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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ethicsgate Update Faxed to Every U.S. Senator

“The Ultimate Violation of Trust is the Corruption of Ethics Oversight” 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo asked to shut down judicial “Ethics” offices after evidence reveals illegal wiretapping of judges - Andrew Cuomo was formally requested on Friday, February 15, 2013 to shut down the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, the state agency charged with overseeing the ethics of all non-federal judges in the Empire State. Governor Cuomo will confirm with federal prosecutors that a case, where millions of documents are held under seal, contains evidence of widespread "black bag operations" that advanced, over more than a decade, knowingly false allegations against targets while protecting favored insiders, including Wall Street attorneys.... See the full story at:

  • U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee asked to revisit federal judicial oversight procedures after jury finds U.S. Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith guilty of battery for punching a woman in the face.  (Julie Purcell v.     Lisa Margaret Smith, NYS Supreme Court/Jefferson County)
  • State-Employed Attorney Threatened Against Testifying at Federal Trial, Witness-Tampering Supervisor Then Protected  (Corrado v. NYS Unified Court System, 12cv1748 EDNY)
  • The Incarceration of California Attorney Richard I. Fine for Exposing Payoffs (United States Supreme Court, Richard I. Fine v. Leroy D. Baca, Los Angeles County, et al.)
  • Judges Deserve Justice Too - Why Federal Judges Are Suing the U.S. Government for Proper Compensation (Barker, et al. v. USA, 12cv826, U.S. Court of Claims, filed November 30, 2012)
  • Federal Judge Warns Litigant of Penalty of Death in Civil Case  (Matter of Jeffrey Baron - 5th Circuit Court of Appeals - U. S District Court for the Northern District of Texas,  Judge William Royal Furgeson, Jr.)
  • Bankruptcy Abuse by Officers of the Court Leads to False Imprisonment  (U.S. Supreme Court, Stephan Jay Lawrence v. Alan L. Goldberg, et al. - Florida)
  • Prosecutorial Misconduct Leads to International Disgrace, False Imprisonment  (Matter of Mark Hough v. The State of Nevada, et al.)


Anonymous said...

Pretty sad stuff. I'm so sad over this happening in our country.

Anonymous said...

Sad for sure. Great that every US Senator has been faxed. All great work. But how does Real change get initiated?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Senator Schumer is anxious to stop the corruption. LOL

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think that Gov. Guido will do anything? Don't hold your breath. I want to see these stories on the front page of the NY Post - what's the problem here?

Anonymous said...

Has Gov. Cuomo called in Special Counsel to deal with these criminal actions? If not, why NOT?

Anonymous said...

This will explain why nothing is going to change:

Top Cuomo Aide Delivers Public Rebuke of State Worker Who Talked to the Press
Published: February 21, 2013

This guy got fired for repeating favorable, public information about Cuomo and public workers.

It's an interesting article, and shows some of the total control the governor wants about anything occurs in the state.

Anonymous said...

If NY State cannot fire you with some idiotic story as reported above, they will make up a false story about you, find mentally disturbed state employees to commit perjury and off you go at that whim.
Cuomo is as bad as they come and the general American public will never elect him to a presidental office..especially knowing he cleaned out his AG'S office of his corrupt paperwork!

Anonymous said...

The Effects of Institutional Racism on Minority-Led Law Practices in New York City

There is a reason why minority business people rarely succeed or can sustain their successful businesses in New York City. In many cases, studies and data have shown that the following issues routinely and frequently occur, which completely renders the sustained growth, and stability, of minority-led businesses literally impossible:

1. Employees were allowed to plunder and steal company intellectual property, clients, disrespect minority business owners openly, steal from them, and directly compete with them WHILE working for them at times, with complete and total impunity and immunity, as complaints to the New York Department of Labor and the New York Disciplinary Committee to regulate Attorney Misconduct would go completely unsupported, unanswered, or ignored - in effect their behaviors were encouraged by this inaction;

2. Meanwhile if employees complained about the minority led business owner in whatever capacity, even when it was prima facie frivolous or false, that minority business owner would literally be dragged across the coals, and docket numbers and investigations were opened up against them at the drop of a hat, by the same 2 entities listed above;

3. If a client ever complained about the minority business owner, in whatever capacity, a docket number and an investigation were immediately opened, investigated, and aggressively prosecuted, and not ever vetted to see or determine if there was ever an ethics rule that was violated - it was always merely a "fishing expedition" - a terrorism fear tactic, completely immobilizing the minority business owner and his staff, instilling the fear of God into the Staff to even continue to work for the minority business owner, for fear of hurting their own professional career or jeopardizing their law license - in this manner many of that company's best and brightest and most dedicated young lawyer trainees fled those minority led companies and jumped ship, often to competing law firms which was run by a member of the racial majority in New York City (Jewish, WASP, Italian, etc) or starting their own practices to compete with it, often using the minority led business owner's cutting edge intellectual property, client lists, and strategies in direct competition with them;

4. Defamation against the minority business owner was encouraged on both the internet and in public discourse in professional lawyer groups, and rumor mongering about the minority business owner and their law firm was spread like wild-fire (eg, they charged too much, inflated their fees, was incompetent, was a mean and nasty boss, was unethical, etc);

5. Fee Disputes were ALWAYS resolved AGAINST the minority business owner by the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee, or the New York Civil Courts, in the tens of thousands of dollars, even if the minority owned business always had properly signed, executed, and clear retainer agreement contracts, as well as a detailed hourly billing invoices, huge fat files full of productive legal work, and more often than not, successful outcomes to very difficult cases.

The list is endless. Failure is a certainty. The lesson - if you are a minority lawyer - don't even THINK about starting up a law firm in Manhattan - you will be destroyed by the heavily institutionalized racism permeating the DDC, the DOL, and any other agencies charged with safeguarding both you and your law practice from dishonest parasites and vultures.

Anonymous said...

To the "12:54" posting - Sen John Sampson was attempting to deal with this issue along with others prior to the white shoe firms taking him down - right on brother

Anonymous said...

10 days that the Cuomo Letter alone has been Posted publicly and:

1. No change;

2. No media writing about the letter;

3. No action at all by any office or agency or entity to acknowledge or even address the contents of the letter.

Great work but one does have to ask:

Is this going to become like the so-called Westchester Indictments that were supposedly imminent but now have been publicized at this blog for over 2 years with no action?

Is this Operation like a False Flag? Drop out tidbits of Information but Redacting most and No Real Media reporting but just enough to keep those folks who believed in Real Results from Washington DC in limbo so they do not make too much noise complaining elsewhere?

Hate to even suggest but it is not like there is no Precedent for this type of action since this Blog even reported that this is in essence what former SDNY US Attorney Michael Garcia had done with his Publicized Corruption Hotline that was just a Hoax to keep the people at bay?

Interesting how this Blog has never brought forward the Info from those who were Laughing at the public by commenting on the blog story.

These are the types of historical events here that make people wonder, make them question ( reasonably so ) and make folks think that someone has cried Wolf one too many times with no action and no change. Thus the ability to get anyone to do anything in support like these White House Petitions becomes next to impossible.

Sad state of affairs for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe not ONE US Senator or their staff even said thank you! What are these folks paid by the taxpayers for?

Anonymous said...

A documentary director on tv last night (who has a movie about hunger in the US opening this week)said that she was told by a senator that if he gets even six calls on an issue he will address it. She said that even if there is a large well-known and important issue, these legislators won't do anything about it unless they get calls.
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Tembeckjian is long overdue to go. Guess his wife isn't influencing mainstream media not to report the story? The Ethics Committee sanctions the crimes by lawyers and judges alike. The bigger most overt Judiciary criminal is Laura Drager of the SC. Sign the petition on against her. She is going to be featured in the Lawless America movie too, so keep your eyes opened. Drager has ruined too many innocent lives. Why does someone leave her courtroom, jump off the GWB and there's no investigation????

Down with the NY Judicial Crime Syndicate, headed by Drager, sanctioned by Tembeckgian and the Ethics Committee! Swap her black robes for bars, Drager is a common criminal!

Anonymous said...


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