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Monday, December 29, 2008

NY High Court Blocks Surrogate from Bench

New York State Court of Appeals blocks Judge-elect Nora Anderson from taking office
The New York Daily News by GLENN BLAIN - ALBANY BUREAU - December 29, 2008

ALBANY - The state's highest court Monday blocked a newly-elected Manhattan judge from taking office because of charges she violated campaign finance laws. The Court of Appeals, in a one paragraph decision, indefinitely suspended Surrogate Court Judge-elect Nora Anderson with pay, effective Jan. 1. "She's suspended until these criminal charges are resolved," said Gary Spencer, a court spokesman. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau has accused Anderson of financing her campaign for Surrogate Court with illegal contributions from Brooklyn trusts and estates lawyer Seth Rubenstein. Anderson, 56, has pleaded not guilty. Gus Newman, Anderson's lawyer, did not immediately respond to a telephone call seeking comment. Newman has argued that Anderson is qualified to be a surrogate's judge, where she would preside over estates of the dead. The Court of Appeals' ruled unanimously with one abstention to suspend Anderson. Chief Justice Judith Kaye, who is retiring, did not participate in the decision.

Here's the Court of Appeals Decision:

In the Matter of the consideration of the suspension of the Hon. Nora S. Anderson, from the office of Surrogate, New York County

DECEMBER 29, 2008 - No. 226 - On the Court's own motion, it is determined that the Honorable Nora S. Anderson is suspended, with pay, from the office of Surrogate, New York County, effective January 1, 2009, pursuant to NY Constitution, article VI, § 22 and Judiciary Law § 44(8). Judges Ciparick, Graffeo, Read, Smith, Pigott and Jones concur. Chief Judge Kaye took no part.


not surprised said...

And they should suspend her law license. Are you listening, Alan?

Anonymous said...

Another Situation of Selective Enforcement which ultimately does nothing or very little to change the operation of the State Court System on a Statewide basis.

In upstate NY not far from the Capital of Albany where the highest Courts sits complaints have been filed with the NYS Board of Elections, NYS Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau, FBI, NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct and this blog as of 10 months ago about highly questionable actions relating to Judicial Campaign Finance of a sitting Judge and Not one word in response has been received.

Until there is Statewide action of Statewide significance, this Selective Enforcement is just that, a bit of cherry picking to probably make it look like "something" is being done.

Many New York citizens are waiting to see results to the contrary while many NY lawyers are waiting for an overhaul of the State system as well.

Anonymous said...

Did you All Notice the part of the Order where Anderson is suspended "With Pay"? That is Nice eh?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't your heart bleed for this corrupt judge? She could have gotten rich in pay to play in the surrogate court and her hopes were dashed. As consolation,they'll let her keep her salary while the matter slowly proceeds. Too bad the taxpayers weren't consulted.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't your heart bleed for this corrupt judge? She could have gotten rich in pay to play in the surrogate court and her hopes were dashed. As consolation,they'll let her keep her salary while the matter slowly proceeds. Too bad the taxpayers weren't consulted.

Anonymous said...

Must be something a stirring out there. Heard there were 3-4 reports in last 72 hours of tire lug nuts being loosened to cause harm but the plots are getting foiled. At least 1 report came from upstate. Go Get Em Frank!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't she qualify for a raise at this point? For being so boldly corrupt?!?! Check under that black robe, this chick has a set...

Anonymous said...

What happended Judge Nora Anderson, Richard Godosky, Gustave Newman or Allen Isaac couldn't pull any magic strings for you? Awww...too bad. That dream of getting off scott free is beginning to turn into your biggest nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Suspended with pay always irks people, but guilty until proven innocent is still the judicial standard and that is the reason for that benefit.
The judiciary usually follows the non-judicial union contract in those circumstances, as they should..since these are still just allegations.
It sounds offensive because we tend to convict before someone is tried, but we must remain above the corrupt mentality of the judicial system we are attemprting to correct.
Always remain and ethical in the fight against OCA...or we become the same hypocrits as they are and our work towards justice will fail.

Still Waiting for JUSTICE said...

Justice !!!!!! where and when?

Victim of Manhattan Surrogate Court said...

Is this just the same old, same old? Have the gods in ALbany on the Court of Appeals woken up or is this just more of the political game? The snake pit know as the Surrogate Courts and it's not just Manhattan - is a bigger scandal than Bernard Madoff, there is more money involved. The IRS has an interest in this also, but they don't know it yet..

Anonymous said...

she should not be getting paid
she was never on the bench anyway

Anonymous said...

Her job began when she got cannot un-elect someone without legal action...thus she must get paid until she is removed.
It sounds repulsive for her to remain paid until the proof of guilt is ruled upon...but we must remain ethical and above the tactics of our present legal system...and follow the laws in place for suspensions in employment, when they have yet to be determined negated in a legal matter how much OCA itself.... violates any and all legalities, it is mandated to follow.
Believe me...I am one of the biggest victims of their legal manipulation, but I cannot in true justice act in the same manner that they do. I will only ever desire for everyone, even the and order.

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