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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memo #1 to Chief Administrative Judge Pfau...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

On June 14th we began the collaborative process of memoralizing our constructive thoughts to Chief Administrative Judge Pfau. And continuing on a regular basis, we will send Judge Pfau a collection of suggestions intent on improving our courts.
**Below is FINAL MEMO #1 sent to Judge Pfau June 18, 2007**

Also, included in our memos will be various subjects, including our request for updates as to issues addressed in this forum. Your constructive comments will be sent along with the memo. In commenting on this post, please keep it clean and constructive; vent, etc. on other posts, please. Our Memos are meant to HELP the court system for everyone. (this is a work in progress, and information is taken from positive comments and suggestions emailed to us)


To: Hon. Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau
Date: Monday, June 18, 2007

Dear Honorable Chief Administrative Judge Pfau:

Every law-abiding and honest attorney, court employee and judge, has
cheered your recent appointment as the New York State Chief
Administrative Judge for the Courts. And your presence at the top
brings a sense of hope to every honest citizen, who looks forward to
overall court reform, and the restoration of integrity to the New York
Court system. We urge, and support, your immediate action, and we
respectfully present suggestions for consideration:

1. Amnesty for Judges, Lawyers & Court Employees

SUGGESTION: Establish a 60-day Amnesty period during which judges,
attorneys (court employed and private) and court personnel may come
forward with information regarding improper activity, either known to
them or with which they have been involved. (It's the only way to see
any true reform.)

2. Direct Access to the Offices of the Chief Administrative Judge

SUGGESTION: Establish Public access computers in every court in the
state, allowing for direct communication to the Chief Judge's
Administrative Offices, so as to provide top administrators (above
district levels) with timely information from the public concerning
suggestions and/or concerns.

3. Complete Court Employee Accountability

SUGGESTION: The name of all court employees should be easy to
ascertain: name tags, id numbers, or the public posting of all
employee photos with identifying name and position/title.

We appreciate your consideration of the herein respectfully submitted

...more to follow... ###


huh? said...

Amnesty, huh? It just might work. Devil in the details, but workable. Can you imagine what would surface?

Anonymous said...

Only Amnesty would help the honest judges and court personnel, who would like to speak up but are afraid, very afraid- and for good reason. Consider less than 60 days, though. Maybe 30. Instill the fear of God in them...

what happened to said...

Please ask Judge Pfau what the status is of the investigation of Westchester County surrogate lawyer Jody Keltz who lives in a Scasdale house sold to her from an estate. (Story post a month or so ago on this blog) thank you.

one who judges said...

A court cleansing in needed. Yes to Amnesty.

suggesting said...

SUGGESTION: Identify Involved People - The name of the person(s) who in any way participates in the writing of a decision, order, etc. should be publically identified, and their name added after the judges signature, or in some other way made known. (this will clean up a lot of "bad" decisions, and lighten the load at the appellate level)

An insider said...

I like this, this is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Clearly we have many people on this blog that really care about this subject, so lets get some good suggestions people. Also take the time to go through all the other comments contained on this blog, it would be beneficial.

Anonymous said...

I also second the Jody Keltz matter. This needs a full investigation.

Anonymous said...

I third the request for an update on the Jody Keltz "grab-the-old-dead-lady's-house" transaction.

Anonymous said...

The Manhattan Surrogate's had their law clerk's create a law firm that then became the law firm for the public administrator and they got away with it. How much money was involved? This shows that the system is broken.

A fiduciary victim said...

The impunity with which the banks and judges/attorneys (hired minions) act is a tavesty of JUSTICE which must be righted.

Anonymous said...

Please provide more info about the law firm created by the Manhattan it still in business?

New York County Surrogate Victim said...

All the Surrogate's Courts are corrupt and should be shutdown. The Trust & Estate Bar should be put out of business and jailed.

A fly on the wall said...

How was Jody Keltz an attorney at the Westchester Surrogate's Court permitted to get a home from an Estate in that same Court from the Executor - Bank of New York?

Anonymous said...

SUGGESTION: Make every court employee (including judges) anonymously answer a questionnaire with 2 items: (1) What at the five biggest problems within or with the court system? and (2) What are five specific solutions to each of those problems. Do not mention individuals by name, this questionnaire is about the system itself. ALL results should be made public for further comment, etc.

Ethical Disclosure Forms Reader said...

Make the Ethical Disclosure Forms that are required to be filed every May by Judges and Court personnel easier to obtain. Why not put them all on the web so that everyone can see them. To even look at them or obtain hard copies are onerous at present for the public.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree that Ethical Disclosure Forms should REALLY be made available to the public by putting them on the internet. (I gave up trying to get them because the process was so weird and not user friendly)

Anonymous said...

I heard from an inside source that nice-guy, sell your soul & mother for a buck ex-judge Gerald Garson is finally talking....about EVERYTHING he knows... they can't shut him up.... he's pissed the "brothers and sisters in black robes" turned on him and ignored him in his time of need. And boy is he talking, WOW! Talk of 'round the clock protection for this bum too!

The babbling by this jackass Garson should start a domino effect that should change everything.

Have a great summer, those of you who corrupted our court system: lawyers, judges, court employees, etc. ----- you're next.

Anonymous said...

Judge Plau why don't you put all court documents on the web so that everyone can see everything at any time? I hope you consider my suggest.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold you breath waiting for this chick (Pfau) to do anything. She's one of the good 'ole boys.

Anonymous said...

I second the suggestion to not hold your breath waiting for Judge Pfau to take action.

Anonymous said...

should I keep holding my breath???

Anonymous said...

when's the next bunch of suggestions going to Pfau. she'll ignore those also!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea about putting all the court documents on the web so that everyone could see them, should I hold my breath Judge Pfau?

Anonymous said...

No word from Pfau, huh? What a shock!

nepotism said...

Judge Pfau what is the 'Nepotism Level' in the Judiciary? How many Judges et al. have their spouses, girl friends or other relatives on the defacto welfare dole?
Is this not a criminal act?

Anonymous said...

Judge Pfau at somepoint the Judical PT Barnums who think we're all suckers will have a surprise, the scam will not go on forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey, honey its all a scam, a con game and you know it.

a fly on the wall said...

Judge Pfau do you have any mud on your skirts?

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