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Friday, February 15, 2013

See the Letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Re: Wiretapping Judges

CLICK HERE to see the letter, at


Anonymous said...

Well, Andrew.... what do you think? Are you going to do anything?

Anonymous said...

If Cuomo was EVER to do anything about the real corruption, the time would be have to be NOW as some of the most corrupt have been big supports of him.

But there is plenty of time to gain a political advantage, maybe 10-1 over the next few years (10 new appreciative supports vs. 1 corrupt hack)

Go for it, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

No NY State politician is going to acknowledge this horrific situation that has been in place for years!
Cuomo's father put Kaye in as Chief Judge..and she is the initiator of the wiretaps etc for use by the court system.
Kaye's own counsel's office is the overseer of the activity.
Cuomo is in a sticky situation if he thinks he is going to run for Presidential office..and ESP as AG he was well aware of wiretap ,surveillance operation allegations his entire tenure and ignored it.
You have to wonder how much of a participant he was himself!
The CJC..OCA operations will only be shut down by a Federal Order.....but it was fun to give Cuomo the shot to be ethical and watch him reject it..No surprise to me!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo should show Obama how to take action.

Come on, Andy, send the state police to shut down the make believe ethics committees. Probably best to arrest Tembeckjian while you're there.

I understand that Bob Tembeckjian likes to hide things in weird places, so you better give him a very deep and thorough cavity search.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to today's "AM Roundup" at the Capital District Newspaper the Times Union, the major paper covering Albany and state government in the area.

Not a single mention of this Letter to Andrew Cuomo and the request to contact an unnamed US Attorney in Washington, DC. and this is over 3 News Days AFTER this breaking news letter was written allegedly.

Not a single mention of ANYTHING that relates to the Letters and actions at this Blog.

Bottom Line is, whether it is true or not, NO average person believes any of this until ACTION is taken and REAL coverage occurs.

If you don't believe me, just ask a 71 year old man who always asks the NORMAL Reasonable questions when "hearing" of all these corruption matters:

"Then why is no one doing anything about it? Why has nothing happened? Why is it not in the newspaper?"

ALL legitimate questions.

Anonymous said...

What did Cuomo clean out of his AG'S office?
The AG received an independent document last Mon. that proves they and OCA participated in a Conspiracy,Perjury,Abuse of power , as well as criminal activity to perpetuate the above stated.
This document is unknown to any 71 yr old Albany or NY state dude!
He has no clue, as I am certain this document is being secretly analyzed and the AG is very unaware that it has been sent to many people throughout the US before it was sent to them..just in case NY attempted to destroy it or anyone related to it.
This document does not exist in downstate.
This document is being prevented from being served in Federal ct where the ruling on its truth needs to be made.
Attys who have a legal and moral obligation to present it to the Federal Judge, including one who represents the person who created the document against the attys wishes, are in crazy mode.
This will be sent to the Fed Judge and if denied by this Judge, will then find its way to some people interested in Justice!
This document blows away everything OCA had attempted to falsely produce and defend for a decade!
So if upstate has a 71 yr old know it all...I have yet to meet him..and I know loads of many types of important people in town..many of whom have given me informationa about OCA etc!
So if you do not believe this blog's story relative to wiretaps..which was used against I know it is true...I am telling you this story will blow you away in 3-6 month!

Anonymous said...

I'm holding my breath

Anonymous said...

To the Commenter at 11:51 am on Feb. 18, 2013

Seems you have taken a comment completely out of context as if it was addressed to your individual situation which of course it was not, nor did it raise any question about the Truthfulness of Any of the wrongful acts of the OCA and state.

In fact your interpretation ( misguided ) is entirely incorrect and misses the point.

The point of it is that virtually all of us here know and have seen and heard the stories about the corruption, the tactics, the invasions but NOTHING has been DONE about it.

The Letter to Cuomo was Great but what is being DONE about it?

Just like what is being done about the WIRETAPPING OCA story posted by this Blog over 4 years ago referencing reports Viewed in Washington, DC and NY? NOTHING obvious has been done.

To the contrary, what appears to be an admittedly corrupt organization of the OCA by these Washington, DC and NY sources has simply been allowed to CONTINUE UNCHANGED for the Last 4 years and now all we have is another Letter to Andrew Cuomo with REDACTED Names referencing the US Attorney's office YET?

YET, not even a SINGLE BLEEP about it in ANY recognized media including the Capital Region's paper the TU. So what does the Letter Mean? Anything at all?

We have seen Letters like this before to Cuomo and others including about Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman.

And what is being done about that? What action has occurred? What changed has occurred?

So the 71 yr old man happens to be from upstate and although he knows nothing of this current Saga and specific blog posts, HE, like Many Others have "heard" these "stories" of corruption from many folks for years.

And the first questions he will ask are:

"Ok, so what has been done about it? Is it in the media? does anyone know about it? Has it changed?"

He happens to be my father.

So I have no clue how on earth you mistook that comment for some suggestion that there is no truth to what the OCA does. not at all. not even close.

But as you will see others comment here, we have "heard" these stories for a long time. the Announcement of Indictments out of Westchester was posted for YEARS now and NO Action.

So while all the efforts and info is great and great work, what does it mean? Who is it helping? what change has occurred? Or is it just "another letter" like the other letters we have seen here?

And if it is so serious as to implicate the US Attorney in relation to the Governor ( seems logical that it would ), why NO bleep or anything about it in the mainstream press?

So the 71 yr old man probably no longer cares about this as like others, he has heard "stories" of things going to be expose for years with no action so people forget, don't care, move on, don't pay attention, blah blah blah as no Action or Results. ( or until action and results )

Anonymous said...

Not at all about me..just a recent FYI to show a dent has been made and the future of this dent could bring exposure.
The reason nothing is being done at every level is the American protection of the Judicial system ..a very strong concern for civil unrest by millions of US citizens..something The US could never handle unless they were forced to kill its own people who would protest in outrage....this is a very disturbing worry for politicians.
Obama knows the corruption of the system,but is Leary of its ramifications.
So don't take me for a selfish fool ..I have way more insight than you could ever obtain..back off and some 71 yr old guy is not the reporter of Judicial corruption.
A mandatory public report will soon be released and not due to any investigation,Federal intervention or media ethics my story or not..not concerned.
I'm sure all that has been mentioned in this blog since 2007 has been truthful,but blocked at some level..been there and experienced all of t1hat!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You think Andy is bad, well his father has some filthy sordid dirty n tug lol...

Anonymous said...

Q - Has Andrew Cuomo responded in any manner to this missive? Andrew you're a smart guy, cone on, do the right thing

mikaljains said...

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