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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Federal Court Okays Lawsuit vs. Admin. Judge; Federal Monitor of OCA Needed... (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

The hearing before U.S. Federal District Court Judge David N. Hurd on Thursday, October 11, 2007, again raised the issue of the urgent need for the appointment of a federal monitor over New York's broken court system…MORE….

The case, Morin vs. Tormey, involves a former New York State chief Family Court clerk who filed a federal complaint alleging that she was forced from her job because she would not conspire to spread negative information about a State Supreme Court candidate. (See the Complaint to the right, "Former NY State Chief Court Clerk Sues Judges in Federal Court")

The lawsuit against 5th Judicial District Administrative Judge James Tormey III, his former executive assistant John Voninski, Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges and Hedges' law clerk, William Dowling was filed by Ms. Bobette Morin earlier this year. The case has only made headlines upstate, but is being widely watched as the first real confrontation with out-of-control power bullies, the likes of which that haven't been seen since Tammany Hall days in the 1800's.

This story was first reported by The Post-Standard's Jim O'Hara. See "Judge says former clerk can pursue suit" to the right, marked "Jim O'Hara - October 13, 2007" The Post-Standard

At Thursday's hearing, Judge Hurd ruled against the New York State Office of Court Administration ("OCA") attorneys' request that the entire case be dismissed. While closing certain aspects of Morin's claims, the Court ordered the continuance of the charges in which four state officials acted in their individual capacities to undermine her First Amendment free speech rights.

OCA - Office of Contrived Annihilation

Morin alleges that she was the target of a well-known OCA procedure- personal annihilation- which was thrust upon her when she refused to conspire with the judges, and which resulted in a storm of retaliatory acts, including assignments for vacationing clerks in far away places. And before the barrage began, Ms. Morin says, she was pointedly asked whether or not she was a "team player."

Legal experts note that since the counts against OCA were dismissed, the interesting question becomes whether the four individual defendants will be represented at the taxpayers' expense or whether they are going to have to dig into their own pockets to pay for their defense counsel.

One former federal prosecutor familiar with the Morin-Tormey case is not encouraged. "The court's ruling looks like a set-up to a quick burial," he says. "It's quite surprising, though, given the fact that the defendants could only have acted in their official capacity when they retaliated against the plaintiff by transferring her to far away offices, and by moving her to a window-less basement office with water leaking from an adjacent toilet." He believes an appeal to the 2nd Circuit, Court of Appeals in Manhattan would be appropriate- and successful.

A veteran court observer believes that OCA has already begun distancing itself from the biggest troublemakers within the court system, saying, "Ethics' Chief Counsel Cahill was pointed to the door recently and will be formally replaced any day; and it looks like Tormey and his cronies are being sent up the creek without a paddle- with no OCA protection." He quickly added, "No one at OCA wants a Federal Monitor put in place, and that's a real concern."

One insider, and who asked that her name be withheld, asked, "What about indemnification if Ms. Morin is ultimately successful? Do defendants Tormey, Voninski, Hedges and Dowling then sue OCA? That'll be interesting, she laughs."

The Need for a Federal Monitor

But while the plaintiff's attorneys continue with discovery against the defendants in their individual capacity, the retaliatory cloud of OCA-perfected-threats loom to any participants who would likely prefer not to be OCA's next target. The OCA handbook is clear: "You're next, if you say or do anything against the powers-that-be."

Federal Judge Hurd might bury another OCA atrocity, but he just may be the man to start the process of fixing the broken and abused state court system. While Justice Hurd has been at the federal courthouse for over 15 years, his vast knowledge of the New York court system's dysfunctionality goes back over 40 years.

"Judge Hurd is not happy about the falling level of integrity, and the nearly absent faith and trust, in New York's court system," says a former court clerk. "He knows how vicious some people at OCA can be, but he just might do something."

One Administrative Mess After Another

The majority of OCA complaints concerning corruption are found in just a handful of New York's 12 Judicial Districts. And the brazen continuance and acceptance of the improper activity begs for the appointment of federal monitor. Especially in light of the flat refusal by involved administrative judges to embrace the opportunity to clean up the corruption their own inaction or lack of oversight has fueled.

No one can recall any administrative judge ever publicly announcing ANY comprehensive plan to address any corruption under his or her authority. Is it any wonder why OCA's condition is now beyond critical- it is dead, impotent- a reckless, integrity-bankrupt $2.5 billion dollar disgrace.

As reported on this forum on Monday, June 11, 2007, the latest look at a New York State Judicial District administrative office, provided by the Morin filing, followed The Westchester Guardian report just a few weeks earlier that a criminal investigation was called for involving the alleged improper actions of Westchester County Surrogate Judge Anthony A. Scarpino and New York City Administrative Judge Jacqueline W. Silbermann.

Corruption is Very Time-Consuming

On the same day of the Morin-Tormey federal hearing in Utica, The New York Law Journal published "NY Judge Files Three Lawsuits Over Rivals' Endorsements By Minor Parties." The 9th Judicial District has also been on the "retaliatory" radar screen since a shake up last year involving allegations of rampant judicial steering and case interference by Administrative Judge Francis A. Nicolai.

**  On October 11, 2007, this forum reported on the 9th Judicial District story, CLICK HERE FOR "Administrative Judge Nicolai Upset Election Can't Be Fixed."
**  Also see our Thursday, September 20, 2007 story,
CLICK HERE FOR "Nostalgically, One Last Rigged Supreme Court Judge Election."

A month earlier, on Tuesday, September 11, 2007, this forum posted "3 Judges Covered Crony's 9/11 Donation Fraud." That story named 9th Judicial District Administrative Judge Francis Nicolai in furthering a cover up of over $100,000.00 stolen from American Red Cross 9/11 donations, and which subsequently resulted in a fraud against an insurance company that partially paid out on a submitted theft claim. It is alleged that an attorney from a White Plains, New York, law firm, McCarthy Fingar, filed fraudulent papers in that matter, and while various judges either looked the other way, remained silent or ordered questionable and obstructive directives to protect a political friend.
CLICK HERE TO SEE "3 Judges Covered Crony's 9/11 Donation Fraud."

It appears, for now, that one epicenter of court chaos is located in The Wild, Wild, West(chester), the seat of the five counties making up the 9th Judicial District. While we leave the full story to the upcoming federal indictments, here are some examples of how court business is conducted around White Plains:

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One Word

"Garson" - accurately describes the corruptive court chaos in the 2nd Judicial District.

Back at the Ranch

Returning to the 1st Judicial District, who can forget the $40 Million Dollar Judge who, it was recently revealed, allegedly misled then-Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman in obtaining a waiver of the rules so he would be named executor and trustee over 2 non-relative's estates and trusts. (Judge Lippman's successor, Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau is currently reviewing the matter.)

Incredibly, that Lippman/Ramos waiver includes "pre-approval" to be executor of the living widow's affairs. See our Wednesday, September 12, 2007, post, "40 Million Dollar Judge Silent on Judicial Pay Raise." CLICK HERE

New York Citizens to Feds: "Washington, We have a Problem"

We echo the view of the many viewers who have shouted, "Bring in the Feds." The New York State court system is broken-- paralyzed by abuse and corruption. The New York State court system needs a federal monitor. Ms. Morin, her attorneys and the Hon. David N. Hurd, sua sponte, could- and should, ask for one now.

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Anonymous said...

please, please - bring in the feds.

Anonymous said...

see how quickly they turn on their own and circle the wagons

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this is about to happen. I do hope this investigation includes the 8th district, where all of the included criminal and civil activity in this report, is standard procedure for any reporting of OCA'S illegal activity! It is amazing that the court corruption took off dramatically, once we had a female chief judge. Also, the corruption in the 8th dist. swelled with the nyc's appointment of cheif administrative judge, sharon townsend! Let;s hope the threats and terrorist acts by these two women, gets addressed in these nyc's allegations. So many people think that GOV. operates in a more ethical and gentler way, when women enter it's power...guess what...the very opposite happened. Political women are more dangerous then men. They end up doing anything to please the men of power that put them in and these men know that. Now, they will take the fall and embarrass women in the workplace and politics everywhere...thanks you two, et al!

Anonymous said...

I know someone who got screwed in the 8th district. Does anyone have any info or facts they can post, or email to the blog administrator so they can post. we'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

No oversight produces the kind of mess we're in with the courts and with Albany.

My God, is there anyone we can look to for integrity and adherence to the law.

I'm sorry to say it will never change...there's too much money involved.

Anonymous said...

Get this lady to talk. Once she starts people start going to jail where they belong. Please let her talk.

Anonymous said...

Hope she sues these bastards for every drop of blood they have. Go get them girl!

Anonymous said...

She is not the only one the system has dumped on. The problem for them is with the internet word gets around. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Anyone who works in the system knows that this goes on, we all know of situations where the black robed dictators want their way.

Anonymous said...

a real clean up has to include the REPLACEMENT of ALL the administrative judges !

Anonymous said...

Don't forget their non-judicial administrative assistants, as well as the chief and deputy chief clerks they gave the rubber stamp to! These are some of the most dangerous crooks you have ever met...political and treacherous!

Anonymous said...

OCA is a bad joke on the taxpayers of NY

Anonymous said...

How are they going to try and cover this up?

Anonymous said...

They are going to try and cover this up by attempting what they did to me...create an accident attempt on a major highway...using the ny state dept of corrections employees! Are you shocked? OCA loves to create potential murder scenes, using state employees apearing as a criminal element, randomly choosing you as a victim. I have evidence, and sources confirming same, but generally most people don't have my use of these sources! She really needs to watch her back, but absolutely she must continue her law suit. A strategy would be to file an amended complaint with federal ct, if she ever realizes that any bizarre things begin to happen. Once federal ct is aware...OCA will back off...the feds make then shudder!

Anonymous said...

The way they set people up! This is worst than Russia or Nazi Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!! Do people in these positions actually have time in their busy schedule for this nonsense?


Anonymous said...

i hope they take all of his money and assets.
the penaltys must be a slap on the wrist
if it these type of crimes were
given stiff mandated federal penalties they might not happen.
The rockafeller drug laws in n.y are targeted at minoritys.
if you are cought with a little weed you can go to prison for most if not all of the rest of your life. Yet if you are a judge or a lawyer you can do anyting you want.

Anonymous said...

i thini it is time to post the time and place for the hearings regarding judges and lawyers.
This way people can go and see how the "justice" systen works

Anonymous said...

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