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Monday, October 29, 2007

Newly Filed Lawsuit Seeks Federal Monitor Over NY State Ethics Committee

BREAKING STORY: An OCA rattling federal lawsuit was filed late Friday, October 26, 2007, in The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The allegations by an insider reveal a previously hidden look into the systemic corruption within the statewide court system and, most horrifically, concerns the very body charged with overseeing ethics and integrity within the state's courts. 
The named defendants include The State of New York's Office of Court Administration (OCA), and the Hon. John Buckley, Thomas J. Cahill, Sherry K. Cohen, Catherine O'Hagen Wolfe and David Spokony- all senior level state employees involved with the 1st Judicial Department's Departmental Disciplinary Committee (DDC), which is charged with overseeing the ethics of attorneys in The Bronx and Manhattan.  The papers filed in federal court include, "Plaintiff requests the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee the day-to-day operations of the DDC for an indefinite period." 
See the updated stories as they unfold through the day, and in days to come. We expect to be posting the entire Federal Complaint later in the day on Monday, October 29, 2007. If you would like a copy emailed to you via pdf attachment, send a request to:  -  The Underbelly of the Beast is Exposed.... and it's not pretty.......keep checking back for the most important news about the courts in New York State since Tammany Hall........


Finally said...

I didn't think the corruption in the NY's courts would be addressed in my life time. I can now die in peace.
(oh, I'm an attorney)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for all of the little dirty secrets to come out. Is time to clean house and exterminated the rats.

trust attorney said...

One could always count on the ethics group to be unethical and cover-up the misdeeds. How many bodies will be exhumed? Wonder how Judge Kaye and her friends will handle this toxic event?

manhattn Surrogate's victim said...

I always questioned what happen when I went to the ethics people. First, they told me they never got my paperwork, then they told me that they lost it, so I sent it again and this time they did nothing - I got the message. Had dealings with Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen, now I know, they were both doing their jobs!

manhattn Surrogate's victim said...

I always questioned what happen when I went to the ethics people. First, they told me they never got my paperwork, then they told me that they lost it, so I sent it again and this time they did nothing - I got the message. Had dealings with Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen, now I know, they were both doing their jobs!

Anonymous said...

I want judy kaye removed for abuse of power, conspiracy, conspiracy to commit perjury, organized crime participation, etc! She wanted the top job and now she is fully responsible. I know she is has been well aware of court corruption for years, because i wrote to her regarding same and she totally ignored the letter and responded with federal civil and federal and state criminal actions. The truth always prevails...kaye...gotcha!

Eliot Bernstein / Iviewit / Patentgate / B-Man said...

Upon information and belief, defendants also state that the timing of the Plaintiff’s abrupt firing was connected to the newly circulated revelations concerning Cahill's status as an individually named defendant in a lawsuit entitled In The Matter of Complaints Against Attorneys and Counselors-At-Law;
Thomas J. Cahill – Special Inquiry #2004.1122 Pending Ongoing Investigation by Special Counsel
Martin R. Gold after transfer of the Cahill Complaint to Paul J. Curran and Related Cases (separate motion attached);

Kenneth Rubenstein – Docket 2003.0531 First Department;

Raymond Joao – Docket 2003.0532 First Department,

Steven C. Krane (former President of the NYSBA and currently nominated for Chief Judge) – Docket 2004.1883 First Department;

The law firm Proskauer Rose, LLP and,

The law firm Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe and Schlissel

The Complaints and Petition were filed by Eliot I. Bernstein, Pro Se and P. Stephen Lamont Both Individually and On Behalf of Shareholders of: Iviewit Technologies, Inc. and Iviewit Holdings, Inc.

That lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division: First Department praying for an AFFIRMED MOTION TO: BEGIN IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION OF COMPLAINT AGAINST RESPONDENT AND ALL RELATED COMPLAINTS; MOVE COMPLAINT OF RESPONDENT AND ALL RELATED COMPLAINTS TO NEXT HIGHEST LEVEL OF REVIEW VOID OF CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY; AND, DECLARATORY RELIEF in the therein Respondents’ complicity in patent sabotage, intellectual property theft, and cover-ups thereto, a lawsuit that directly supports the Plaintiff’s claims herein (later complaints by Iviewit have included attempted murder in the car bombing of Eliot I. Bernstein’s minivan, it is to these desperate measures the Defendants’ named herein were willing to go to cloak their disingenuous schemes). That Iviewit motion was later granted by the First Department Justices in a unanimous decision to begin immediate investigation for the Appearance of Impropriety and Conflict of Interest in Unpublished Orders;

M3198 - Steven C. Krane,
M2820 Kenneth Rubenstein,
M3212 Raymond A. Joao and,
Cahill was transferred for Special Inquiry and Investigation to Martin Gold

The cases were transferred to the Second Department only to be sabotaged by the Second Department Judicial Departmental Disciplinary Committee’s direct disregard for the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division: First Department’s Court Order (the desperate cloaking measures of the Defendants’ named herein, upon information and belief, transcend departmental boundaries all under the supervision of Chief Judge Judith Kaye of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Court of Appeals whose husband was a former intellectual property partner of the main accused Proskauer Rose, LLP and who Krane had previously clerked for establishing her conflict of interest and need to derail the Iviewit investigations ordered. A slew of complaints were filed against Second Department members who failed to formally docket the complaints against themselves for failure to investigate, at that point Iviewit petitioned federal investigators to intercede, seeing that the state of New York’s disciplinary was firmly controlled by Proskauer Rose, LLP, Judith Kaye and Steven C. Krane whereby no justice could be served against them.

Happy Halloween New York! although it appears that many wear their masks all year there.

Best Eliot Bernstein, Inventor
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.

Anonymous said...

This story is dynamite! This should be on the front page of the NY Times. Where is the FBI on this scandal?
This is definitively "The Emperors New Clothes"

Anonymous said...

we have an office pool on how many people will go to jail

Anonymous said...

The Buffalo News should be reporting this story also, since the 8th district has a very serious federal lawsuit filed against the chief administrative judge and some of her close employees in the 8th, and some judges working with them from NYC which alleges some very serious charges, that can be determined to be criminal on some levels! We are waiting in BUFFALO for some media and FBI investigation! This lawsuit was filed in 2005 and OCA is ignoring any federal orders for filings and depositions etc, in order to stall the exposure of this conspiracy and conspiracy to commit perjury among other serious allegations!

Anonymous said...

ignore, ignore, ignore - if the didn't ignore they would have to admit that these crimes existed and them they would be in trouble - this is a huge scandal waiting to be exposed

Anonymous said...

Where is the pdf of the court papers?

former atty said...

I went up against a powerful political law firm and stepped on many toes. Mr. Tom Cahill took my license to practice law away. Many things didn't make sense and I couldn't figure the whole thing out. Now I know why. Maybe they did me a favor because I would have wound up as a $2 whore like the rest of them!

Anonymous said...

As an lawyer I read with much interest the story on the front page (above the fold) in the LJ. Some folks have to hang for this.

Anonymous said...

I don't hear anyone saying anything against this story...Tom Cahill has the cat got your tongue?

Retired Judge said...

Had been given a hit of this years ago, it was described as the mutual protection society of the big law firms with the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

i bet the snakes are starting to get a little bit restless now... stay tuned to this story... this could be the beginning of a REAL clean up in the court system. And it's about time!!

Anonymous said...

No one will say anything about any of what is stated on this blog,because they don't want to be caught up in what trouble is about to come forth. They aslo know what ever is stated, even if they are minimally involved with the judiciary is true and beyond. I could write tons more of exposing information from what i know and have experienced from a 30 yr employment and what the 8th district did to me when i filed complaints for discrimination, retaliation, defamation, slander and libel! All of this happened after i filed a federal lawsuit against them in 1997 for the above, due to the first removal of an elected judge for sexual harassment by me! OCA settled that case and then 7 yrs later, they used that removed judge's judicial friends and political party powerhouses to stalk me at work and document wild and furious allegations of threats and mafia activity by me, which by the way, i am not of that ethnic group or ever lived in that neighborhood . The chief administrative judge , demanded this documentation and sent it to her friend judge jan plumadore in nyc, after she found i filed my allegations with OCA'S paid OIG'S office. I was removed by armed deputies from my 30 yr, court clerk job with only excellent evaluations and terminated by jan plumadore after he i filed in federal court. This came about also after a lack of due process hearing using one of plumadore's cronies! It did not end here. This system of fairness , independence and justice spent a year plus retaliating against me at my personal home, where 3 others lived including an 18 month old autistic child. This retaliation included many criminal acts as well as an attempt to run me off the highway, using a speeding vehicle charging into my SUV at 80 miles mph, at a dangerous turn and then pull in front of me going just as fast. As this person pulled in front of me, they fished tailed and then took off....he tried to cause me to go out of control and roll over and who would know? There man continued to follow me and my male friend and witness against OCA, for 3 more days, until my friend saw him waiting inside a store and approached him. He asked what he wanted from us and this guy got freaked and ran away dropping his date book....surprise... it was a STATE corrections officer. We have his license plate number. OCA has been made aware of all these after termination retaliations through an amended complaint filed in federal court! This is just part of what has happened to me in the 8th district. The real story is so bizarre, you would think it was organized crime chasing one of their rivals! judy Kaye is well aware of this and participated in the approval of her nyc and buffalo people in all these actions. So, who is going to state this is all untrue, but the judicial people involved, who now know they are in legal trouble and could go to federal prison! Everyone else knows my credibility and no one has come forward to me in 2 1/2 yrs, and expressed that they know differently! OCA believed no one would help me after they threatened all my friends at oca and told all my atty friends these lies documented by the conservative party's daughter, who was a friend of the removed judge! By the way she is of the ethnic group associated with organized crime, expressing that i would contact them and street thugs and OCA would need body bags! Just a tad of what OCA is up to in upstate!

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend works at DDC- she says Cohen is the problem more bigger than Cahil.

Anonymous said...

Alcoholics can cause problems for mutiple people in their lives...they are as hostile as sexual harassers! The issue of alcohol relates back to OCA'S acceptable and encouraging policy of this behavior dating back to the 70's.....they believe that part of judicial dominance is the strenght they draw from liquor. I suffered from 1975-1998 with an all day every day, drunk who was a chief clerk of a major OCA court! This person did not drink alone on many occasions, and was one of the most abusive females i have ever met! When OCA wanted to replace her with someone they could better control, they used her alcoholism to fire her, which happened in 3 days. All this after working for the courts since the '60's and paying big bucks to the democratic party....a Judge Trificanti move, another maniac from the bowels of OCA! So Ms. Cohen must be careful about tipping, no matter whom she tips with!

soho girl said...

It's about time someone had the nerve to expose those bums.

Shocked but not surprised said...

What a horrible mess! I'm ashamed to admit I'm an American!

It's not just NY either, it's that corrupt state they call New Jersey too! Bloomfield, NJ Judge Connolly sanctioned attorney Rashidah Hasan representing her client in a matter involving an alleged police profiling. When she appeared in court for the second time he ordered the same police office that arrested her client, to arrest her. See:

It's Top Down people, so don't wait for the calgary because they're not coming nor the fed's or DC. This country has a "band-aid" approach to everything, not real remedies!

If one or two out of the three show up, it will be with a "band-aid". Trust me ;)

non believer said...

Judge Judith Kaye (not on my watch) and her crowd NOW have a major state wide ETHICS scandal ON HER WATCH. This federal suit is just one more glaring example. Kaye's stewardship has been like the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. They have even given her predecessor disgraced former chief Judge Sol (Wacky) Wachler, the felon his law license back ..... NOT ON MY WATCH.

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