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Friday, September 7, 2012

More From Tembeckjian's Corrupt Judicial 'Ethics' Commission

Tembeckjian's Corrupt Judicial 'Ethics' Commission Out of Control

In a failed attempt to show any usefulness, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct (CJC) apparently came to the conclusion in late August, 2012, that NY State issued license plates identifying the registered owner as a member of the NY "Supreme Court" just may provide the driver or occupants with some sort of friendly accommodation from law enforcement.

The New York Law Journal, in an August 27, 2012 article by Joel Stashenko, "Conduct Commission Questions If Judicial Plates Violate Code," reports that Robert Tembeckjian is seeking, "...input for a public report to address the issue of whether the special vehicle plates violate the code of judicial conduct."

The suggestion that every judge in New York State may be trading their status as a judge to avoid legal responsibility is a thoughtless and desperate act by CJC Chief Counsel Robert Tembeckjian.  The timing by Tembeckjian, himself under fire for selective enforcement of judicial ethics investigations, is highly suspect and again points to the CJC's waste of  public funds and resources by pursuing issues not within the stated purpose of the CJC.

Did Mr. Tembeckjian just realize that a license plate identifying the driver as a judge just might give that judge a break by a cop?  What about the reality that judges have accepted tickets from members of law enforcement and, in some cases, have had to nudge officers to actually issue a ticket. Every judge (and cop) knows that the public is watching events when a vehicle with "Judge's Plates" is engaged with a member of law enforcement.  Some judges argue that they (or members of their family) have been denied the usual discretion of the ticket-issuing cop- whether to receive a warning in place of an actual summons- because of the always-hovering cloud of becoming mentioned in the next ticket-fixing scandal.  One insider noted that Tembeckjian's improper over-reaching doesn't address the reality that most 'fixed' tickets are only fixed after they are issued.

Tembeckjian's PR grap comes after a recent CJC action, the Matter of Schilling.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE SCHILLING DETERMINATION.  The New York Daily News, where Mr. Tembeckjian's wife Barbara Ross is employed, printed an EDITORIAL on the subject, dated August 29, 2012, "Park the Plates" CLICK HERE TO READ THE EDITORIAL

So, again, the public is duped by the so-called overseers of judicial ethics in New York State.  Corrupt judges will go on their merry way knowing they are protected by the all-too-politial corrupt group headed by Robert Tembeckjian.  And the good judges of New York State, who really would like to uphold the law and justice, are again on notice that nothing has changed at the CJC.  Judicial ethics review and enforcement in New York State is a sham, void of any sense of Due Process, and a selective and retaliatory weapon to be used when needed.          

CLICK HERE TO SEE RECENT TEMBECKJIAN STORY, "Top Judicial 'Ethics' Lawyer Tembeckjian Settles His Lack-of-Sex Lawsuit"

Here's the August 13, 2012 dated letter Mr. Tembeckjian recently sent out:

646-386-4800 telephone  -  646-458-0037 facsimile  -



In a recent determination of removal involving a judge who engaged in ticketfixing, the Commission expressed its intention to issue a report on the subject of automobile license plates that identify the vehicle as belonging to a judge. A footnote in Matter of Schilling, states as follows: The Commission has repeatedly evaluated cases of judges attempting to use their judicial office to influence the disposition of traffic violations. This case represents a stark example of this problem and raises a systemic issue of how judicial license plates distort the normal process of enforcing traffic laws and the delicate position faced by law enforcement officers when they stop a vehicle with judicial plates. The Commission has decided that a public report is required to address the issue of whether or not the
Rules Governing Judicial Conduct may be violated by the use of judicial license plates in the context of judges, in effect, using their judicial office to avoid the consequences of being stopped for offenses under the Vehicle and Traffic Law.1  Among other things, the report will examine and compare practices and policies in New York and other states regarding judicial license plates.

The Commission would welcome comments from government and court officials, judicial associations, bar associations and other responsible civic organizations and representatives, who wish to share their perspectives and experiences. Now that Matter of Schilling is concluded, the time seems right to solicit such comments.2 Should you choose to express views on the subject, please feel free to submit a
letter or memorandum to the Commission, to my attention. The Commission would particularly appreciate any perspectives you may have on the public policy interests served by judicial license plates. For example, what is the purpose of judicial license plates? If identifying vehicles for courthouse parking is a purpose, (A) what provision is made for those judges who choose not to employ judicial license plates, or for court employees, who are not eligible for judicial plates, and (B) might alternatives, such as issuing courthouse parking placards or registering plate numbers with court security personnel, be more appropriate? Are there potential security risks associated with having judicial license plates, particularly when the judge is away from the courthouse? Does the possibility of being accorded favorable treatment, such as when stopped by police for apparent moving violations, outweigh whatever benefits there may be to having judicial license plates?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to receiving and sharing with the Commission whatever comments you wish to submit.

Very truly yours,
Robert H. Tembeckjian, Administrator & Counsel

1 The determination is available on the Commission’s website: NEW YORK STATE COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT  2 The statutory time frame for review of the Schilling determination by the Court of Appeals has expired; a request for review was not made by the judge; therefore, an order removing the judge from office was issued by the Court pursuant to Judiciary Law 44(7).


Earth to the CJC said...

Maybe Bob T should read his own website, the one that describes what the hell he's supposed to be doing:

The Commission's Mandate and History

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is the state agency responsible for investigating complaints of misconduct against judges of the state unified court system and, where appropriate, determining to admonish, censure or remove from office those judges found to have engaged in unethical behavior.

Anonymous said...

There is an ongoing miscarriage of justice in the North Texas District Court involving Jeff Baron, an Internet pioneer, who has had his right to due process revoked, and his property confiscated by the court. Visit " for key details of this landmark case.

Anonymous said...

Hell in the District Courts Continues: Go to

Anonymous said...

I voted for Obama in 2008 because I thought he would do something about the corruption of our courts. He did nothing and the problem got worse. Obama will NOT get my vote this time.

Anonymous said...

What about the NYPD Cards that go in the windows? Ray Kelly is only too happy to take care of the Judges. He does all of this good work through the Internal Affairs Unit.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would want to be a judge in New York these days? The people hate you and you're not allowed to do your job because court administrators tell you what to do. And if you don't obey corrupt administrators, a bunch of Tembeckjian thugs will be so far up your ass you won't know what happened.

Anonymous said...

No president can deal with judicial is more involved than one politician and involves more than the FBI.
Romney will never address out corruption because corruption of justice serves the Republicns the most..check out citizen's United..a Conservative ruling.
Justice remains just the way the Conservatives want and like it...never be mistaken that this is a liberal issue!

Anonymous said...

The New York FBI is well aware that the New York Family Courts, the only court that remains anonymous and non-public, remains this way precisely because it is actively used by foreign and domestic espionage, terrorist, activist, and other criminal organized crime elements for the purpose of entrapment, extortion, blackmail, covering up child pornography/sexual abuse/exploitation, and other criminal acts directed against certain targeted people for political, ideological, financial, or other nasty reasons, and most if not all of the Family Court Judges and Personnel are either aware of this, know about it, or actually take active part in it.

Again - it is the ONLY court in the nation which does not operate publicly and operates in the shadows as a proverbial Star Chamber - much the like the Disciplinary Committees - but even the Criminal Courts are part of the public record - so why not the Family Courts?

Now you know why.

Anonymous said...

The reasons that Blacks, Jews, Gays, and Women should never be Judges in the United States of America is because:

1. Blacks are too angry, resentful, revengeful, hateful after about 400 years of slavery, don't really understand or care about the US Constitution, are inherently communist/socialist, not well educated enough, and too vengeful to mete out justice in a fair, neutral, and impartial manner - plus they tend to unload severely and unfairly on other racial minorities that are newer to the United States, such as on Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Mexicans, and even other blacks because they have a severe "Uncle Tom" syndrome where they have become an even harsher "cracker" than the slave masters of a few hundred years ago - therefore they are frighteningly more erratic and unpredictable when they are sitting on a judicial bench with the power of life and death over other people (think of a monkey holding a grenade);

2. Jews are bad judges because they are inherently scornful of the US Constitution since it is based on Christian principles, and Jews are also inherently socialist and communist (hell, they wrote the major treatises on Marxism, Communism, and Socialism) and they also don't believe in a constitutional republican form of government - since they all believe they are the chosen people and everyone else (white, Christian, black, minority, women, whatever) are inferior Goyim and Shiksas, they tend to issue "edicts" and "judgements that are almost monarchial in nature, as if a King issued them, and they often have little to no respect for the law when they issue those decisions - plus they often have absolutely no respect for Human Rights (look at what they are doing to the Palestinians over there in Israel) - so every decision they make brings us closer to their world view outlook which is the end times, where King David sits on the throne and they are the Chosen People and everyone else is enslaved to serve them and their needs;

3. Gays are bad judges because they are just mentally sick and they have sexual fantasies about molesting other men and children - they should be in a cage, rather than on a judicial bench handing out sentences of justice - their vision of the law and justice are also skewed and fucked up, and I pity anyone who has to sit in front of one of them for justice;

4. Women are bad as Judges because they are too emotional, they inherently hate men, and are angry at men, and they can not handle complex emotional issues very well - and every 30 days they go over the deep end emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, mentally, and physically - not to be trusted to be a Judge on the bench.

Anonymous said...

To All Regular, Patriotic, and America Loving Police Officers, FBI Agents, CIA Officers, Military Personnel and Prosecutors:

If you love America, you must already know by now through information available on the internet, that it has been infiltrated at the highest levels, within your own agencies, by members of a secret society called the Freemasons, whose highest levels are considered the Illuminati, which is a foreign based international organization dedicated to the subversion and destruction of all nations - including the United States of America - in the pursuit of their globalist agenda for a New World Order.

Please remember that you have the power to investigate and then arrest - if you want to save this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic, which you took a solemn oath to do, then you should immediately begin to identify, investigate, arrest, and then charge these enemies of the USA within your ranks and agencies, especially if you have probable cause to believe that they are guilty of treason, corruption, or being a member of an organization that is against the US and your State Constitution prohibiting their membership in such an organization.

Then let the District or US Attorneys aggressively prosecute those enemies of Freedom - hopefully we also have freedom and American loving prosecutors in our nation’s state and federal courthouses all throughout the country. We should also do the same with Judges and Legislators who are part of this evil tyrannical un-American subversive organization as well, and begin to return the government back to the American people, and not to this foreign international and insidious organization known as the Freemasons/Illuminati.

We may not completely be able to remove this cancer from the fabric of American society, federal and state law enforcement, judiciary, or the legislature, but you all can obviously make a serious dent in their power, and begin the healing process of returning America’s government to the People, for the people, and By the People. God Bless America.


Anonymous said...


1. Recruit a former child prostitute, now grown, into trapping a wealthy attractive man into an unwanted pregnancy;

2. Have that woman file false complaints against that unwitting father, to obtaining a false “Order of Protection” by either a family court or criminal court judge also on the payroll of, or lobbied into office, by the billion dollar child pornography/trafficking industry;

3. Now that the order of protection is in place, concerned but discredited father can not either call, see, communicate, or be around the targeted child for months, if not years;

4. During that order of protection period, have the former prostitute mother continuously entrap and provoke the father into violating the order of protection, in order to lengthen and strengthen the original order of protection, converting the matter against him into a felony, punishable by up to 7 years in prison;

5. During father’s forced absence, place the targeted child into the child pornography/trafficking industry, drugging that child so that they have no idea that they are being trafficked, raped, sexually abused, filmed, or physically assaulted;

6. Mother should enroll the targeted child into rough sports to mask obvious bruises on their body, and to provide a “cover” to cancel weekend visits and other visits where father (and others) could see and observe evidence of sexual and physical abuse;

7. Recruit judges and magistrates on the payroll or lobbied by child trafficking/pornography industry, to further incarcerate, punish, or further isolate the father from their child;

8. Ensure that sexual deviants, pedophiles, blackmailed, and financially compromised individuals on the payroll of the child pornography/trafficking industry are placed into positions of power, leadership, and control of the state judicial misconduct board, attorney disciplinary committee, local U.S. Attorneys Office, local Child Protective Service, Special Agent in Charge of the local FBI field office, and other agencies, in order to dismiss, deny, obfuscate, hide, or refuse to investigate the inevitable barrage of complaints that would be filed by the father against all of the above named parties for these legally sanctioned kidnapping crimes/parental alienation of the father;

9. Through the above named actors, ensure that a consistent stream and flow of threats, investigations, incarcerations, orders of protections, denials of judicial review, and other road blocks are thrown into the path of the father, so that he can not either help or rescue his now fully kidnapped, fully recruited, and fully implemented children into the child trafficking/pornography industry, until he either dies, gives up, is jailed, bankrupted, or is completely barred from further contact with his own children.

10. Rinse, lather and repeat.

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