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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why Are Some Judges Disciplined Differently?

No problem with the Westchester Surrogate and his friend appearing in his court, and who was advertising for years on the internet an implied favortism with the judge. No problem with the 40 Million Dollar Manhattan Supreme Court judge who misled then-Chief Administrative Judge Lippman. But Judge Valcich gets in trouble....Why.... See the story to the right: "Judge Valcich"


Anonymous said...

My personal dealings with the state comm. on judicial conduct is that it operates politically and with state official nods on who to remove and who not to remove.It deals with a district panel of 11 members and if that dirty judge, is an elected local, supreme, county, family etc, he gets the minimum punishment first,(because mostly town or village judges, who are not lawyers) become the victims of removal...check the jud. cond. comm. website for who has been removed! That local panel has to be really personally offended by an elected judge, before the commission gets the political go ahead from the top judicial members from New York City, to remove him. This may sound wild, but i saw it happen and the prosecuting atty for the commission explained it to me often over a two year period in which we had contact! The deals are made with the considerations of these top judiciary also, if that judge appears to give them a feeling that distrust and outrage will come from the taxpayer. Since the big city elected judges were put in by a large number of voters, the chances of that person getting booted are slim and details of his mis-conduct become sheilded from the public.
I personally saw in the 80's, females and minorities removed even in that select group and never white males who were doing a whole lot more! Let's say politics , prejudice and political correctness are the criteria for who is removed for judicial mis-conduct!

a pig said...

all the pigs are equal, but some of us pigs are more equal

nyc atty said...

Jonathan Lippman would not be where he shouldn't be without his Rabbi Shel Silver

Anonymous said...

Hello, Judge Kaye where are you?

Anonymous said...

though these upstate judges were also elected, the powers that be have no respect for upstate or small town judges. so to keep the spotlight off the real, big money thugs like the $40 million dollar Ramos, they pounce on these other judges. maybe someday ALL judges will work in a system that equally treats all judges the same way, and shows them that all judges have to adhere to high standards. until then, the powerful money grubbing thug-judges will continue to get away with murder.

quid pro quo said...

if you have something on somebody they will not go after you, it's called insurance, an art that's praticed in the Judicial system, children

Anonymous said...

this is all very Kafka

the rabbi said...

When you have the RIGHT Rabbi then there's no problem

Anonymous said...

Rabbi you are correct. In the 8th dist, the Administrative judge never applied for that job, but was put in by NYC judiciary over a number of applicants who were attempting to determine a pick that would run for that administrative job, ethically and by the appropriate methods. I am certain that this woman realized that this area is heavily Italian, Irish and Polish and her chances of applying would result in negative chances of success in earning the position! Her 'non-judicial" admintistrative assistant was then picked by his own Rabbi, and the Rabbi then went through a top Jewish lawyer locally, even though this pick was a very weak and inexperienced choice, he was hired.... a first ever for the 8th dist. Not only was he also Jewish, but two of the same ethnicity in two of the top judicial administrative positions is unheard of.... in this area! Jewish attys make tremendous income in this area that has a small # of Jewish attys. comparatively so, for any one of them to actually desire a judicial position, paying a much lower income, is a negative! This has been spoken to me many times in the multiple years i worked for the courts. NYC wanted desperately to and succeeded in taking over the 8th dist. with the above moves between 2003-2005. I know of no one who has expressed any problems with jews or any other local ethnic group existing in the judicial system, but NYC beleived that mimicking the ruling makeup of the NYC judiciary, they could secure the moves they needed and wanted to control and revamp the 8th system to their standards! NYC HAS SUCCEEDED! This information is not an opinion, but the result of an investigation that sought information relative to a different issue in a federal lawsuit!

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