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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ex-Judge Found Guilty of Framing Woman for Drug Arrest

Bryant Cochran was the chief magistrate judge in Murray County, Georgia, and after a woman fought back against his sexual misconduct, Judge Cochran conspired to plant Methamphetamine in her car. SEE THE VIDEO AND STORY......
Ex-judge found guilty of six crimes.....


Anonymous said...

I know every family court is not corrupt, I know there are good Judges 

This is my experience along with 457 other woman I have met in the last six months...It is getting worse please read my story..

I do not know where to turn, I need a family court attorney in Chautauqua County NY who is all for justice. 

 I am a single mother who was drugged, raped while unconscious and impregnated by her dentist of ten years.  When my daughter turned 4 the perp. met a women got her pregnant and decided he no longer wanted to pay child support and so he used our family court system and money to take my daughter from me.  For the last eight month's he has emotionally and mentally beat my daughter down.  I was told from (his lawyer to my lawyer) "If I dare take him back to court for anything WHAT SO EVER I will NEVER see my daughter again."  

As my experience with our family court system, the law does not matter, if I report his abuse I will loose my daughter completely.. I, as well as a few other girls reported this dentist (Ian J Walker) of his on going sexual assaults in his dental office and in family court this was USED AGAINST ME, THE RAPE AGAINST ME, HIS DR DRUG DEALING AGAINST ME....

 How do these things happen in our country? We wonder why all are children are on drugs??? STOP WONDERING WHY PARAMEDICS AND POLICE HAVE TO CARRY NARCON, if the way my daughters life is going continues at this rate, she will be using drugs and alcohol by the age of 11 maybe 12 years old if I am lucky..   In family court It matters NOT ONE SINGLE BIT if you are the better parent, what the child wants, how they are thriving in their current environment...THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS MONEY MONEY MONEY...IF YOU DONT HAVE IT YOU LOOSE YOUR CHILD TO THE ABUSER..THE ABUSER IN TURN CONTINUES HIS ABUSE ON BOTH YOU AND THE CHILD !!

 I have worked my ass off my whole life just so our currupt family court system and the DIRTY LAWYERS WORKING FOR THE SYSTEM can strip my children and I of everything!!! Our family court systems has robbed; my daughters, my son and I of our good life.  Now I am  forced to; sell more, mortgage more, get in dept more all for our Family Court pay to play system.

Somebody needs to make changes in our family courts, children are growing up needlessly in; chaos, trama, abuse, displacement, alienation from mothers...I need a brave confident lawyer to stand up for me (the working lower class) make a change, do something to help PLEASE, THIS IS THE UNITED STATES, 


I pray someone can offer some direction, advise, possibly help. I know if I didn't have God in my life, I would not have survived this..

nobodysfool said...

I am experiencing the same thing here in Virginia, as well as many other mothers that are perfectly fit to raise their children. As one nobody will here you but in numbers we can be heard and take this to Washington

Anonymous said...

wow. please. Please visit and share my site on social media. This is the fundraising campaign for Julie Brito Law Student Scholarship:

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