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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Federal Judge OK's Statewide Ethics Corruption

Attorney Disciplinary Body Immune From Claims of "Whitewashing," Judge Finds
New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - August 12, 2008

Southern District Judge Shira Scheindlin last week dismissed six lawsuits filed by pro se litigants claiming the disciplinary committee of the Appellate Division, First Department, had "whitewashed" complaints against lawyers. Judge Scheindlin had previously accepted all six cases as related to a $10-million damages action brought against the committee by a lawyer who claimed she was fired after working for the committee for six years after she alleged her superiors had a "practice" of "whitewashing" complaints against "certain select attorneys."

Judge Scheindlin dismissed the six related cases brought by litigants with complaints against their lawyers because the committee, and lawyers working for it, are entitled to immunity. Discovery in the lawsuit brought by Christine Anderson, the lawyer who was fired in June 2007, is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month. With last week's ruling in Esposito v. State of New York, 07 Civ. 11612, all the cases that had been accepted as related to Ms. Anderson's have been dismissed. The First Department's disciplinary committee handles ethics complaints filed against lawyers practicing in Manhattan and the Bronx.


Anonymous said...

Entitled to immunity; by what law passed by the legislature? Immunity for corruption; what public purpose does that serve?

Anonymous said...

This is in NH..

see immunity section..
Anyone know..
was non performance of duty plead???

As in ethics opinion #Opinion 822 – 6/27/08

Anonymous said...

How did Duty combined with Good Faith reporting and investigation

become immunity for whitewashing?

Anonymous said...

Call to All Lawyers / Litigants aggrieved by, Ironically the Grievance Committees and Conduct Commissions and Judges:

The comments above are helpful. Any lawyer or litigant who has any theory or body of law or decision or rule that will assist the cause bring them forward. The Judge's decision has errors, short or mostly absent on analysis, and all of this happened without discovery in cases where clear improprieties already exist. the strength of this blog and website can make a difference in our system politically and help change the system. Keep the comments coming.

Anonymous said...

I read about this earlier, but I'm confused, was this thrown out because this committee is an agency of New York State and the state cannot be sued in the federal courts?
Can this agency be sued in a New York State court? Or can the state just do whatever they want and no one can do anything about it?

Anonymous said...

Rockland County *** How long will the blatant corruption be allowed to continue ? It is no secret that Rockland County is a Sewer of Corruption. Everyone knows it. When will it end ? There are posecutors working both sides of a case at the same time. Judges ruling on matters that they were previously involved in as a private attorney. This is a exclusive club that will destroy anyone in their way.
WE ask for help from anyone. If you have information,please post it as it might be the missing link that an investigator is looking for.
SHINE the light on these WEASELS.

WE need help fast.

a victim said...

I don't believe that Judge Scheindlin signed this. I don't believe that Judge wrote this. No Federal Judge would write 54 pages. Something is wrong here. This whole thing smells rotten.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why did Judge Scheindlin combine all six cases into one mix?..then completely disregarded evidence brought forth on the Esposito case regarding telephone transcripts of a taped conversation between the Detective and Esposito, the Police Report,the Notice and Demand and two sworn witness affidavits..Smells above and beyond ROTTEN.Judge Scheindlin had evidence regarding all of the 10 related cases and had the audasity to dismiss them all.

Anonymous said...

Why did she allow these cases to linger on for more than 9 months?

quietly smiling said...

Oh yee of little faith. Be patient people. I know something happening soon that will find all of you dancing in the streets! Stay tuned, closely tuned.

Anonymous said...

All is not lost or ruined by this judge. OCA still has a few remaining lawsuits that have solid constitutional facts an law supporting them!

These cases are front door cases, that are going to allow the EXTENSIVE OCA CORRUPTION, to be revealed through the front and back doors with these allegations!

This judge was weak in the arena of the court setup, and as a woman, I knew she would collapse. Women in the judicial system are relatively new and must cower to the male hierachy and politicians ruling this state and judicial system through their extreme potency in both ..unfortunately!

The remaining cases will play out well, because I know of one that has provable evidence of judicial tampering and terrorism outside of the workplace!

Don't fear...discovery and depositions are forthcoming in the next few months and the revelations will be astounding!

Anonymous said...

Where is this "Great White/black/yellow/brown Hope" hiding? Will Andrew put on the cape?

Victim of Corruption said...

Wow, thank you so very much for all of the above comments..You just made my day!!!!!!!!!!

ny atty said...

for some reason could not locate decision in NYLJ, there is a small article by Dan Wise (8/12). Judge Scheindlin will always get her decisions published. Why not this one?

ny atty said...

for some reason could not locate decision in NYLJ, there is a small article by Dan Wise (8/12). Judge Scheindlin will always get her decisions published. Why not this one?

Anonymous said...

To the above comment..They made sure to remove it off the radar..Oh, so typical of these hacks.

Anonymous said...

Judge Scheindlin was certainly influenced in her rulings...she has to live with herself and the continuation of all the troubles related to judicial corruption!
She was not up to her judicial duties....that is for sure!

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