the desk handed her a lawyer complaint form written in english. She did not understand. The Asian very politly pleaded with the woman if they could speak to someone. ( i think it was time sensitive) the employee ignored her. The 2 women left in the same elavator I did.
They were crying was worst. i spoke to the woma about my complaint and got the blow off answer also. I speak english.
I went to the EEOC office in downtie I found that i did not have enough proof to file a complaint. I told a lawyer I know
he thought that the ratio were
really bad. He was shocked when i showed him the numbers.

Their are so many problems over thier that you need the Federal goverment to look into it. Maybe even local law schools and minority groups

Cahill Should not be the only one
fired they all should.

Also they get about 2,000 complaints a year. Therefore how many complaints were ignored over the years. Even if you were not friends with Cahill what about the other people that work thier burrying complaints against thier friends.

court officer said...

The Courts/Judiciary are a cesspool operated by rats...I work there, I know and I can't wait to get my pension.

court officer said...

The Courts/Judiciary are a cesspool operated by rats...I work there, I know and I can't wait to get my pension.

shocked ! said...

Am I dreaming? So, the people at the top of the group that oversees ethics are themselves crooked?!?

Immediately arrest this nitwit Cahill!

I can't believe this !!

Bring in the feds !!!!

Anonymous said...

Cahill, Cohen et al. go directly to jail and do not stop.

Anonymous said...

Ethics WHAT ETHICS? They got caught, the fix is in that's how they have controlled things for soooo looong.

the shadow said...

Please be advised that today - Wednesday, 10/31/07 was the last day of taking up space at the Un-Ethics Group for our good friend Thomas Cahill. We all know that he will be sorely missed by all of his dear friends along with all the bartenders that he knows all too well. The WAKE will be held tomorrow at Moran's (Broadway & Thomas St.), flowers requested. As part of this devastating news Tom's sidekick/drinking compatriot Sherry K. Cohen had the chutspah to formally apply for Tom Cahill's position, beleive it or not! Unfortunately, she recently received a telephone call from the First Dept. rejecting her. She is not taking it well. Too bad, you know how it is, things happen Sherry. The buzz now is, how long will Sherry K. Cohen last? However, all is not lost, reliable sources have stated that Sherry K. Cohen will grace the WAKE for Tom Cahill in her official capacity as the authorized libation sampler at the open bar. Everyone is encouraged to bring your cameras for one last photo op of Tom and Sherry together.
The question for Tom will be where in CT will he be residing, could it be Danbury?
Let's all give Tom a big sent-off and don't forget to pass the word we want a big showing.

Anonymous said...

they neeed to get rid of more people.
Rebecca Taub-Rubber stamp rejection letters without even reading the complaint.
Marci Sterling- does nothing but collect a pay check.

How about hiring people based on thier QUALIFICATIONS and not thier conections.
The Feds neeed to be brought in.
To try protect people`s Civil rights. What about ensuring N.Y
that they will get competent council.
If you are a doctor and you found incompotent or unqualified to do what you are doing. You will probably lose your license and go to jail. How about holding Cahill
liable. Cahill has been collecting pay for years. What about making him pay it back. Put it towards the clients they screewed.

nyc atty said...

This story is in the NYTimes today, maybe the Federal people will see it and do something so the honest atty's don't get tarred with what is coming.

insider said...

The PJ's phone has been ringing without stop about this. Jonathan Lippman is not a happy person. Watchout below

Anonymous said...

The fly on the wall must have been partying with Sherri Cohen when the posting was made. Moran's is located at 103 Washington St. @ Rector St., have been told that the party starts at 4 PM. See you all!

another insider said...

Forget the flowers at the party, that was someone's idea of a joke. Be advised that Sherry Cohen was going to be the one to collect all the envelopes for Tom, however, apparently due to circumstances, Sherry has thought better of that, assigning the task to a secretary. So you know who you are, all of Tom's good friends from all the big law firms be sure you are there and do the right thing. Remember we will be watching. Also, somebody might consider employing the very talented Tom Cahill, that's the least someone could do after all he's done for people. Don't forget now we want to see plenty of big fat envelopes containing the President's pictures. Let everyone know and see you all at Moran's.

federal employee said...

The NYT story is very interesting, we didn't know these things.

westchester victim said...

FBI agent O'Connor is tight with Judge Scarpino who is an ex-FBI agent

Anonymous said...

This is to all the attorneys and court personnel who post. I want to thank you all for not only reading this blog but responding with comments and information. It is the victims of the courts that complain, but get dismissed with the "disgruntled litigants" tag.
I know that there are some honest attorneys out there. Once I was in an elevator in the 111 MLK courthouse, when a group of four or five attorneys from some big firm got on and were incredulous at how the opposing counsel outright lied in court and got away with it. It was surprising and interesting to see their reaction.
Obviously the insiders are the ones who know how all the fixing is done and it is left to the victims to complain. But without more specific information on how the courts and cases are corrupted and fixed, those complaining just sound like losers.
Many of the small changes that are taking place is only the result of insiders providing information and then the litigants making a stink about it that anything has changed.
Keep leaking information and others will follow. Since this blog was first started the numbers of insiders posting keeps increasing. A very good sign.
Again, thanks for coming forward and keep posting.

media person said...

Like the blog much information - the Times called it a Cover-up! And what a Cover-up.

Anonymous said...

the times nailed it, it is a BIG COVER-UP

the insider said...

Everyone is having a good time at the party for Tom, but at the same time everyone is concerned. This is much bigger that anyone knows, Tom got out at a very good time, now everyone has to watch their back.

a judge said...

My sincere compliments to Ms. Christine C. Anderson as an attorney and former employee of Disciplinary Committee for her ethical and moral integrity in placing this critical issue in the public forum where I believe it belongs at this time. Since there has been no replacement named for Thomas Cahill's position, I would like to suggest Ms. Christine C. Anderson since she is intimately acquainted with the situation of this scandal in the Judiciary system.

Anonymous said...

Well Judge, you are right it is a SCANDAL and you probably don't know 10% of it! Obstruction of Justice is a crime, as you know!

victim of Pirro's gang said...

could someone provide the NY Times link to the story,

Anonymous said...

ny lawyer said...

Bravo to Ms. Anderson for her courage. There are lawyers that are not happy with the OCA and the disgrace that we have to bear.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sherri baby, are still screwing people? Better be careful you will wind up getting screwed yourself. You know what I mean, hon!

an insider said...

the buzz is deafining on this one, the word is that things that were deeped sixed will be - repeat - will be looked at hard again - no free pass anymore

lawyer victim said...

I filed papers with the OCA on my lawyer and just got jerked around, now I know why. Would like to sue them all but I don't trust lawyers (including Judges) after what I've been through. The whole system sinks.

Anonymous said...

As far as OCA hiring ms. Anderson for any way! OCA does not approve of employees with integrety and ethics. Their own counsel's office is loaded with mediocre, unethical, butt kissing lawyers! Especially under judy kaye, even the lowest paid employees must never address any thing biased or discriminatory, even though OCA'S handbook demands that said behavior be immediately brought to the attention of OCA and they should be given the opportunity to address SAME.....AKA.....silence you, using any means! I would love an opportunity to discuss this with any OCA superior. So as long OCA remains uncertain about their future, the same hiring and reporting methods stay in place...i know i worked for them for 30 years!

lawyer victim said...

I what to continue and say, yes I'm DISGRUNTLED and why shouldn't I be after enduring a corrupt system run by con men and fraudsters. When I went to the newspapers they didn't want to touch it. Their lawyers told them not to run it. Again, the iron grip of control, one lawyer protect another. Maybe the newpapers have change their minds now, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

The Times story headline is "Suit Accuses Court Panel of Cover-up" - this is a SCANDAL and COVER-UP so where is Judge Kaye & Lippman? What are they doing about it? Answer nothing, since they are part of it. A new broom sweeps clean. Get rid of the permanent Judiciary, NOW.

disgruntled said...

I too was called "DISGRUNTLED" by attorneys and a Judge. I told them all that I was not "DISGRUNTLED" to use their term, they were "DISGRUNTLED" that I figured out the fraud that they had pulled. They all didn't say a word after that. I am disapointed that the system has clearly failed. Still fighting....

Anonymous said...

With the cover-up in OCA of regular complaints, you can only imagine what has happen to all the compaints that were filed against Judges. That's another big cover-up.

Anonymous said...

The NEW STATE COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT has covered up stories about judges they don't want to investigate, esp. chief administrative judges and elected officials of most, but generally higher courts. I know this factually, because i know members of the commission and they covered up something i attempted to report and they know my credibility! That is all OK FOR NOW, because the story will come out and the commission will have to explain to investigators et al shortly, their reasons for not even inquiring about the facts of the new complaint, knowing they had 2 yrs of knowledge of another complaint that was heavily related and they had investigated! Anything that says STATE you must be suspect of...they ALL covering for each other!

Anonymous said...

yeah, the judges are guilty too another cover-up

attorney said...

I've had a Judge tell me that if I fought on an issue that the Judge wanted a certain way, not to ever come back to his court because I was dead meat, he would screw me. I filed a complaint, it went to the black hole and I have stayed away from that Judge. Investigate all the Judges.

Anonymous said...

The cover-up on the JUdges must be wild!

retired court officer said...

They should look at the Judges, if they really investigated them the whole thing will come apart......

a victim said...

I learned the trick the Judges do when you don't do what they want, first they rule against you. Then knowing that you are right, you want to appeal which your lawyer encourages. Meanwhile, the meters are all running and the lawyers are making big bucks. So you go through the appeal process and get beat-up and also lose, but everyone is making big bucks except you. Later you learn that at least 85% (maybe 95%) of Judge's decisions are not reversed, of course, no one ever informs you of that fact. Then much later you see a Judge (Sonda Miller who voted against you in favor of the Judge) becomes a partner in the law firm of McCarthy Fingar (Frank Streng) who have extremely close ties to Judge Anthony J. Scarpino. It comes full circle back to where it all began with Judge Scarpino, now it all makes sense. It is a game to seperate you from as much of your money as they can, it has nothing to do with JUSTICE or RIGHT. It's a big CON GAME on the public run by the lawyers and Judges in their black robes. But it is all legal because their all lawyers and Judges.

Anonymous said...

The only time the commission on judicial conduct examines a high powered judge ( someone they consider elected by the people (they are screwing)is if it makes the media! A public story is how they operate...fact! Their judicial investigating panel has many political members on it...check your city and see. These members also do their own little investigation with or without the commission's knowledge, because they can. However they are picked for this panel , i do not know, but i would love to see an ordinary citizen or two on it and then you will see the same expose/ as MS ANDERSON brought forward. The state comm. on judicial conduct should be part of the entire NY court investigation!

Anonymous said...

So all the Judge have their own protection society going for them! How nice!

Anonymous said...

After reading both articles think this story belongs on the Drudge Report

Anonymous said...

The same names of the players keep coming Frank Streng, McCarthy Fingar, also now involved in the Astor Estate with his dear friend Anthony J. Scarpino, the Surrogate, Jody Keltz etc........ where is the oversight?

Anonymous said...

the judges have far too much to say about how we live as it is, the answer to them stealing our rights is everytime we see a judge or their law secty. - spit at them, show them the same lack of respect they show everyone

voter said...

Jail4Judges that's the answer!!!!!!!!! put all the bastards in JAIL, free the people, get rid of the Judges and lawyers!!!!!!!!!!!

disgusted said...

The story (both LJ & NYTimes) about the cover-up are a scandal. How can the Judiciary be taken seriously after this? This is not going away.

Anonymous said...

So where's the Federal Monitor?

Anonymous said...

Tom Cahill is gone, Sherry Cohen is still in place, what is different? Ms. Anderson should be given a medal for her courage. Cahill and Cohen should have their persions taken away and go to jail.

Anonymous said...

A cover-up equals a crime - so how come these skells are still walking around? Who are the big lawyers and law firms pulling the strings here?

Anonymous said...

The only way to restore the public trust is to see some of these folks behind bars.

Anonymous said...

We should start naming the Judges and law firms involved in the corruption and posting every single one the rats names here.

Eliot I. Bernstein / Iviewit / Patentgate / Midwest Bat said...

An excerpt from my ongoing book, The Fight for the Grail @

"OK breaking news in November 2007 comes in the form of Krane's buddy at the First Department, Thomas Cahill, former Chief Counsel of the Supreme Court of New York First Department, DDC caught in a sex scandal that turns into a scandal of corruption in derailing attorney complaints. Cahill is busted for burying and whitewashing complaints against attorneys that he is charged with investigating. Oh, shit gets really bad as the informant is an insider, a 62 yr old black female attorney, who is victimized, physically assaulted and terminated for her bravery to stand up to wrongdoings at the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division: First Department. In a $100M Federal Lawsuit , Christine Anderson (G0d bless her soul and her balls) names Iviewit in P. 97 of the complaint, as a cause of termination. Oh shit, Cahill and Krane and their scam exposed from the inside, Holy Cow Batman, Gotham Uppy Ups are going down, The New York Law Journal writes a story exposing Cahill and others for derailing complaints against attorneys, exactly what Iviewit is claiming to the Feds. Holy Big Shit Batman, The New York Times follows with an even more devastating article and now New York is on fire, Kerik, the whole criminal political crime family composed of scumbag lawyers, judges and politicians is flaming downward, hell awaits, my smiling face to greet them. All this shit started by an investigative reporter at Expose Corrupt Courts, a one ballsy Frank Brady, in a time of journalistic lack of integrity and complacency with the corruptions read by propaganda readers like Blitzer (whose his daddy), Sanchez (where did this guy get his journalistic wings) and other script readers, Brady emerges as something of a Ben Bradlee, a Woodward, a Bernstein. My kudos also go to Dan Wise of the New York Law Journal and Paul Vitello of the New York Times for having the balls to expose corruption in New York's Heart of Darkness."

BOL (best of...) NY in fighting the insipid cockroaches of minimal brain disguised as lawyers, judges and politicians infecting your playground.

From a Batview, never give up on fighting public servants or criminals reeking havoc on your children's future,

Eliot Ivan Bernstein

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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