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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grassroots Corruption Leads to Arrest of 9 Judges

Nearly everyone who wore a robe in Philadelphia's traffic court between the summer of 2008 and September of 2011 were arrested on Thursday, January 31, 2013 and accused by federal prosecutors of cheating average citizens of their right to a fair and impartial system of justice.
Federal prosecutors described the blatant money-grab as a "brazen sale of justice," quoting one judge who was caught on tape as saying, "There's going to be a basket going around….and I need some money."


Anonymous said...

They really need to make examples out of these judges.

Anonymous said...

Grassroots or standard operating procedure. Those judges should be held without bail, but I bet they just got out on their signature because they're such upstanding citizens.

Anonymous said...

Sent them ALL up to RIcker Island and let them enjoy the surroundings! Hey it's only right if you know what I mean! They screwed US then it's only right that we screw them and ALL their friends to the Wall! Due Process - What's that?


OK mister brainy @ 8:49pm the judges are in Philly, meaning Rikers would not be where they would rest there prior to making comments...Its people like you that F it for the intelligent ones....get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

New York has worse small time judges than PA. And the wrath of hell shall fall upon those who dare discuss it!

Anonymous said...

This will all the other corruption cases.

Anonymous said...

New York Corrupt Judges sitting on benches in Corrupt Court rooms. They would hands down take first prize in dirty dealing, judge fixing and bribery. Being bribed in Suffolk by receiving mortgage satisfactions. These illegal satsa being done using MERS.Mortgage Electronic Registration System. A system set up by the banks to facilitate fraud country wide from computer.

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