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Monday, August 20, 2007

Brooke Astor Judge Knew Lawyer Pal Was Publicizing Coziness... CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

Brooke Astor Judge Knew Lawyer Pal Was Publicizing Coziness on Internet and Law Firm Website

It would take more than 5 years after Judge Anthony Scarpino took the Surrogate Court bench before finally addressing his lawyer-friend's internet advertising of his law firm's implied favoritism with the court. "I suggest you speak to a 15-year old. They tend to know how to do that," said Judge Scarpino. (August 3, 2005 Westchester Surrogate's Court transcript, page 32, lines 17-19) (See transcript to the right: "Scarpino & Streng on Internet")...

It was recently reported on this forum that the Manhattan based legal powerhouse Paul Weiss had engaged the small White Plains, New York firm McCarthy Fingar to handle proceedings in the Estate of Brooke Astor in the Westchester County Surrogate's Court.

The lone Westchester Surrogate, Anthony A. Scarpino,Jr., does not, however, explain why it took so long--nearly five years--for him to address the issue of any lawyer advertising over the internet, or on their law firm website, the implied inside connections with the Scarpino court that would further suggest favored treatment by the court.

But it is now revealed in an August 3, 2005 transcript that Judge Scarpino knew about the advertising. The Surrogate confirms that he had prior knowledge of the advertising,
"Mr. Streng, I feel that this Web site to the general public and…has caused difficulty for the Court, and this is not the first time I've heard it, and I'm glad to hear that you have taken steps to remove it from your Web site, and I'm requesting that you take whatever steps you can to try to have it removed from other Web sites whatever else is out there if you can do that." (Transcript page 31, line 25 thru page 32, lines 1-12)

The August 3, 2005 transcript makes clear that Surrogate Scarpino acknowledged that he knew his personal and political friend had been advertising their close association on his law firm website and on the internet. And in one of the advertising sections, it mentions that attorney Frank Streng was on Judge Scarpino's election transition committee from "2001-present", suggesting that the inside connection to the court was an on-going event.

And though he mentions it, Judge Scarpino failed to correct, or take any other required action, concerning the fact that financial sanctions had been twice granted by him (the judge) to the advertising friend of the court, Mr. Streng and his firm McCarthy Fingar-- financial sanctions simultaneously with the "closeness to the court" advertising.

Such advertisements, which strongly imply favoritism and partiality by any court, are strongly frowned upon by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Attorney Disciplinary Committees.

Most observers, though, are alarmed that it took Judge Scarpino over 5 years from his being elected Surrogate in 2000 to even address the troubling issue with his close associate Frank Streng who was, at all times relevant, the person at the McCarthy Fingar law firm in charge of the content on the firm website.

Attorney Frank W. Streng and the law firm McCarthy Fingar continue to regularly appear before Westchester County Surrogate Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., and have done so, quite successfully, at all times since the Surrogate election in 2000.

End Note: In that same estate, attorney Frank Streng and McCarthy Fingar have been accused of filing a fraudulent "assignment" designed to prevent any claim to recover approximately $100,000.00 stolen from the Red Cross in 9/11 donation monies. Surrogate Scarpino denied any of the relief sought against Mr. Streng and McCarthy Fingar, without prejudice. But in the same "without prejudice" order, Surrogate Scarpino, sua sponte ("on his own") ordered a prohibition of any motions- thus, barring anyone from filing any motions.

Oddly, McCarthy Fingar advised all parties in November of 2003 that they had filed the "assignment" papers, but only in July of 2007 was the newly-installed Surrogate's Chief Court Clerk, Charles T. Scott, Esq., able to correct the three and one-half year "administrative oversight." And, according to Chief Clerk Scott, when his office finally filed and entered the 2003 dated "assignment" documents in July 2007, they backdated the entry date to show November of 2003.

(See transcript to the right: "Scarpino & Streng on Internet")


disgusted wp atty said...

What is this "Implied favoritism with the court" with regard to Anthony Scarpino and Frank Streng? There is NO "Implied favoritism," in fact it is there, there is nothing "Implied" and everyone knows it. Any player in WP knows this as fact. So cut the crap.

Anonymous said...

Frank Streng is one of Tony Scarpino's bag men! Tony Scarpino thinks he's smart but he doesn't have the onions so other people collect for him. I've known Tony all his life and he was always the same.

Anonymous said...

Tony and Frank have a great many things in common that's why they get along so well.

mother said...

There like the Bopsie Twins!

old friend of Larry H. said...

First, throw Scarpino off the bench.

Then, yank the law licenses of both mutt & jeff: a/k/a: Scarpino & Streng.

Hey Larry Horowitz: what do you know about these two clowns? Larry, did you go to the feds yet?!? (Don't be another ex-hack-ex-judge-forced-to-resign-schmuck. Do something good for society: tell the feds how & who: how corrupt the court system is; and who's doing it. Make you kids proud, Larry----talk to the feds!!

Anonymous said...

both of these idiots need a good spanking and have their mouths washed out with strong soap

Anonymous said...

Have read the Scarpino & Streng transcript, it reads like two stand-up comics doing stick. What would you expect from two clowns? Why is this permitted in our courts?

Anonymous said...

this is yet another example of boys behaving badly - in this case one of them happens to be a so-called judge

cross-dresser said...

can we please act like adults on this blog. the real question is: is streng's head up scarpino's ass, or is scarpino's head up streng's ass? or are both up each other's?

one thing's for sure: streng controls scarpino's court, which has to make scaprino feel like a little woman...

Anonymous said...

so where is the oversight? Judge Judy where are you? Hello?

Eliot Bernstein - Iviewit - Batman said...

What someone here in the comments asked is Judge Judy, aka Ma Barker, doing about this cronyism? Well teaching the course of course, as her following statement regarding her dead (good riddance) husband, Stephen Kaye's firm of Nazi Jew's, Proskauer Rose, citing it as the "in firm" to work at in New York, especially if you are in trouble in a disciplinary complaint and need a firm that wants to hire corrupt lawyers for corrupt actions like ripping off patents, etc. From the highest ranking pigs own mouth I qoute the following shit, gotta love the title:

Judith S. Kaye*[*]
It is truly a privilege to participate in this lecture series honoring the late Howard Lichtenstein, and I thank you for inviting me to address the Hofstra Law community. Let me also express my appreciation to your distinguished Lichtenstein Professor, Monroe H. Freedman. At this same podium some seven years ago, Thomas Shaffer praised Professor Freedman as a lawyer who makes the profession better simply by being in it.[1] What an
extraordinary tribute. It's so easy for just one lawyer, by indifference and carelessness, to
debase the entire profession, but enormously difficult for just one lawyer-like Professor Freedman-by a lifetime of dedicated, competent, ethical practice, to elevate it.
This lecture series honors another such person, Howard Lichtenstein, by wonderful coincidence a beloved partner in the New York City law firm Proskauer Rose Goetz and
Mendelsohn. To me, Proskauer is the "in-law" firm-that's where my husband practices law, and where we both came to know Howard as a gentle friend and a dynamite lawyer. By force of prowess and personality, Howard could bring together the fiercest adversaries in labor disputes; all of them,
incredibly, extolling his virtues. The former chairman of the
Proskauer firm, Edward Silver, having witnessed that feat
innumerable times, summed up Howard as "a lawyer who
practiced law as it used to be."
This brings me to the substance of my remarks: how things are and how things used to be in the legal profession. To provide a bit more focus, from the universe of potential topics that might fit that bill I discuss lawyer criticism of judges' decisions-a subject in which I have more than a passing interest [as I am in charge of quashing them if they are my friends, for a small price of course].
Full article @

Anonymous said...

And we wonder why people have no faith in, or respect for, our court system and some of the judges?

court insider with 32 yrs of all the skeletons said...

I would love that more court employees would blog and appreciate this site. but, since many employees are female and many top hack jobs have become female, these employees have been beaten down by these female supervisors and are deathly afraid of any dissent they have regarding OCA!....even if it is from home. these employees have great insider information..TREMENDOUS and could assist beyond your comprehension in exposing the extent of the abuse and corruption. unfortunately, many of these women, because of the extent of OCA'S psychological warfare, have taken to helping OCA contribute to the massive abuse of employees and court users who are innocently trying to work and function in a bias free environment! OCA is well aware of how they deal with non=political women and minorities and DISCRIMINATION is something they love to use their own attys to circumvent and beat up and down on those choosing to address or expose it. whomever is investigating the stories and information from this site, should not overlook the 8th judicial dist. of buffalo ny! there are stories regarding that administrative judge and her posse of thugs running rampant! with just the mention of her name, the state comm. on jud. conduct refused to listen to any facts and immediately defended her...this is what is meant by all state agencies being protective of each other. so, if this site could reach and encourage employees of OCA this could bust OCA wide open....many have documented facts on judicial and administrative conduct!

attorney said...

The front page story of the Daily News (8/14/07) was 'Judge Gone Wild' - Panel to quiz her on bizarre courtroom antics - the dis-honor goes to Bronx Family Court Judge Marian Shelton. The article starts with "IF YOU THINK Judge Judy has a big mouth, you ain't seen nothing yet." She "ordered a law guardian to 'shut up,' later telling her, 'Go to therapy, but don't act out in my courtroom.' "
The State Commission on Judicial Conduct will hold a hearing prior to 12/31/07 on Judge Marian Shelton.

The article goes on to detail other "rude cracks" by yet another example of a pernicious system that has been in place for sometime. That is, that wealthy husbands (mostly lawyers at large firms) purchase a judgeship for their spouses. The spouses, of course use their maiden names so only people in the know, know!

A case in point is Judge Marian Shelton, who's wealthy husband and "...former Proskauer Rose lawyer Saul Cohen, took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to bash the commission." My bet is that the commission will cave-in and defer to Proskauer Rose et al.

By the way let me point out that our own Judge Judith Kaye is a benefactor of this arrangement. Her husband was also at Proskauer Rose. Wonder what it cost him/them to put Judge Judy where she it? It's always nice to have a friend in court and be a friend of the court. A lawyer should always know the law but, it's better to know the Judge, as any lawyer will tell you.

How many other examples of this practice are out there? Seek and thee shall find.

Anonymous said...

This is all a disgraceful mess- very depressing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's a great business model and it has worked for a long time. Got to give them credit they gotten away with it and taken the cash too!

Anonymous said...

They have a great racket only a lawyer or a mob guy could think of it

Anonymous said...

Scarpino & Streng are just other words for PIMP

Anonymous said...

don't forget all the other thugs in white plains, we wouldn't want to give hard working PIMPS a bad name

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

take the pensions away from these bum Judges and put them in jail with the other criminals and we'll see how they like it

Anonymous said...

the courts in white plains are a cesspool

Clairvoyant said...

Confidential memo to any honest judge in Westchester County:

While the sky might not be falling, be assured that the end is near.

So, if you want to get one of the last remaining open seats on the White Plains Court Life Boat, take heed:

You know all about how corrupt the White Plains courts have become; you know it can’t go on like this forever; you know you hate the corruption, and the people involved; you know why you haven’t been sleeping well over the past few years. You know you want to do something; you’ve heard the rumors….

So, go to a payphone and telephone the White Plains FBI or U.S. attorney’s office. They are waiting for your call. They now have the “go-ahead” from Washington. Say, “Hi, I am a judge in White Plains, and I want to talk honestly about what I know about the corruption in the courts.”

Dear honest judge, please come forward now. If you don’t, you’ll go down with the ship.
Time is running out….it’s just not worth it……make your family proud… today!!!

Anonymous said...

Are there any honest Judges left in White Plains/Westchester?

Anonymous said...

Scarpino & Streng are two peas in a pod!!!!!!!!

looking over my shoulder said...

You're giving Streng and Scarpino way too much credit....they are NOT in charge... they are lowly thugs in the overall corruption. More details soon...

the shadow said...

Judge Charles Ramos (see other story on this blog) and Frank Streng have more than one thing in common. They both know and love the Hong Kong Chinese Billionaire LI KA-SHING. Is that of interest?

max lawson said...

I went to Tony's make-believe court today, here's my report:

Ah, the Brooke Astor Estate proceeding in the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court.

It was truly a sight to be treasured, lawyers in their best suits: shifty eyes behind the bench, pigs at the trough, scavengers salivating, and alley-dogs eyeing whatever scrap may fall their way.

Welcome to the legal system in Westchester County. Dead, wealthy people, preferred; no family members need apply.

Max Lawson

me said...

It all adds up nicely now:



Anonymous said...

it's time for this judge to be removed from the bench. way too much wheeling and dealing by this disgraceful judge.

court worker said...

Anthony Scarpino was on his good behavior on Wednesday for the Astor performance, how nice!

Anonymous said...

tony, you've disappointed a large amount of people....why? was it the money? how could you?!?

Anonymous said...

Tony knows that big brother is watching him so he's minding his p's & q's

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Tony will fix it so that Frank Streng makes plenty of money from the Astor body, Tony has to get his cut too, it's only right.

Anonymous said...

I know commenters have been very concerned with Judge Scarpino's actions in some 'large' estate matters, but I would like to express my frustration concerning a very personal matter. My daughter is mentally retarded. Her father, Alfred Mosiello, died intestate (no will). His daughter by his second marriage (I was his first wife), Jodi Mosiello, tried to file a false accounting with Judge Scarpino's court without notifying me. I was alerted by a friend and employed L.I. counsel to represent my daughter's interests. That was OVER THREE YEARS AGO. Jodi Mosiello then employed the law firm of McCarthy Fingar to represent her. They would not allow this matter to go to trial, which it should have since there were questionable documents involved, with phoney signatures and notarizations (we had proof of all this). However, my attorneys (shame on them) didn't want to buck Westchester's corrupt system and insisted I settle. I was so angry and upset that my daughter could not have 'her day in court' and allow people to be aware of the fraudulence, deceipt and perjuries committed in this matter (again, we have genuine proof). That being said, I finally had no choice but to give in to a settlement which I found unacceptable to begin with. I had already written my complaints to Jonathan Lippman at OCA (no response) and to Scarpino himself (no response). Anyway, my agreement to settle was given OVER TWO YEARS AGO, and still my daughter has not seen the money to which she is legally entitled. McCarthy Fingar has stalled continuously with overdue paperwork to which I have complained time and again. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. I am aware of legal/judicial corruption as I worked as a legal secretary for over 30 years, however, with no disrespect to those officials in Westchester County who are honest and decent and ethical, I have never seen such blatant corruption and favoritism in all my years. I am so truly disgusted that I am currently just leaving it all in the hands of God. He is the only one, at this point, with any power to do what is just and right.

Anonymous said...

Frank Streng is one of the most unethical lawyers you will ever meet.

Anonymous said...

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