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Friday, September 26, 2008

More insight into underbelly of corruption

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be afraid, very afraid, of Rudy G said...

10-1 Rudy's thugs had something to do with setting this guy up. Happens all the time, more than most people want to believe. I bet he can give a lot of details on exactly how corrupt the nyc court system is.

Anonymous said...

God bless this guy for doing the right thing: TELLING THE TRUTH. What happened to him happens to many people: they believe in a human being who subsequently BECOMES obsessed with power, and then becomes corrupt by that power.... like Rudy

nyc attorney said...

Bring in the feds. When are we going to have a federal monitor over NY's corrupt affairs?

Upstater said...

From Upstate NY.... we up here could always see what NYC was hiding in their leaders, esp Pataki and Guilliani!
We may not have the sophistication of our downstate family, but what we do have is the common sense and honesty of a country town!
It is hard to fool those that must always view life in it's hardest keeps you aware and truthful!
Money is not plentifull here, so we don't have to keep buried the secrets of political scum...we live deriving our needs from own sources and not that of corrupt mayors or governors who ignored this area completely!
I must say, without all of the culture and financial opportunites, we have developed strong integrity and the ability to function and address corrupton, with a pureness unknown to many!
This is why OCA and politicians are running scared up here, because they know we keep no secrets and what is to come will ruin them forever!

Anonymous said...

Upstater, stop drinking the Kool-aid. Upstate is just as corrupt. Look at all the Justices the Peace that are removed. Plumadore and Caruso are just as corrupt. Have you seen what the lawyer grievance committees do up here. Wake up and leave the Kool-aid alone.

Anonymous said...

funny to see anonymous talking about the Justice of the Peace Courts when these folks get the least amount of training provided by the state, least amount of resources provided by the state, but are the ones routinely targeted by the State CJC, oh, gee, isn't a Governor like Pataki that has all those appointments to the CJC, yet virtually every County and Supreme level judge who makes over 100,000 plus a year in salary with full time law clerks and other state training and resources go Untouched no matter if committing crimes? obstructing justice? gee, mr. anonymous, that would be a problem for a State leader like our former Gov Pataki to have addressed. this is not to say that the Magistrates should not be watched and sanctioned but sometimes they have the DA or police leaning on them in the first place and have the least political connections. So, swallow that one down. the Kool Aid up here was great too. Lemon Lime and Grape were my favorite!

Anonymous said...

It's what's in the Kool-aid that fogs the brain. Upstate judges and lawyers are just as corrupt as downstate. It appears you acknowledge upstate judges and lawyers are not being removed and disciplined. Also, take off the rose colored glasses. Pataki and Spitzer are gone. Are you demanding the same from Paterson and Cuomo?

Upstater said...

I never stated that upstate judges and lawyers were or are not corrupt...yes they are, but we don't have the cover-up, anywhere near the extent that downstate does!
That is why you read about so many instances on this site of upstate judges getting caught and removed!
Plumadore.... is from your area ...assigned to all courts outside of NYC...and someone who brought DISGUST, DISGRACE AND CORRUPTION to the rest of the state outside of NYC, on command from the general of hate and twisted politics..JUDY KAYE!
Before TRIFICANTI made the bold and unrelenting move to allow OCA-NYC to run all the courts'outside of NYC individually in the early 90's, which they had not done from the origianl takeover in 1977,.. ...we had a controllable group of corrupt judges, that we could charge and remove!
When TRIFICANTI came slamming in here, bringing SHARON TOWNSEND and EISENBERG....we THEN began to mimic the state of the CORRUPT COURT SYSTEM that was already in place in NYC!
I am not here to pit one city or county or judicial district against one another, but to show that this disease has filtered from NYC to all other parts of the state and thus we have an almost uncurable problem throughout.
UPSTATE does have the ability to address our own issues if NYC WOULD NOT GET INVOLVED...WHICH IS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ON A MASSIVE and intensive BASIS.
SHARON TOWNSEND never applied for the administrative judgeship in the 8th distric...TRIFICANTI put her there over all those who did legally apply, and OCA then chose EISENBERG to be her criminal sidekick to complete the corruption!
The problem is now all of ours whomever is to blame, and I am only hoping the greed and corruption can be halted at the bottom, so that it may dwindle upstate...real soon!
No upstate judges is ever considered BY OCA to run any operation within its confines..why is that?
We are supposed to be the unified court system, working towards equal justice..not equal corruption!

Anonymous said...

Upstater, The point of the Town Justice being removed was to show that honesty and common sense are not so common in the country town. It's all about moral hazard. When corruption is tolerated for some, many more are tempted. Morality is no more present upstate than downstate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the Kool Aid drinking stopped sometime in the late 70s but I think there was some artificial coloring in there and some sugar added, but advertised to homes and moms before the days of other "healthier" drinks. Anyway, who ever denied that Pataki and Spitzer are gone? Just because these folks are no longer in Office does NOT mean that the Remnants of the Corrupt Systematic ways have been fully removed. And with 12 years of working on His Regime, Pataki had a lot of years to tighten and secure the Walls of Corruption. Of course, I think part of the questions for Spitzer is why he did not do more about Pataki Corruption while he was Attorney General. And no one has forgotten about Paterson and Cuomo but Investigations looking into similar topics, Troopergate, etc, have already been announced so these folks, Paterson and Cuomo, should get some time to "do the job" of Undoing the 12 years of shoring up the Corruption Walls. But if the time comes and these folks decline to bring Change, the voters will have a choice. Again, no one condones anything unethical by a town or village court magistrate, but without question the Commission on Judicial Conduct of the Pataki years targeted these folks in higher numbers while simultaneously having higher level judges get their complaints and conduct issues whitewashed for years often causing more damage to the system. Good strategy perhaps, as the CJC was able to keep "the numbers up" and do press releases showing that the body was doing something. Good window dressing.

voice of reason said...

hey, hey..... we all have band together... the WHOLE system has been corrupted and needs a cleaning...... Don't we all agree on that!

Anonymous said...

the guy is a pedophile - and all he has to do is say bad things about someone who has made a lot of enemies and you all jump all over his words? is there no shame any more? crazy conspiracy nut jobs!

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